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Du vet väl om att du är värdefull...

PUBLICERAT: 2019-10-17, kl: 14:37
"... till maggropen. Hon är 33 år yngre än vad jag är och jag drabbas när jag tänker på att hon växer upp i en värld som vi i vuxenvärlden inte fått ordning på trots metoo, Earth Hour, Jesus, Martin Luther King och Greta Thunberg. Det är en tillfällighet ..."

Comment on Nation of Islam’s “Supreme Technology” by Richard

PUBLICERAT: 2019-10-16, kl: 14:11
"... a wheel on the earth beside the living creatures, one for each of the four of them. As for the appearance of the wheels and their construction: their appearance was like the gleaming of beryl. And the four had the same likeness, their appearance ..."
"... makes turns. Because of its circular nature it can stop and travel in all directions at speeds of thousands of miles per hour. , , , etc."

Scientologist on Clearwater downtown board does a classic ‘dead agenting’ of Mark Bunker

PUBLICERAT: 2019-10-11, kl: 13:00
", England. We don’t know if these lawsuits could be served there, but we have to imagine that Dave is going to be a bit frazzled if he shows up to give his yearly three-hour stemwinder tonight. ——————– Bonus items from our tipsters The whales of October ..."
": THE LAURA DECRESCENZO FILES [SEVEN years ago] L. Ron Hubbard Explains Your Life “Before Earth” [EIGHT years ago] Scientology and Disconnection: “No One’s Going to Take My Eternity Away” ——————– Scientology disconnection, a reminder Bernie Headley has ..."

Forest for the Sleaze: The Prey (Arrow Video)

PUBLICERAT: 2019-10-08, kl: 17:15
", these clips serve two purposes for Brown. The obvious one is out of necessity: padding, to push the feature to the 80-minute mark. The other is out of ambition: symbolism, to hammer home the already subtlety-free point that Mother Earth and her children can ..."
"... with several members of the cast; Debbie Thureson earns the longest segment at half an hour — odd, since this remains her only movie credit. Mr. Brown is represented by an audio interview, while Mrs. Brown contributes a commentary track, as do Arrow ..."

Brad Roemer Real Estate Gives You Ideas of Things You Can Do on Earth Day

PUBLICERAT: 2019-10-07, kl: 20:09
"... their power. This is in solidarity of Mother Earth. She has been supporting our lifestyle for thousands of years. The least that you can do is be without your electricity for an hour. This may sound like nothing big but the more people that do ..."
"Introduction Brad Roemer Real Estate would like to wish all of you a Happy Earth Day . If you are wondering what things you can do to make the Earth a better place today, we have a great list of things. Remember, you don’t have to do any or all ..."

Comment on Is Scientology an Apocalyptic Cult? by Ilea

PUBLICERAT: 2019-08-25, kl: 12:18
"Actually Mike, the earth will not be destroyed. The Bible says the earth will endure forever. Armageddon is God’s war on unrighteous people. Yes, in the past we put dates on the end, a very, very long time ago, because we were a bit too anxious for it to come, and we jumped the gun, but the Bible says concerning that day and hour, no one knows, not even the angels, only God. I am not trying to preach to you, as I know you are atheist, I am just trying to clear up some misunderstandings you have ..."

John A. Keel: The Man,The Myths, and The Ongoing Mysteries

PUBLICERAT: 2019-08-07, kl: 17:24
"... the remarkable MIB encounter Keel disclosed to fellow investigator Brad Steiger in 1967. One night three men suddenly manifested or materialized in Keel´s apartment threatening him to cease all UFO research. After about a half hour of intimidation one ..."
"... conclusion is that the Flying Saucer phenomenon is beyond understanding; it´s the creation of malevolent forces here on the earth; there´s nothing we can do about it... There is no inspirational lift from Keel and Vallee, and there can´t be because ..."

På bordet i min samtalshörna i arbetsrummet på job...

PUBLICERAT: 2019-04-05, kl: 10:00
"Karin Boye. Ja visst gör det ont när knoppar brister. Varför skulle annars våren tveka? Jordens timme, Earth Hour. Inte längre ett specialintresse för miljövänner utan ett evenemang som engagerar kommuner, företag och organisationer. Loggor tas fram ..."

Bitte Assarmo: Allt ljus på mig och mitt klimatengagemang

PUBLICERAT: 2019-04-04, kl: 05:46
"... så att man kan dokumentera det stora eventet. Det är inte orimligt att anta det förbrukas betydligt mer energi under timmarna före Earth Hour än en normal lördag, men det lär vi aldrig få veta för även om så är fallet är det ju för den goda sakens skull. När Earth ..."
"... av stearinljus under Earth Hour. Det låter i och för sig trevligt – lite som något människor ägnade sig åt förr i tiden, då den normala elförbrukningen sannolikt bara var en bråkdel av dagens. Men jag tror inte det förslaget får särskilt stort genomslag ..."

NASA astronaut’s space selfie has Earth as its epic backdrop

PUBLICERAT: 2019-04-02, kl: 23:21
"NASA astronaut Nick Hague has shared a selfie few will be able to replicate: it was snapped in space and features Earth located about 260 miles away in the background. The selfie was recently published by NASA, which reports that Hague took the image during a nearly seven-hour spacewalk to upgrade the International Space Station’s orbital complex power storage capacity. … Continue reading ..."

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