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Boba Fett Funko Futura 2000 gear released before Mandalorian

PUBLICERAT: 2019-10-08, kl: 21:57
"It’s right about time when the most mysterious – or once-most-mysterious Star Wars character gets licensed to all ends of the earth. Now that The Mandalorian is coming to the Disney+ streaming service as the first official live action Star Wars television show, that is. It’s largely because of the never-ceasing popularity of Boba Fett that The Mandalorian exists in … Continue reading ..."

A better fall Saturday

PUBLICERAT: 2019-10-08, kl: 06:00
". People, it WAS LOVELY!! And also, ABOUT TIME!! WE took the opportunity to visit a nearby winery! Doukenie Winery in Loudon County was our destination on Saturday afternoon, Wineries and fall always go hand in hand. It was a beautiful fall Saturday. We’re very lucky to have an array of vineyards to pick from. Well, I’ve told you this before, the wine is nothing to write home about (even though it IS getting better). BUT, the ambiance and the coziness factors at these wineries are golden! Yes ..."


PUBLICERAT: 2019-10-02, kl: 11:34
"... that began in the waning days of the Obama administration. “This has nothing to do with who is in the White House,” a senior State Department official [said]. “This is about the time it took to go through millions of emails, which is about 3½ years.” ..."

Comment on The Inhumanity of Scientology by Aquamarine

PUBLICERAT: 2019-10-01, kl: 20:35
"Well, if they are indeed adults, its about time they cut Mommie’ Dearest’s apron strings and made their own informed decisions. Unless of course Mommie Dearest is paying their bills, in which case they’ll do whatever she says – chronological adults. but for all practical purposes, dependent children."

Is Swagbucks A Scam – Read Complete Swagbucks Review here

PUBLICERAT: 2019-09-30, kl: 21:46
". This is a unique offer that entails no obligation and no cost. Surveys You may even make Swagbucks by filling out surveys through their website. You are going to have to think about the time involved here when debating whether online surveys are worth ..."
"... can be finished quickly so that you can capitalize on short bursts of time that were free. A note about speed Does not answer to reach the end in record time. Lots of the polls have. You have been warned! The Daily Poll is a question that pays SB ..."

Daredevils of the Red Circle and Other Cliffhangers: Hollywood (1939-1942) and Spy Smasher

PUBLICERAT: 2019-09-24, kl: 16:35
"... the extent of the Nazi threat and yelling “We’ve got to wake up,” followed by the heroine’s comment that its abouttime somebody knocked the Axis back on their heels.” Bogart, as ‘Gloves’ Donahue, reverses this by telling her “that what you mean is that it is about time somebody knocked those heels back on their Axis!” However, after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, nobody was laughing as the mood quickly shifted to one of intense indignation coupled with a burning desire ..."

Fleksy keyboard for Android can now play videos because why not

PUBLICERAT: 2019-09-18, kl: 16:32
"Remember the days when third-party virtual keyboards for smartphones were the craze? No? How about the time before TV? Fleksy seemingly wants to take a stroll down memory lane to make the case for its latest Fleksyapp, a.k.a. mini addons that give that Android keyboard a bit more functionality. By partnering with VBoard, that “bit more” becomes searching for and … Continue reading ..."

Inquiry-Based Assignments Feed Individual Curiosity

PUBLICERAT: 2019-09-14, kl: 15:23
"... not still know. To be able to came time and energy to conference by using my pupils about their planned learning, Being astounded with all the questions these people wanted to undertake the repair of when they were given time to make it easy ..."
", a reading check, or an art and craft project. Creating a system when the grade is actually process-based allows students more space to explore their demands and mastering. Each scheduled work day begun with a memento about the time period and just where ..."

A Hidden Gem: Interview with Trương Minh Quý (Nhà cây / Tree House, 2019)

PUBLICERAT: 2019-09-10, kl: 16:11
"... in 2016, around that time. I finished my first feature film in 2016 and was thinking about what I should do next. At that time I had the idea of making a documentary about the Vietnam war, so I made a short film about that topic first. After making that short film, I felt that maybe this topic is too big and too restraining for me. I felt that I had to follow a certain way because it was about history and about war veterans and it would take a long time. And I had to be more disciplined to make ..."

Thorn in Scientology’s side, Michelle ‘Emma’ Ryan, says ESMB will go still on Sep 30

PUBLICERAT: 2019-09-09, kl: 13:00
"... in a Cadet Org, being schooled at the Ranch. Stories from Alan Walter and Dart Smohen about their time spent with Hubbard developing the tech and being with him in the very early days aboard the Apollo. So it was established quickly that amazing stories could be told that had never been told before because it was safe to do so. For me it has always been about the stories. It became a real community in under a year. It was new and exciting and for me was the best time to be on ESMB. Then the Tom ..."

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