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Comment on Lords of Ideal by Dead Men Tell No Tales Bill Straass

PUBLICERAT: 2021-02-24, kl: 23:43
"In reply to Skyler23 . When they are so unable that they cannot even steal money they will be regged for a course in LRH; but now DM Tech in “How to steal money”. Since money is the root of all evil, taking someone’s money is a social act of survival. You cannot get Tech in if ETHICS is out. And if there is a single cockroach ( I mean body) in the shop who has a nickel in the bank that they did not go outta their way to tell the reg about; they are withholding; and no cockroach ever withheld ..."

The Pretty Reckless - And So It Went

PUBLICERAT: 2021-02-24, kl: 20:27
"York City rock band from, THE PRETTY RECKLESS featuring guitarist Tom Morello (RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE). "The world has been in such a state of civil unrest," singer Taylor Momsen says about the track. "'And So It Went' basically comes from ..."
"... a pleasure having him add his unique and defining sound to the song." Morello states about working with THE PRETTY RECKLESS: "I got to perform with Taylor Momsen at the Chris Cornell memorial show. We rocked 'Loud Love' and she nailed it — no easy task ..."

Kommentarer till Veckans ord – BRINNA av Johanna

PUBLICERAT: 2021-02-24, kl: 20:25
"Som svar till Carita Liljendahl . ’To be excited about something.’ To be invested in something ‘ Är väl de enklaste? Inte riktigt samma sak ändå.... jag är faktiskt så dålig på att översätta, vilket jag nästan aldrig gör. Låter kanske lite knasigt. Mycket som jag förstår/använder utan att översättning behövs. Säkert liknande för dig gällande svenska och finska. ’To burn for someone’ är ju precis det du beskriver- romantisk betoning."

Did You Know About Reusable Blocks?

PUBLICERAT: 2021-02-24, kl: 20:17
"Created by Joen Asmussen, @joen The WordPress block editor (a.k.a. Gutenberg) comes with a feature called “reusable blocks.” They are blocks, saved for later, edited in one place. Have you ever wanted to: Re-use the same snippet of text across posts and pages? Save complex layouts to spare you having to copy/paste from one post to another? Reusable blocks can do ..."

Comment on Episode 29: Journalist Tony Ortega by Mike Rinder

PUBLICERAT: 2021-02-24, kl: 19:31
"In reply to Truth Teller . OK, I am posting this, but at the risk of this devolving into a political debate which is NOT what this blog is about. So, I won’t approve any other responses to you. Our podcast invites guests who know about scientology and cults. We don’t censor people, but generally we try to stick to the subject, not politics. If there is ever a cult expert who comes on our show that says something positive about Trump, we won’t censor that either. But there is the crux ..."

Florida legislator Chris Latvala goes after Tampa Bay Times for its Scientology reporting

PUBLICERAT: 2021-02-24, kl: 19:26
"... to help you understand what’s going on. First, you might review a great piece Rod Keller wrote for this website in 2017 about how the Latvala family has long been a friend to Scientology in Florida politics, including Chris, who gave a speech at the opening of a new Scientology Narconon rehab in 2015. Speaking about the new clinic in Clearwater, Latvala’s endorsement can be found on Scientology’s website to this day: “I have had the opportunity to talk to people who have completed the Narconon ..."

Comment on Lords of Ideal by Linda

PUBLICERAT: 2021-02-24, kl: 19:18
"... to pay the real estate taxes each year. About $60,000 / year. David Miscavige is working on his new book: “How to Get Filthy Rich Using Other People’s Money” ..."

Comment on Lords of Ideal by Mike Rinder

PUBLICERAT: 2021-02-24, kl: 19:06
"In reply to ISNOINews . Yes, going to post about this tomorrow..."

Comment on Episode 29: Journalist Tony Ortega by Richard

PUBLICERAT: 2021-02-24, kl: 18:39
"In reply to ISNOINews . Students of religion often post on sites like ESMBR asking if any ex scientologists would be willing to converse about their scn experience as they prepare their thesis. Some excellent ones have been already been published. Maybe they pick scn since it's in the news and they are somewhat familiar with it. Some or many scholars choose to examine only the ideology of scn for comparison and choose to not delve into the abuses in scn and other religious cults, leaving ..."

Comment on Lords of Ideal by Sue T.

PUBLICERAT: 2021-02-24, kl: 18:37
"Scientology bought a building in the heart of Albuquerque (right on route 66!) and have been trying to sell it off. It’s now back on the market for an undisclosed price, according to this listing: https://cie.carnm.com/listing/AIqxVZnM6C8/410-Central-Ave-SW-Albuquerque-NM-87102 Last time I was in Albuquerque (2019), I asked a friend about the location of their current building. It’s kind of a strip mall-y looking thing way out in the ‘burbs. Not very ideal looking, at least from the outside."

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