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The Hour: Quality Drama From the BBC With Romola Garai, Ben Wishaw and Dominic West

PUBLICERAT: 2018-07-10, kl: 20:47
", terrific establishment and financial could, claimed dominion around one-sixth of the Earth's lands and peoples. Then, suddenly, its time was previous. Looking at now as American economic electricity starts visibly to decline, the Brits need to feel ..."
"... institutions. What superior time could there be for the BBC to entertain us with a tale set in the shadow of Suez? The Hour: Liberation of The News Which provides us to The Hour. This is a BBC Drama collection set in 1956 about a workforce of BBC television ..."

Fotbollar och hårbollar

PUBLICERAT: 2018-07-08, kl: 14:02
"... på England. I tisdags gick det ju väldigt bra för Sverige. Det var riktigt mycket folk på Harrys och stämningen var hög. Matchen visades på en bra tid också. Klockan 21.00 här i Thailand. Puss på dig. Vi kör Earth hour flera gånger i veckan för tillfället ..."

Sometimes, you just need a little bit of good Karma....or "Good adventure gone south"

PUBLICERAT: 2018-07-03, kl: 14:54
"... to figure out what to do as I message B.R. for ideas. She and I are scrambling to see if we can find assistance...ANYTHING. Nothing at all. I'm literally on the side of IH-35, trucks, cars, other horse trailers BLASTING down the road for well over an hour ..."
"... to get the mares into the shade and to puzzle out what on earth to do next. Frontage road safety in the shade. Why yes, there IS only 1 tire on that trailer. What's so odd about that?! >.< At this point, it's maybe 3 in the afternoon. The mares have ..."

Smörgåstårta – Savory Rye Sandwich Cake

PUBLICERAT: 2018-06-23, kl: 09:30
"(as in one of the coolest restaurants on earth) to test their new plant focused menu that is launching next week. We’re very excited – obviously for Noma, but also for eating a fancy dinner together with zero kids around. Before we are leaving ..."
"2 tbsp capers 4 tbsp sauerkraut a pinch black pepper Purple Spread 1 cup sunflower seeds, soaked for an hour in water 1 x 400 g tin white beans, drained and rinsed 2 cooked beetroots, roughly chopped 1 small lemon, juice 4 tbsp extra virgin olive ..."

Min Watchlist

PUBLICERAT: 2018-06-15, kl: 20:41
"... då markeras med överstruken fet stil Watchlist 2018 Update 0-9: 13 Assassins 13th 25th Hour 28 Days Later 48 Hrs. 61* A: A Beautiful Mind A Christmas Story A Bigger Splash A Bitter sweet Life A Perfect World A Royal Affair A Time to Kill About Time Abyss ..."
"Darkest Hour Day of the Jackal, The Dazed and Confused Dead Snow Dead Zone, The Death of Stalin, The Deep Impact Deep Webb Desperado Detroit Dirty Dozen, The Disconnect Disaster Artist, The Disturbia Dope Draft Day Drop, The E: E-Team Eastern Promises ..."

30 of the best local jazz clubs & bars in Europe

PUBLICERAT: 2018-06-13, kl: 09:45
"... says that “this might be the best example of what they call a Belgisch bruin café (Belgian brown bar)”. The atmosphere is very down-to-earth and open-minded, and of course the jazz here is great! It’s a great place to meet locals and have a lovely chat ..."
"... day of the week! What makes this places so special according to our Madrid local Andrea is “ that you can see amazing jazz artists up close and intimate – during the 2 hour concert you can be sitting within feet of the performers “. 25) Jazz n Jazz ..."


PUBLICERAT: 2018-06-10, kl: 11:37
"Hippopotamus B.C The Rhythm Thief Edith Piaf (said It Better Than Me) Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth My Way When Do I Get to Sing “My Way” The Number One Song in Heaven This Town Ain’t Big Enough for Both of Us My Baby’s Taking Me Home Change Amateur Hour Suburban Homeboy ..."

Podcast Transcription: Yoga with Usher and An Emergency Toolkit For Wellbeing

PUBLICERAT: 2018-06-08, kl: 12:59
"... begun the practice yet, you’re already in practice. That’s what this experience was like, the moment Usher opened his mouth. I mean, what a genuine, really, I mean I’m really impressed. What a genuinely, mind-blowingly down to earth, authentic guy just ..."
"... for this practice was “Be kind.” There was something very kind, very humble, and very down to earth about this whole morning that I just had. Contrary to what one might think a yoga class with a world famous superstar artist would be like ..."

How to Run Your Car on Electrical power – Electric powered Auto Package

PUBLICERAT: 2018-06-07, kl: 12:16
"... in the initial $500 fee. Having an electric automobile means no gas bills and saving lots of money. Save: Apart from saving money which is the clear one, you will also be contributing to the preservation of the earth. Using an electrical power engine ..."
"... in Speed: Don’t think that running an electrical automobile means you will ride slow all day, actually electric automobiles can average rates of 60 – 80 miles per hour. So having one of these vehicles mean you get to enjoy the speeds of a gas car. You ..."

Svenskt bistånd till halvdiktator och Arsenal

PUBLICERAT: 2018-06-06, kl: 09:44
"Citerar Slöseriombudsmannen rakt av: Svenskt bistånd gör det möjligt för en auktoritär ledare i ett av världens fattigaste länder att sponsra sin favoritklubb i fotboll med hundratals miljoner. För 350 miljoner kronor får Rwanda en reklamtext på Arsenal-spelarnas tröjärm. … Läs mer → Inlägget Svenskt bistånd till halvdiktator och Arsenal dök först upp på En Elak Jävel? . Related posts: Månadens fähund – torterarna i Egypten Earth Hour – Då tänder jag till Definitionen av batikhäxa ..."

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