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This 2014 op-ed by Jonathan Turley shows just how full of it he is now

PUBLICERAT: 2019-12-05, kl: 20:25
"... floating regarding Obama’s implementation of the ACA. (That the passage of a law — one which ultimately survived review at the Supreme Court — was seriously discussed as a potential basis for impeachment says worlds about Republican faux outrage.) Yesterday Turley sat as the Republican expert witness and did a 180 on every point he raised in this op-ed. Just hacktastic. Advertisement What gets me (well, one of the things) about Turley’s take (i.e., the evidentiary record is incomplete) is that he ..."

Comment on Thursday Funnies by KatherineINCali

PUBLICERAT: 2019-12-05, kl: 18:55
"As a Communications and English major in college, all the grammatical errors in the post about getting kids on the bridge made me cringe. So much for study tech!"

Comment on Thursday Funnies by Friend of Lisa McPherson

PUBLICERAT: 2019-12-05, kl: 18:31
"Thank you Mike Rinder, for all you have done to help expose the truth about Scientology. I would like to take a few moments to pay a tribute for Lisa McPherson, who died at FLAG doing the “Introspective Rundown”. Scientology’s Leader, David Miscavige, was directly responsible for killing Lisa McPherson. He covered it up by destroying the Medical Examiner, Joan Wood, with fair game. The “shore story” that was fed to Scientologists about Lisa McPherson, was she died of an embolism. Lurkers ..."

Pokemon GO code leak tips Hawlucha and/or Pikachu Libre!

PUBLICERAT: 2019-12-05, kl: 18:03
"The newest code update for Pokemon GO reveals a few details about the future of the game – starting with the move Flying Press! This is a very special move that only TWO Pokemon have EVER used in the history of the Pokemon franchise. But wait, you might be saying, we aren’t even done releasing Generation V (Gen 5 Pokemon … Continue reading ..."

Kommentarer till Vi ses igen av how to write a resume

PUBLICERAT: 2019-12-05, kl: 17:47
"I blog frequently and I really appreciate your information. This article has really peaked my interest. I will take a note of your blog and keep checking for new details about once a week. I subscribed to your Feed too."

Mondro: Archiving the Work of Queer Artists in Bangladesh

PUBLICERAT: 2019-12-05, kl: 17:00
"... content by queer Bangladeshi people, including art, literature, writing about history and science, and more. *Full name not used to protect privacy. “ Mondro means ‘deep sound’ in Bengali. We intend to combine all the deepest sounds of our community ..."
"... archiving platform or website for stories, articles, and art by non-privileged, rural queer people. We created Mondro because we strongly felt responsible to save our identities. Can you tell us more about the team? Who will publish on the site? Mondro ..."

Comment on Thursday Funnies by Dotey OT

PUBLICERAT: 2019-12-05, kl: 16:02
"Quentin Strub, just good enough to keep on that post, just bad enough not to move up. I can’t think of a better example of a guy that adds gasoline to the fire than bad old QS. When I was in, people that I knew that knew him did not have anything good to say about him. Only the sycophants would say something good. He is worth a good bit of natter. Much more than this, btw. Thanks for this every week. It reminds me of how lucky I am that I WOKE UP!! Think I will go cross my arms and look ..."

Bloodhound LSR jet car reaches 628 mph

PUBLICERAT: 2019-12-05, kl: 15:42
"The people working on the Bloodhound LSR vehicle have been working for years in an attempt to set a new land speed record. The team has announced that the car has reached a new top speed of 628 mph or about 1,010 km/h in only 50 seconds. Over that 50-second time frame, the vehicle had traveled five miles. That rate … Continue reading ..."

Comment on What Are Ideal Orgs Up To? by Try and Guess

PUBLICERAT: 2019-12-05, kl: 15:00
"Oh my! Aqua is one of the best and all her posts are terrific. People come here from miles around just to read Aqua’s posts. When it comes to the truth about this criminal cult, Aqua is never all wet."

My turn, my choice

PUBLICERAT: 2019-12-05, kl: 14:36
"The more time goes by Are you like an old spot My turn My choice.. Nothing stops me … I’m ready Those like you can’t touch me Mess with me I still do not hear What we had went from here This is a circus With you in it, it appears And everyone can take their part Not difficult Although I wouldn’t write about it ..."

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