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Insomnia: A Brief Help Guide To Getting The Sleeping

PUBLICERAT: 2020-02-12, kl: 00:27
"... you might not know this. Your body needs to be worn out out sufficiently to ensure that it can rest. If nothing else, stroll for half an hour each night time. Should you can't sleep, neglect your computer and games at sleeping since they are stimulating for your personal brain. This can obstruct you being able to get to sleep. Transfer your "wake time" up a little bit. Another hour of wake time at the start of your day might be the side you must go to sleep close to the stop of your own time. Keep ..."

Cinema of Hidden Histories: Leontina Vatamanu’s Siberia in the Bones (2019)

PUBLICERAT: 2020-01-29, kl: 16:03
"... in these photographs appear to glide across their background, not in the way cut-out objects move clunkily around in, say, Harry Smith’s masterpiece Heaven and Earth Magic (1957), but in a way that makes it seem as if Vatamanu exhumed the photographs’ subjects ..."
", and it’s the inclusion of these reenactments that make Siberia in the Bones her finest hour to date. To understand why this decision is so notable – and why Siberia in the Bones deserves every syllable of praise it’s received – you need to realize what artistic ..."

Gaming tips!

PUBLICERAT: 2020-01-05, kl: 09:09
", Limbo This large, music interested reaper of souls is dancing his way square by square whilst longing for his love on Earth, hoping to see her. It is a fun and challenging puzzle game, but different from any other I played (and it really makes you ..."
"... at the end of the level. Easy as pie. But, also, you have to avoid bats and spikes and butterflies and caterpillars, while walking in the ceiling. SOME levels took a few tries, not gonna lie, but we completed the game in less than an hour (taking turns ..."

Where Should I Have My Portrait Made?

PUBLICERAT: 2020-01-02, kl: 19:07
", and it doesn't make a difference what time of day the photography is finished. In natural representations you will need to the photography done during the most wonderful light of the day, which is the Golden Hour. In studio that doesn't make a difference. So for babies, newborn children and boudoir representations a studio session might be okay. Anyway even in those cases the stunningly better decision is have the photography done in your home! Why? Since while with babies, the earth of the studio ..."

2020 BMW 228i And 235i Gran Coupe Prototype Push

PUBLICERAT: 2020-01-02, kl: 14:31
"... miles per hour run. We acquired the opportunity to undertake Bavarian region two-lanes in the prototype variation of each and every model, with BMW’s “take a look at me!” azure/crimson/earth-friendly/etcetera. hide, and protected decorations. The 228i ..."

Danny Masterson asks for more time to answer lawsuit — while he’s skiing in Park City

PUBLICERAT: 2019-12-28, kl: 13:00
"... that Scientology is the coolest religion on earth. We reviewed the cases of a couple of Scientologists who have been sentenced to prison , one for shooting at police. Yikes. On August 9 we revealed something pretty special, a secretly-recorded tape of Tom ..."
"... would end her A&E series Scientology and the Aftermath with a two-hour special, and that it would feature the allegations against Masterson. Even when Scientology is posting happy photos for public relation s, it can reveal details about the way ..."

Scientology has its dukes up for Boxing Day, but we’re still thinking of warmer days

PUBLICERAT: 2019-12-26, kl: 13:00
"... priced lawyers and scorched-earth legal team. Just think about it. A few months ago, when a series of lawsuits was being filed by women who say they were victimized, raped, kidnapped, intimidated, slandered and harassed by this organization that calls ..."
"... ranch. Somebody get that kid Rigel a Freedom Medal! ——————– Source Code “A good manager or executive works hard hour by hour to keep the show on the road but always with a long-term view as well. And he intends that org and staff will prosper ..."

Scientology celebrated New Year’s Eve on Saturday, and once again we had someone there

PUBLICERAT: 2019-12-16, kl: 13:00
". While people generally sat down between songs, this basically lasted a half hour. Advertisement Chairman of the Board David Miscavige took the stage at 7:00 p.m. accompanied by four vertical sets of white indoor fireworks erupting on each side ..."
"... this?” — L. Ron Hubbard, December 16, 1954 ——————– Overheard in the FreeZone “There’s an LRH lecture in The Philadelphia Doctorate Course where LRH describes the several races of ETs on Earth. One of those races of ETs is what he calls the ‘Snake ..."

Kommentarer till Kommunerna borde anstränga sig mer för att återupprätta traditionen med officiellt luciafirande av SasjaL

PUBLICERAT: 2019-12-13, kl: 11:14
"Nedmonteringen av berörd tradition ligger i linje med den illa dolda opinionsundersökningen ‘Earth Hour’, beträffande ljusets symbolik – kunskap, hopp, tro, värme och inte minst liv ( något som ses som onda ting inom vissa politiska/religiösa inriktningar ). Som agnostiker ser jag bortom den religiösa ‘paketeringen’ och mer till budskapet, isf budbäraren ( Don’t shoot the messenger! ) Har noterat genom åren att vissa ‘kristna’ hävdar att ovan nämnda symbolik är sprungen ur kristendomen ..."

Det här googlade vi 2019

PUBLICERAT: 2019-12-12, kl: 02:03
"Årets mest trendande sökningar: Älska mig för den jag är iPhone 11 Notre-Dame Eurovision Song Contest ASAP Rocky Hockey-VM Störst av allt Greta Thunberg EU-valet Sara Danius Nyheter och händelser: Notre-Dame EU-valet Berlinmurens fall 30 år De dödas dag Sri Lanka Lollapalooza SAS-strejk Världslärardagen Area 51 Earth Hour Mat & Dryck: Aperol Spritz Gubbröra Sellerijuice Empanada Rönnbärsgelé Blinier Syrensaft Kantareller Flädersaft Raketost Bortgångar: Sara Danius Cameron Boyce Luke Perry Arne ..."

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