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Kejsaren är naken!!

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-22, kl: 14:42
"... på detta och den Svenska kyrkan, som genomsyras av kulturmarxism istället för kristendom, så kan man fråga sig om Sverige har sekulariserats till förmån för islam? ( 'The Most Evil Religion in the World Has to Be Islam': Atheist Warns About Decline of Christianity ..."

Comment on Valley Voom Voom by Skyler

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-22, kl: 14:24
"In reply to Chris Shugart . I’m not sure whether it is better to let sleeping dolts lie. On the one hand, as long as they continue, they provide us with a good source of comedy – something funny to laugh about. But, unfortunately, on the other hand ..."
"... do deserve to have their tax exempt status revoked. It is due to this tax exempt status they are able to do so many of the great harms they do. I know that most everyone reading this post already knows all about what I have said. But I feel ..."

Do something about it yourself

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-22, kl: 14:01
"No need to brag about anything … Only is as it is … No more no less.. And I do it in my view .. But keep the box just because you want it .. You can do it yourself as it looks .. I’m not in need of anything new .. And I don’t want to go back to something old .. I have already passed that .. Talking about things that aren’t relevant to me .. Which does not touch my inner, if you are always joking .. I may smile and laugh, but in my heart it’s true .. Call it pretend world from your .. I sit here ..."

Comment on Valley Voom Voom by Wynski

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-22, kl: 13:53
"In reply to Aquamarine . AS these two are BT pickers and flickers of LONG duration maybe spending years having to delude yourself about that melts your brain Aqua."

Free Reading Honda Atv Wiring Diagram

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-22, kl: 13:18
"... to a whole: we hear about the ghastly accident at the nations main collection, we map the early history of the collection and its own vivid head librarians, we hear about the problems that encounter Honda Atv Wiring Diagram today and we hear about the confusing self-contradictory guy who was actually charged of however probably performed not begin the collection fire. About Honda Atv Wiring Diagram Writer The writer knowledgeable that folks like to review various other intriguing folks, so he switches ..."

Low IQ Leader Goes Full Hitler In Visit To Ford Plant

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-22, kl: 12:18
"Low IQ Leader Goes Full Hitler In Visit To Ford Plant : Your daily dose of Nazi nostalgia comes from the (alleged) Leader of the Free World, Donald John Trump. Visiting a Ford Manufacturing plant in Michigan on Thursday, he lovingly injected Hitlerian language into his speech to workers. The President says the founder of Ford has good bloodlines.. If you’re not familiar with Henry Ford, I would encourage you to read more about him and specifically his actions during WW2 pic.twitter.com ..."

Even more filmmakers who are helping out Scientology with its TV network

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-22, kl: 12:00
", about Somalian soccer players, was quite good. But we asked him why he would want to help out Scientology TV by letting it show the movie. “When it comes to documentaries, getting your story out there is not easy. And when you have a new cable station coming on, you have to give it a thought,” he told us. He said he was aware of Scientology’s controversies, but getting the word out about Somalia’s struggles was more important to him. Like most of the other filmmakers, he had not only let ..."

Eco Styler Gel Colored Hair Review

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-22, kl: 11:30
"After reading an Eco Styler Gel Colored Hair Review you will be more informed about this hair care product. Let's begin. What is a hairdryer? It is a device that dries your hair by heating it. There are many different types of hair dryers. They may be electric or manual, hot air or cold air, and there are even blow dryers that are considered hot air. An electric hair dryer uses electricity to ..."

Kommentarer till Eating blood is a sin, but a blood transfusion is not – Jehovah’s Witnesses av Curtis

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-22, kl: 09:38
"There’s life in the blood all right, all kinds of life! Ever heard of the term blood born pathogens??? And this is a great idea to eat, better yet, how about bypass all of our bodies natural defense mechanisms and inject the ”life” aka pathogens directly into our veins!?! Sound like a dumb and dumber skit.. I am sick of this f#©✓|n skit, Learn your lessons stop being morons bringing yourself problems more on and more on… You don’t even need the Bible to see injecting blood born pathogens right ..."

svar på kommentarer – husbygge, kärlek och att vara lättskrämd

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-22, kl: 08:11
"... eller om det är att hela pressen på att vara social och out and about är borta nu när man ska hålla sig hemma. För en introvert och ganska osocial person är det väldigt befriande att det är norm att bara vara hemma själv med sin partner hela tiden, mår ..."

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