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Church of Fear: When John Sweeney sat down with Anne Archer and Leah Remini

PUBLICERAT: 2018-08-11, kl: 13:00
", having his hair and his ear pulled about… ‘I guarantee you that would never happen. And I happen to be back in Florida the time Tommy was there and we had many wonderful, lovely conversations and it is just not true.’ Some people say that David ..."
"... of our small talk out of the way, it was time for business. She told me that Scientology had offered her the ability to be a happy person, Scientology has given her those tools to try to be a good person. I asked her about the auditing process ..."

En teaser för The Last Sharknado: It's About Time

PUBLICERAT: 2018-08-09, kl: 12:30
"Sista Sharknado-filmen? Här har vi en andra teaser-trailer för årets Sharknado-film som heter The Last Sharknado: It's About Time. Denna gång blandas hajarna med dinosaurier och superhjältar. Om det blir något lyckat resultat är ju ganska tveksamt men den 19 augusti får vi ett definitivt svar på det. movieweb.com Läs vidare och kommentera: http://feber.se/film/art/385645/en_teaser_fr__the_last_sharkna/ ..."

Magic and Anchors

PUBLICERAT: 2018-08-08, kl: 12:00
"... stop me if I decided to hit the bottle again, I’d be less worried if I knew she had a great person by her side for support. We all need it. Even me, and it’s about time I realise that. My first proper sentence was “I can do it myself” and it’s always ..."
"... the footsteps, I had a terrible time sleeping. Holy crap, how depressing! But I am. Not depressed thank goodness, but DOWN and grumpy. So anyway. I’d already done our Paris and Gothenburg breaks sober – including a Foo Fighters concert – so Lipari ..."

Kommentarer till 10 Bible verses /examples commonly used to support the sinful nature – refutation av BjorkBloggen

PUBLICERAT: 2018-08-07, kl: 11:46
"... are talking about a time AFTER Jesus has returned and the difference will be HUGE. << John who wrote the text made no distinction between these kings Does he really say that there is no difference? Of course not. He is silent about it. This means that our ..."
"Hello Evan! Sorry for the delay, which again didn’t occur due to lack of interest. Instead, this topic has been rather been interesting to me, but perhaps it’s time to wrap it up since we end up writing books to each other and we are also repeating ..."

Top 100 Stupid Moments in Scientology PART 4

PUBLICERAT: 2018-07-31, kl: 02:55
".F Find PART 3 of this thread here : http://www.forum.exscn.net/showthread.php?42744-Top-100-Stupid-Moments-in-Scientology-PART-3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTERVIEWER But what about the time you committed bigamy by marrying your second wife? COMMODORE I... ​ Top 100 Stupid Moments in Scientology PART 4 ..."

Comment on Are you a global asset? by chantal

PUBLICERAT: 2018-07-30, kl: 01:36
"I like the video. It's about time that we update the perception of what one needs to become economically successful in life. That being said, I believe that it does depend on the niche whether or not to approach something globally or locally and when globalization works."

Build a stronger brand relationship by breaking down your walls

PUBLICERAT: 2018-07-22, kl: 13:00
"So we’re up to our fourth date in this article series about brand experience strategy. Isn’t it about time to break down your walls and get personal in this relationship? If you’re here for a first date, though, you may want to go back and start ..."
". However, what we’ve discovered is that rarely do these different departments talk with each other about the whole brand experience. They’re mostly focused on creating AN experience instead of synching up THE brand experience over time ..."


PUBLICERAT: 2018-07-21, kl: 11:12
". //Hey loves! This turned out to be a wedding week here on the blog, haha! I thought it was about time to show you everything from it, but I’m gonna mix in a bit more from “now” too. I haven’t done much else than laying down straight on the couch ..."

Marsupials! Politeness! Hand Sanitizer!; or, Deconstructed Ranting; or, We're Fucked If We Can Find a Theme

PUBLICERAT: 2018-07-18, kl: 20:57
"It is important, in these dark times, to remember the things that bring light and joy: decent plumbing, handwashing, human rights, wine, babe parades. We reminisced recently, on our Facebook page, about that time when we realised that Father Ted ..."
"... of having spent your time being insolent to, for example, a young woman who is fighting for her own life, and the lives of other people, we have one word for you: FUCKING WELL DESIST. We would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone ..."

Get Women touch making your life occurring

PUBLICERAT: 2018-07-09, kl: 09:46
"... are the one experiencing with the exact same problem, you could anticipate to have incredible companions that will certainly be there for you. Yes, it is an about time when you can make your life occurring by forgetting the previous concerns and also get ..."
"... you to provide you a lot of enjoyable as well as they will certainly make certain to satisfy your total demands. You could have Women touch as well as they will guarantee to supply you utmost time as well as peace which you ever before had. We ..."

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