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Comment on The Big Question by PeaceMaker

PUBLICERAT: 2021-06-05, kl: 23:28
"... talking about a time when the Chicago org had a number of staff, close to what their active membership now seems to be in event photos."
"... and members possible – and when orgs were often located near college campuses to tap into what was then their prime demographic (Northwestern University in Evanston appears to have had over twenty thousand students at the time, and there is a cluster ..."

Book review: THE LIGHT BRIGADE by Kameron Hurley

PUBLICERAT: 2021-05-31, kl: 11:37
"” is about time travel – a theme that lends itself to paradoxes, mind games and questions about free will versus predestination. Another such conversation, which Robert A. Heinlein set off in the 1950s with his novel STARSHIP TROOPERS, deals ..."
"... seriously mixed messages. It tries to say it is about human agency and ”empowerment,” while at the same time it tells the opposite story. THE LIGHT BRIGADE is a time travel story of the kind where history cannot be changed. Therefore the characters ..."

The Growing Popularity of macOS in Enterprise Environment

PUBLICERAT: 2021-04-29, kl: 10:39
", and upgrades and requires lesser maintenance. That is why it is about time for organizations to adopt macOS in their ecosystem. Sources: Statcounter Blog.shi.com Forbes.com computerworld .com The post The Growing Popularity of macOS in Enterprise ..."
". It has been ruling the market since 1995. And as per Statcounter, Windows 10, hands down, is the most popular windows OS holding a market share of about 78.34% ¹ . Enterprises have adopted Microsoft because it offers a wealth of tools and easy-to-use ..."

A Guide to Day Trading Cryptocurrency for Beginners

PUBLICERAT: 2021-04-01, kl: 10:31
". And in the cryptocurrency world, it’s about buying and selling your crypto holdings. Here’s the catch – The day trading cryptocurrency is a game to buy low, sell high and exit as quickly. The goal of day trading is to get into the market to take a certain position, keep a close eye, and exit at a profit. Here we’re talking about the time span, which is as short as a few minutes. Essential Characteristics of a Crypto Day Trader Here, I’d like to mention a very important thing. “Day Trading Cryptocurrency is not a get ..."

Jokes aside, there is quite a bit of crossover between QAnon and Scientology

PUBLICERAT: 2021-03-29, kl: 13:00
"... head and your right hand and left hand. And every now and then, ask her how she feels about you. And if you don’t flatten the process, just about the time this thing goes into the plus state, she’ll tell you she’s mad about you, she thinks you’re ..."
"... for a 12-minute film about illustrator David Dees that premiered recently at the Miami Film Festival. We’re not entirely sure why they recommended this. There wasn’t a focus on Dees in the new episodes. But there’s no doubt that illustrations by Dees have ..."

The courage to trust yourself

PUBLICERAT: 2021-03-18, kl: 13:16
"... how to walk. It’s about time you go and buy yourself a new pair of shoes. And as we all know it takes a while before it feels convenient to walk in new shoes, but don’t let that discourage you. While you’re busy walking, or dancing , in your neat ..."
". The answers are there. Trust yourself. What determines your worth? Think about it for a minute. Is it your looks? The amount of friends you have? Your income? Your job title? Where you were born? Your skin colour? Or do you depend on other people ..."

Comment on “Secular” Scientology by Jere Lull

PUBLICERAT: 2021-03-12, kl: 23:25
"In reply to otherles . otherles stated: “Unlike LRH I served my country. LRH served himself.” So true. and thanks for your service Dang, that sounds too trite: You didn’t HAVE to volunteer, though, so it AFAICT, was a selfless decision to do right by the country, of which I am a small, but appreciative piece. Our all-volunteer military is a wonderful proposition, and seems to have worked out well — absent a certain President who made volunteering and military bad words back about that time ..."

Dear Fahrenheit 451 av Annie Spence

PUBLICERAT: 2021-03-10, kl: 09:00
"... with The Giving Tree (a dysfunctional relationship book if ever there was one), to her love letter to The Time Traveler's Wife (a novel less about time travel and more about the life of a marriage, with all of its ups and downs), Spence will make you think ..."
"... this book (!), you know that some books affect you so profoundly they forever change the way you think about the world. Some books, on the other hand, disappoint you so much you want to throw them against the wall. Either way, it's clear that a book can ..."


PUBLICERAT: 2021-02-26, kl: 15:06
"... writing to have the first two seasons be one way only to introduce things at the last minute to kind of tie the whole story together. As a result the third season seemed kind of haphazardly put together and pretty rushed out. The story is about time ..."
"Toni chose the next show for our dinner with Netflix theme and he chose Dark, which had a really cool trailer but was also talked about as "Stranger Things for intelligent people". It's a German show and neither of us speak German, but slap some ..."

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