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Gloria Jones - Tainted Love

PUBLICERAT: 2020-09-13, kl: 20:38
"Jones, in a short documentary by Top 2000 a gogo (Dutch Public TV) from 2010. Here is a clip from German TV, not sure about the time but approx 10-15 years ago or so. Here is the original version of the tune, enjoy! More info @ Official Gloria Jones ..."
"Sunday, time for a classic. Somehow it turned out to be a girls week, so why not end it with a high head and a real classic that most folks do not know. "Tainted Love" is a song composed by Ed Cobb, formerly of American group THE FOUR PREPS, which ..."

RIFFER: David Miscavige too busy saving Scientology from Covid to be served lawsuit

PUBLICERAT: 2020-09-12, kl: 12:00
"Miscavige by publication. It’s about time, right? Here’s the document… Bixler v. Scientology: Supp… by Tony Ortega ——————– Source Code Advertisement “As you look over the history of Dianetics and Scientology you’ll see a cycle is in operation. We get ..."
"... a motion asking Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Steven Kleifield for approval of that process, and in the meantime they’ve filed a raft of papers about their efforts so far to serve Miscavige, and some of it is pretty interesting. In particular, we ..."

Comment on More Foolishness from STAND by Jere Lull

PUBLICERAT: 2020-09-05, kl: 20:50
"In reply to Walker Walked . Yeah, Walker. At the time I thought it so strange to use that as a source. It HAD to be, at minimum, mixing practices. but all the registrars were all agog about it at the time. Sad."

Francis Ford Coppola making new ‘Godfather Part III’ cut

PUBLICERAT: 2020-09-04, kl: 01:57
"... it is used as my prescience but the truth is I was very embarrassed by that off the cuff thing I threw in. I remember Ali McGraw was the co-presenter and she was looking at me with an astonished look of, “What is he talking about?” At that time, my ..."
"... of “Apocalypse Now,” “Cotton Club” and his fervent desire to do a better version of that final Corleone installment. It’s a bit sprawling, but who doesn’t like reading about his recollections on the great films he made? Coppola felt emphatic ..."


PUBLICERAT: 2020-08-31, kl: 13:00
"... to offer it to him because I think it’s a mistake for his career and a mistake for the film. So, that was the beginning of the end, I think. And then, right about that time, was when I started asking serious questions. That’s when Prop 8 was in California ..."
"... on. You know our history. You know it’s just not true. Seymour: At the same time, he was learning about the terrible abuse, including physical assaults dealt out by Scientology’s leader David Miscavige. In 2009 he shocked the church, Hollywood ..."

Bombs Of Hades - Phantom Bell

PUBLICERAT: 2020-08-28, kl: 21:43
"... feel to it. Over time it grew into a proper band with a stable line up. Led by guitarist/singer Jonas Stålhammar (AT THE GATES, GOD MACABRE, THE LURKING FEAR, ex CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX, ex THE CROWN) BOMBS OF HADES are ready to unveil a new EP as a taster before the 5th album is recorded during 2020. Since the last album "Death Mask Replica" was released in 2016 to critical acclaim it's about time. TRACKLIST: Side A Phantom Bell Bridge Of Sighs Kamikaze (FLOWER TRAVELLIN' BAND cover) Lungs (TOWNES ..."

9000 Miles from Home and 30 Miles from Nowhere: An Interview with Caitlin Koller

PUBLICERAT: 2020-08-24, kl: 22:22
"Shudder in late August 2020, Koller took the time to speak with me about 30 Miles from Nowhere and the curious journey that led her halfway around the world to make her feature film debut. — So Caitlin, the big question: how did a nice girl like you end ..."
"; my parents love to remind me about the time I begged to watch The Addams Family (1991) and was doing fine for the first 30 seconds until Thing appeared onscreen and I screamed and ran from the room. I wouldn’t return until they promised they’d take ..."

Mike's Blog Round Up

PUBLICERAT: 2020-08-21, kl: 13:18
"... sends us a Special Delivery on the latest eff'ery from Postmaster General DeJoy. Strangely Blogged makes the Bannon headline of the day. Daily Sound and Fury tells us about the time Prznint Stupid claimed to have magical powers. I can haz the 25th Amendment now? Bonus Track: Because we’re all about the music, Open Culture gives us the history of the classic surf rock anthem: Wipe Out . So boss! Round-up by Tengrain who blogs at Mock, Paper, Scissors . You can follow Tengrain on the Twitters , too ..."

Comment on Important Survey by ammo alamo

PUBLICERAT: 2020-08-18, kl: 01:05
"In reply to Skyler . If only… To any who might have regrets about the time they spent in Scientology, especially in the 70s, I assure you there are probably just as many of us never-ins who regret what we did with our life in the 70s, too – at least what we can remember of it. If I was feeling self-confessional I might relate my own ‘prison of belief’ that held me in thrall from about 1971 through 1986, and what it took to get me out of it. It’s enough to admit that, for me at least, some Sea ..."

Trump Proclaims He Will Appoint A Scotus Pick Even In Lame-duck Session

PUBLICERAT: 2020-08-11, kl: 22:18
"’t know what you’re talking about, time, but if you’re talking about if something were to happen now, no, I would move quickly. Why not? I mean, they would. The Democrats would if they were in this position.” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has ..."

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