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A queer story about Scientology, gender, and L. Ron Hubbard’s sweet pile of Swiss cash

PUBLICERAT: 2018-10-13, kl: 13:00
"... an hour, I’d’ve sold them thousands of dollars worth of Scientology services to handle it. I put together a crack staff, and together the six of us pulled in close to a quarter of a million dollars a week. I was a real man in every aspect of my life ..."
"... a mischievous smile. “Honey,” he drawled, “I’ve been an FBI agent, a female impersonator, and now I’m a gay rights activist. I thought I’d seen it all, but what on earth are you wearing? That is not the uniform of anything I’m familiar with—and I’m ..."

Mina selfies blir bara bra under Earth Hour

PUBLICERAT: 2018-10-12, kl: 11:31
"Nu kan en förhandsbeställa min senaste bok. Det gör en enklast på http://www.litenupplaga.se/1849 (länken är klickbar). Där kan en även få mer information om boken. En kan även beställa boken direkt av mig, skicka mig ett mail på oskar.rickardsson@gmail.com. Boken kommer även att kunna beställas på Bokus och Adlibris ."

40 Groundhog Day Video for Kindergarten

PUBLICERAT: 2018-10-04, kl: 18:17
"... printables and puzzles that allow kids to pick topics kindergarten klub if you teach kindergarten you will want to be in this "klub" wel e topics earth day educational videos this earth hour 2011 8 30pm saturday 26 march celebrate your action for the planet with the people of world and add more to your earth hour 40 Groundhog Day Video for Kindergarten View r Image IG May16 2017 CM21 CM46 via therockswebmarket.com Marmota monax UL 04 687×916 via futurism.com Groundhog Day Videos via pinterest.com ..."

Boka en julbordscook-along med Jävligt Gott!

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-30, kl: 18:10
"... skapar årets Earth Hour Meny Vegansk matlagningskurs med Jävligt Gott – Så här är det!"

Pushing Life to the Edge: Free Solo

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-26, kl: 16:44
"... his friends to witness his demise. Co-director Chin, who pops in and out of the action, does want to make sure that Honnold is copacetic with the filmmakers’ approach to the project. At the hour mark, the real adventure appears to begin, in the dark ..."
"). Spiderman , move over. There’s another fearless warrior on your tail. For those of us who prefer solid, flat earth, take a seat watching Free Solo . Elias Savada is a movie copyright researcher , critic, craft beer geek, and avid genealogist based ..."

When Bad Does Good Lyrics – Chris Cornell

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-25, kl: 11:21
"... erased Your final hour has come today Lit by the fire of your temples burning [Verse 1] You were a child and so was I Now you’re a hunter but I am a lion And I will cut you down like I’ve done so many times But sometimes bad can do some good Sometimes bad can do some good Sometimes bad can do some good [Chorus] And I heard you say that flesh sells by the pound When blood is raining down it cuts a deep river And I’m diving [Verse 2] Now shine a light down onto the earth And shake this gold dust ..."

The Tomes Of Magic – Kommande utgåvor

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-21, kl: 22:57
"Snejbjerg, Julián Totino Tedesco Samlar: B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth: Nowhere, Nothing, Never #1-3, B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth: Modern Prometheus #1-2, B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth: End Of Days #1-5 och B.P.R.D. Hell On Earth: Cometh The Hour #1-5 Library Edition ..."
"... med flera Samlar: Star Wars (2015) #1-37, Star Wars: Vader Down #1, Darth Vader (2015) #13-15, Star Wars: The Screaming Citadel, Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #7-8 och Star Wars Annual (2015) #1-3 Earth X Trilogy Omnibus: Omega (släpps 6 mars 2019) Författare ..."

Podcast Transcription: Catching Up

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-14, kl: 16:53
"... so much of my identity invested in the practice that I love , you know? And it’s not just this, you know, an hour a day that I have for something sacred, or for something people it’s an exercise or a way to kind of get out of your head and into your ..."
"... my stone for the day, I choose my mala bead of the day, and I practice with that mala bead, and I kind of pass the beads between my fingers when I meditate. I like to hold the mala at the end of my asana practice, when I bow to earth. I integrate ..."

Podcast Transcription: Cultural Appropriation with Susanna Barkataki

PUBLICERAT: 2018-08-31, kl: 19:38
"... question. Even just beginning there, like, asking that question is a great place for everyone to start. I just felt, just want to mention, it just started thundering here. I’m in Orlando, Florida and you get these periodic half hour thunderstorms that come ..."
", right? So I bought that one-way ticket, stepped off the plane. Even though there were wild dogs and cows and rickshaws and everyone crushing up trying to get something, I got down on my need touch the earth, it felt like I am home . I am home ..."

Podcast Transcription: Life on Tour with Nathan Connolly

PUBLICERAT: 2018-08-24, kl: 14:37
"Episode 74 – Life on Tour with Nathan Connolly Listen to this episode here ! In this episode, Rachel is joined by the talented, humble and down-to-earth guitarist from Snow Patrol, Nathan Connolly. First discussing how they randomly ended up in LA ..."
"... to you a very special guest on the show today. This guy is an incredibly talented musician with millions of albums sold! He’s currently on tour opening for Ed Sheeran, and is also, magically, so down to earth and humble, even though he played in front ..."

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