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Ghosts of War Gone Awry

PUBLICERAT: 2020-07-19, kl: 00:55
"... does a marvelous job when he shoots in the “French” countryside and the interiors, using an abundance of lovely, period earth/sepia tones as the film’s palate. At the hour mark, the four remaining soldiers leave the house, but a quirky time-space ..."

Comment on Scientology Recovery by Ammo Alamo

PUBLICERAT: 2020-06-08, kl: 07:42
"... bodies are hundreds of thousands of years old, and – They contain all of our historic intelligence with the earth, and – They contain our trauma pattern from our ancestors, including the stress that they were going through. – Though she admits some ..."
"-woo words and phrases for a different set of woo-woo words and phrases, especially not at $90 per hour."

Sad Cat: Things You Must Do Right Now

PUBLICERAT: 2020-06-03, kl: 06:33
"... of the most loving and down to earth animals throughout the world, cats are used to showing passion to their owners by some activities such as: Cheek rubs Fawns Tail fluffs Meows Unexpectedly, one day getting home after work, you catch no sight of your ..."
": “ Cat might be depressed ” 3. Looking exhausted and lack of energy It is nothing to be considered abnormality when your little friend occasionally feels exhausted, especially after spending over an hour playing balls at the backyard. However, when ..."

These Grey Men - Street Spirit

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-14, kl: 18:54
"... and satisfied” he sighs. “It’s hard not being a songwriter, but I always enjoyed covers, I was doing these three-hour drives from my family to LA, and I’m listening to all these songs and thinking ‘how would I play that song?’ There was a cartoon that I used ..."
", he’s not aloof he’s really down to earth. Some singers have quite an ego and Matt doesn’t. He was up for it straight away, as soon as I put it to him he was there.” Enjoy today's tune. More info @ Official These Grey Men Web Listen to ” These Grey ..."

The tranquility of being

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-11, kl: 09:31
"”Be still and observe – the earth is dancing.” I am ”I just want to sit in front of the ocean for a little while” kind of person. Whenever I need to find stillness I go to the ocean. The sense of calmness, as well as the sound of crashing waves ..."
"... to tap into yourself, to find your why again. Change up your routines. Spice up your life by making small adjustments; wake up one hour earlier every morning, try out a new hobby, meet up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while, read a book ..."

Tom Cruise in orbit: Why it makes sense for NASA to launch Scientology’s space cadet

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-07, kl: 13:00
"” or rather, the thetan that is inhabiting his body, has been in space so many times he’s lost track. As a Scientologist, Cruise has spent years at hundreds of dollars an hour to recover those memories of his past lives, confirmed by the swinging ..."
"... in 1986, and then later when we read about how those doomed astronauts were aware of their fate for minutes as they fell back to earth. Ugh. And then there was the Columbia tragedy in 2003, another set of astronaut heroes who burned up ..."

✔ The Best Wet Cat Food | Canned cat food of 2020

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-07, kl: 07:50
"... hours; this number is cut down to 1 hour in case you live in a hot and humid place. Remember that the opened cans of wet food can only be used within five days. If staying longer, they are likely to spoil even in the cool temperature. Soft cat food cans ..."
"... is not appealing at all, they will simply walk away without any try to eat. The next part is the texture. Every cat is a unique creature on earth, so they have a distinctive taste of food. Many cats love pate and gravies, which give them soft and creamy ..."

The Quarantined Planet

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-02, kl: 18:45
"... of the Swedish Parliament och very interested in the UFO enigma. During the speech Gernandt stated his belief that ”Earth is the Kumla-prison of the Universe”. He was referring to Sweden´s largest prison facility at Kumla. This statement probably raised a few eyebrows. Not many of the listeners were aware of the history of the interplanetary Alcatraz idea, but it can be found referred to in the most unlikely writings. Famous Swedish author August Strindberg wrote in En blå bok (1913: ”… the earth ..."

NASA’s new spacesuit shares a name with Scientology’s legendary galactic warlord!

PUBLICERAT: 2020-04-29, kl: 13:00
"Scientology writings and lectures was that 75 million years ago a galactic overlord named Xenu had committed a vast genocide here on Earth (known then as Teegeeack), and that the angry disembodied souls left over from that massacre are still with us here today, clustered and attached to us as “body thetans” which can only be removed with expensive Scientology counseling at hundreds of dollars an hour. Hubbard twice wrote about this galactic character, who had ruled a confederation of 76 planets ..."


PUBLICERAT: 2020-04-25, kl: 13:15
"... the victims sacrificed for the sake of that end….We have not counted the victims of the seed of the goy cattle, though we have sacrificed many of our own, but for that we have now already given them such a position on the Earth as they could not even have ..."
", the emulation between the goy governments. [Kommentar: .] 24. Our King will be in constant communion with the peoples, making to them, from the tribune, speeches which fame will in that same hour distribute over all the world. [Kommentar: .] ..."

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