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Danny Masterson done with appeals before Oct 11 trial? Can Scientology allow it to happen?

PUBLICERAT: 2022-07-24, kl: 13:00
"... on the order that you bulldog a calf or rope a steer, or something of the sort. It’s to grab hold of something and hold it and pull it in….Why do men stay on Earth? Have you ever had a pc that gave you the idea that he was held down and was going ..."
"... in our faces. They continued this the whole hour. A small boy, maybe 9, kept his flag in front of my camera for 10 minutes straight, so I finally asked an officer if something could be done about that. She said no, but at least the kid got scared ..."

(4/8) – Ignition On line casino Evaluate: Truthful Skilled Opinion [2022]

PUBLICERAT: 2022-07-10, kl: 00:26
"... games , that are on par with the very best on-line casinos on the earth, and even higher. Alternatively, the entire selection of on line casino video games sits handiest at 120, considerably beneath reasonable. However at the upside, the website hosts ..."
", which is a great ranking. Positive, some products and services be offering cash-outs in beneath a unmarried hour, however many require days. Ignition On line casino deposits have 0 charges if you happen to use crypto. If you happen to go for bank ..."

Best possible On-line Poker Websites in 2022: Most sensible 16 Actual Cash On-line Poker Rooms

PUBLICERAT: 2022-07-09, kl: 22:21
"... thing you want to simplest see in Vegas; now — you’ll be able to revel in the similar high-octane motion at one of the most best possible poker websites on the earth, immediately from your house. To that finish, we’ve rounded up the most efficient ..."
"... simplest as much as 1 hour to procedure, which is on par with the best possible Bitcoin casinos . Misc: 4.5/6 Bovada right now has a license from Curacao Gaming, so your protection is not any downside right here. There also are a lot of countermeasures ..."

floor buffer rental lowes

PUBLICERAT: 2022-06-25, kl: 13:06
"... backsplashes and stainless steel appliances for my small kitchen. Precision and Genomic Medicine. Floor Buffer Weekly Rate 7 days 22000 - - Floor Buffer 4 Week Rate 28 days 55000 - - Floor Preparation System 4 Hour Rate 5400 - -. All of my mistakes can ..."
"... with Mailchimps All-In-One marketing automation email marketing platform. Beware of Lowes they DO NOT stand behind their products. Modern earth screams know-how from each individual angle folks are well occupied with their chaotic and demanding ..."

Ukrainian refugees might think twice about Scientology offering ‘help’

PUBLICERAT: 2022-06-15, kl: 13:00
"... at 0615 hrs so that ALL Condition I are on post by 0700, not just my Org Officer and I. A rapid turnout is expected. As it usually takes us more than an hour to enter, dock, neat up lines and secure to breakfast, Dept III must arrange to have coffee ..."
"... for you about Scientology and judges [SIX years ago] Wacky scenes from Scientology’s ‘Battlefield Earth’ launch on Hollywood Boulevard [SEVEN years ago] The Scientology spy who came in from the cold: Len Zinberg, who apologized to Paulette Cooper ..."

THE VALESKA PARIS DECLARATION: Here’s her full report to Clearwater PD on Scientology abuses

PUBLICERAT: 2022-05-21, kl: 13:00
"... for an hour a day. Then David Miscavige (the head of the Church) cancelled “family time” because it was a distraction to doing the job of Scientology and the purpose of the Sea Org, which is to “clear the planet.” That means to make most of the world ..."
"... up early in the morning and told to only grab my carryon as my plane was leaving in an hour and I was going to Curaçao. I couldn’t even take my suitcase, only a small carryon. I was escorted all the way to the Freewinds by a Sea Org escort. 44 ..."

‘Top Gun: Maverick’: The only movie review you need if you’re being honest about Tom Cruise

PUBLICERAT: 2022-05-13, kl: 13:00
", to a now defunct publication, New Times Los Angeles , where he was one of the very few reviewers in the country who actually liked John Travolta’s Battlefield Earth . In other words, Luke calls them the way he sees them. We knew he’d have a unique take ..."
"Psychlos’ favored method of exterminating humanity in L. Ron Hubbard’s Battlefield Earth . Those alien invaders would ultimately be defeated by cavemen who learned how to fly jet fighters.) Also, in case you were wondering, even the angry Rear ..."

Swedish Silent Film to be revised

PUBLICERAT: 2022-05-12, kl: 07:29
", The Price of Betrayal ( Judaspengar ), starring Stina Berg, Stick to your last, Shoemaker ( Skomakare, bliv vid din last ), starring Stina Berg and In the Hour of Trial ( I provingens stund ), in which he starred with Greta Pfeil and Kotti Chave ..."

Danny Masterson’s new moves in rape case: Asks to dismiss one victim, separate the other two

PUBLICERAT: 2022-05-06, kl: 13:00
"... those beings newly arriving from elsewhere in the galaxy who get ensnared in that theta trap. Once a being has reached this solar system, it’s common to use other planets as navigation points and anchor points on the way to Earth.” ——————– Past ..."
"’) and set up camp. Very soon, a man appeared and started behaving in a most obnoxious way. He sprayed beer all over us, pushed people into the traffic and generally behaved as if he was looking for a fight. Something like half an hour after his first ..."

How Scientology turns you into an unthinking soldier, defending the indefensible

PUBLICERAT: 2022-04-23, kl: 13:00
", without moving, staring at another person who was staring back at me. Well, a Scientologist would say that you aren’t supposed to be staring, but it amounts to the same thing. Adding it up, I spent over 300 hours on just that one drill, hour after hour after hour. To pass it, one had to do that without errors (like moving, fidgeting, talking, smiling, anything but just sitting still — “being there comfortably”) for two hours straight. All together there were eight drills that one had to pass ..."

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