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Assistant Secretary For Health Contradicts Dear Leader On Benefits Of Hydroxychloroquine

PUBLICERAT: 2020-08-02, kl: 20:18
"Assistant Secretary For Health Contradicts Dear Leader On Benefits Of Hydroxychloroquine : How long before Trump is sending out angry tweets attacking Assistant Secretary for Health Admiral Brett Giroir? Admiral Brett Giroir was asked about the danger from his boss constantly pushing the drug Hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for coronavirus during an interview on this Sunday’s Meet the Press , consequences and risks for the safety of those foolish to listen to him be damned, and the Admiral ..."

Delta Removes Two Passengers Who Refused To Wear Masks Correctly

PUBLICERAT: 2020-08-02, kl: 20:18
"Delta Removes Two Passengers Who Refused To Wear Masks Correctly : More of this please. There should be zero tolerance on all the airlines for those who refuse to wear a mask. Don’t want to wear a mask? Fine. Leave the plane. Source: ClickOnDetroit Todd Benson and his family witnessed turbulence before their flight could even take off from Aruba to Atlanta. “It was shameful behavior. He was yelling, I have it on I have it on, and he was talking about his mask. The Delta flight attendant ..."

Vecka 32-33

PUBLICERAT: 2020-08-02, kl: 20:05
". Wilipedia 3 Lianna La Havas (UK ) Paring her sound back to little more than her skillful guitar-playing and deep, husky voice, the London songwriter explores the aftermath of a breakup with confidence and repose. is about the singer’s whirlwind ..."
"... nine more songs. If its predecessor was about conflict and healing—it's My Morning Jacket's thorniest album, emotionally speaking—then this follow-up is more about what comes after that healing. Pitchfork 10 Taylor Swift (US) – love and loss ..."

Dr. Birx Gives Non-Response On Why U.S. Pandemic Response Has Failed So Miserably

PUBLICERAT: 2020-08-02, kl: 19:18
"about Americans “on the move” and the fact that the pandemic has spread to rural areas now. Tell us something we didn’t know, Dr. Birx : BASH: The U.S. recorded nearly two million new cases in July, the most cases of any month yet. So, the United ..."

Poll-Truther Jesse Watters Hangs His Hat On One CNBC Poll Showing Race Tightening In Battleground States

PUBLICERAT: 2020-08-02, kl: 19:18
"... battleground states. Take a look at t his screen. See they show a consistent shift across the board to the president. Which was followed by him citing the results of this CNBC poll : Forget about the national polls. It’s all about the battlegrounds anyway ..."

Rep. James Clyburn: Trump Is 'Mussolini, Putin And Hitler'

PUBLICERAT: 2020-08-02, kl: 19:18
"Rep. James Clyburn: Trump Is 'Mussolini, Putin And Hitler' : Rep. Clyburn joined Dana Bash on CNN’s State of The Union on Sunday to discuss some comments he made about how Donald Trump would reach to losing the November election and comparing Trump to Hitler, Putin and Mussolini. Clyburn echoes what many are fearing: that Donald Trump will not leave office peacefully, even if he loses by wide margins, and that his minions in cabinet positions would probably help him retain power in some sort ..."

Karen Bass’ Views Have Not Changed

PUBLICERAT: 2020-08-02, kl: 18:45
"... was a corrupt, abusive cult. Accepting this at face value, why would any public figure place themselves into a situation where they praise an entity they knew nothing about? This is at the very least irresponsible and risky behavior. Reasonably ..."
"... that Leah Remini’s A&E docuseries had not yet been conceived however there was plenty of readily available information about Scientology’s policies of Fair Game and Disconnection, about abuse towards their members and key events like Lisa McPherson ..."

Comment on Fair Game Podcast Video by Geoff Levin

PUBLICERAT: 2020-08-02, kl: 17:50
"Mike, Top notch video. It is a reminder that Scientology is still at it, with millions at their disposal to try to crush anyone who tells the truth about this fraudulent, destructive and mind altering scam. They will stop at nothing to destroy their alleged enemy’s. Rock on Mike and Leah."

Always the same!

PUBLICERAT: 2020-08-02, kl: 16:55
"The movements … The looks .. She saw me .. I know that too … But sometimes I’m modest … Can not believe it … Maybe it’s my niche … Until I get spanked … Ha-ha thank you my beautiful … I know they’re dangerous … Lowered like a pine … And there’s nothing anyone can do … But trying to keep my distance … But you are teased … And you know about it too … They can all suddenly rap rhymes … I always say just drive … But if it’s not good, I say goodbye … ..."

Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Toronto Maple Leafs – Pick, Odds & Prediction – 8/2/20

PUBLICERAT: 2020-08-02, kl: 16:24
"... anything about their form. The Matchup This is the clash of two completely different teams. While the Blue Jackets lean on their defense and often struggle to score, the Maple Leafs are one of the best offensive teams in the league. However, Toronto ..."

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