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Paf Casino bonus, Deposit 10€, Get 10€ in bonus, 1st deposit bonus

PUBLICERAT: 2019-08-22, kl: 10:12
"... up on the casino site. Learn more about welcome bonuses from Paf Casino in our Paf Casino review . The rules for casino bonuses can differ between online casino sites. Take a good look att the t&c of any new online casino site you plan to register ..."
"... languages such as Finnish, Estonian, Russian, Swedish, English, Spanish and accepts the following currencies: Swedish Kronor – SEK, Euro – EUR. You can read more about Paf Casinos different deposit and withdrawal methods, transfer times and any ..."

Comment on More on OT IX and X by Mark

PUBLICERAT: 2019-08-22, kl: 09:30
"Hey Mary, good point. I’ll add that the only thing ” standard ” about the dreck is its bullshit conent!"

Pärla #2

PUBLICERAT: 2019-08-22, kl: 08:05
"Lägger upp för en andra version innan den första är klar. Insåg att min stickfasthet var helt ute och cyklade, och att den 3 månaders storlek som jag var ute efter var närmare storlek 2 år istället. Hoppsan. Använder Malabrigo Mecha från min stash, färgerna English Rose och Natural. Casting on for a 2nd version before finishing the 1st one. Realized my gauge was completely off, and the 3 month size I wanted was coming out at about 2 years instead. Woops. Here using some stash Malabrigo Mecha ..."

Comment on OT IX and X: Promises, Promises, Promises… by Mike Rinder

PUBLICERAT: 2019-08-22, kl: 05:56
"No pneumonia. No deaths. But still you try to hold the line that Ron was right. I know 2 people who spun from doing objectives. So is this proof Objectives are dangerous? You ignored my question about how claiming you can die from pneumonia from exposure to OTIII is so different from death by spontaneous combustion on OT VIII? Why is it ridiculous to think Hubbard could have written that you die one way when he said you would die a different way and this is “proof” he didn’t write it?"

Comment on OT IX and X: Promises, Promises, Promises… by Foolproof

PUBLICERAT: 2019-08-22, kl: 04:54
"Firstly I never mentioned anything about pneumonia. I stated that 2 people I knew had spun. Secondly, when I mentioned that in 70 years of Scientology history there had only been a few cases where Scientology had had to answer in law I was told “one ..."
"” – notwithstanding the fact or assumption that the lack of evidence that it is not harmful is not even that – anecdotal that is, as those that may have spun have never been reported about. So we can just throw those 2 persons that I know of who have ..."

Comment on More on OT IX and X by Jenyfurrr

PUBLICERAT: 2019-08-22, kl: 04:20
"Thanks OCD (& Skyler)! I’ve heard some great comments about it but then forget once we go to find something to watch. I’ve seriously gotten some of the best documentary recommendations from you guys on here! BalletLady sent me a great one dealing with mental health issues (due to a parent who struggles) recently. Hard-to-watch usually also means “needs-to-be-seen!” Did your personal troll (who was trolling YOU accusing you of trolling here) finally go away? I had to laugh when he accused you ..."

Comment on OT IX and X: Promises, Promises, Promises… by Aquamarine

PUBLICERAT: 2019-08-22, kl: 02:38
"Alley is OT7 and still blubbering about having to lose weight and having to find her Soul Mate. Are these her CHOICES? Despite her OT7 power over MEST (Matter, Energy, Space and Time, all part of “life” as in “Cause over”) despite what are her ..."

Kommentarer till About av Gunnar Wall

PUBLICERAT: 2019-08-22, kl: 00:43
"Jag fick under kvällen 21 augusti ett mail från en av bloggens följare som fått upp en ruta så fort han klickat för att läsa en kommentar. Rutan lockade med att han kunde vinna en mobil genom att svara på ett antal frågor. Det ser ut som om det är något som kallas svip-center.com som ligger bakom meddelandet. Sådana meddelanden ska ..."

Comment on OT IX and X: Promises, Promises, Promises… by Balletlady

PUBLICERAT: 2019-08-22, kl: 00:26
"I fully understand…I KNOW everyone feels my pain……..we are all animal lovers & we care DEEPLY ABOUT EACH OTHER’S HURTS….I certainly did not even anticipate ALL THE LOVE GIVEN TO ME from people I only know on this blog…who did respond, & I DO I KNOW that even if someone did not respond…. everyone really DOES cares & sends their love & concern me in different ways. The blog is to share concerns about COS, & also for updates on our own situations….just to say MY LOVE & PRAYERS ARE TO EVERYONE ..."

How to Improve Male Organ Skin: 8 Easy Tips for Healthy Member Skin

PUBLICERAT: 2019-08-22, kl: 00:17
"... a man wants to do, it’s still good. Do the exam while in the shower. Wait about five minutes for the testicles to relax and then drop. Check the texture of the skin, feel for bumps or lumps, and search out moles. Check the member, the testicles (lightly ..."

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