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Evidence that the Renovation of Plymouth (UK) Ideal Org Will Get Underway in 8 Days Time

PUBLICERAT: 2019-08-18, kl: 14:54
"... with: Completion, and a ‘Grand Opening’, in time for the IAS event in October 2020. This is when the leader of Scientology, David Miscavige, is usually in the UK to preside over the annual IAS event at Saint Hill Manor A ‘Grand Opening’ that occurs during ..."
"... pressure in the US. For the first time there is a credible threat that he will be called to appear in court to answer accusations laid in a civil case. Before that happens he must be served with court documents requiring him to appear ..."

Scientology is staffing its Narconon in Ireland like it’s already won court approval

PUBLICERAT: 2019-08-18, kl: 13:00
"... in cracking such issues. We got her through the entire cycle in 10 days. Now she is back in good standing and is doing major services for the first time in 10 years. She recently went Clear here! On training, our public finish any course under GAT ..."
"-smooth Southern accent in person. Jana was an original Dianeticist. She said her involvement in Hubbardism actually predated the publication of ‘Dianetics’ in 1950, and she had been out of Scientology about as long as she had originally been ..."

Latest King Billy Casino promotion, 100% up to 200€ / 1 BTC in bonus + 200 bonus spins, 1st deposit bonus

PUBLICERAT: 2019-08-18, kl: 10:59
"... have some fishy things in their terms and conditions. For examble time limits or the casino simply do not accept players from your province or country. If the demands are not met the casino can claim that the rules have been broken and can do ..."
"... the following currencies: Australian Dollars – AUD, Russian Rubles -RUB, Canadian Dollars – CAD, Swedish Kronor – SEK, US Dollar – USD, South African Rand – ZAR, Euro – EUR, Bitcoin, Norwegian Kroner – NOK. You can read more about King Billy Casinos different ..."

New no deposit bonus from Karl Casino

PUBLICERAT: 2019-08-18, kl: 08:43
"... the specific terms for that online casino. Even tough it is a popular casino it can still have some unwanted things in their t&c. For examble stressing time limits, unreasonable long wagering requirements or the casino simply do not accept players from ..."
"Authority, Curacao, supports different languages such as Swedish and accepts the following currencies: Swedish Kronor – SEK. You can read more about what different methods there are to deposit and withdraw money from Karl Casino, transfer times and any ..."

Comment on Thursday Funnies on Saturday by PeaceMaker

PUBLICERAT: 2019-08-18, kl: 02:44
"That reminds me, I hope someone is saving all the references to COB’s fingers in so many pies, and the lawyers have them at hand when Scientology tries to claim that he is far removed from the operations of the the CofS. There was a heyday of court cases that nailed Scientology decades ago, and I think Miscavige is about to a return to the “good old days” in that respect. On a related note, I wonder when the last time was that Scientology had as small a membership as it does now, maybe ..."

5 Important Travel Tips During Your Vacation To Egypt

PUBLICERAT: 2019-08-18, kl: 00:45
"... without any concern. The Currencies Do not worry about prices. The official currency there is the Egyptian pound. The prices of products on the market are much cheaper than many other countries around the world, especially the prices of vegetables ..."
"... to schedule your time and guarantee your safety. The Culture First of all, prepare yourself for the shock of culture! There are many travelers who are in a state of surprise when visiting Egypt for the first time; they find it different from any other ..."

Musik Topp 60: Lena Philipsson - Maria Magdalena

PUBLICERAT: 2019-08-18, kl: 00:12
"La) 48.(48) Scott Helman ft. Blas Canto – Hang Ups Remix 49.(47) Lance & Linton - Best Time´s Right Now 50.(45) Tove Lo ft. ALMA - Bad As The Boys 51.(35) Mares - Sunnanvind 52.(52) Christopher - Real Life 53.(41) Tungevaag & Raaban ft. Victor Crone ..."
"Cutler - Not Ok (Frank Walker Remix) Conor Maynard - Not Over You Alessia Cara – Ready Marshmello & Kane Brown - One Thing Right Zara Larsson – All The Time The Chainsmokers with ILLENIUM ft. Lennon Stella - Takeaway Jonas Blue ft. Theresa Rex - What ..."

Casino La Fiesta offers ⇨ 400% up to 1000€ in bonus, 1st deposit bonus

PUBLICERAT: 2019-08-17, kl: 22:13
"... for that online casino. Even tough it is a well-established casino it can still have some fishy things in their rules. For examble stressing time limits, minimum deposit or the casino simply do not accept players from your region. If the demands are not met ..."
", Russian, Spanish, Norwegian, Italian, Finnish, French, Swedish, Danish and accepts the following currencies: Euro – EUR. You can read more about Casino La Fiestas different deposit and withdrawal methods, transfer times and any limits in our review ..."

Comment on Thursday Funnies on Saturday by Cre8tivewmn

PUBLICERAT: 2019-08-17, kl: 21:25
"When I first glanced at the Manchester backdrop with Chan speaking I thought it said Manchester Idiot! Disney must have a full time law secretary putting out cease and desist copy write infringement letters. Scientology is quite blatant about stealing their images. Can anyone explain the Battle Creek poster with the tiger and the beach chair? So glad you didn’t let this batch go to waste!"

Think About Bathroom Shower Heads

PUBLICERAT: 2019-08-17, kl: 21:23
"What do you think about bathroom shower heads? The vast majority can say they realize they are customizable, some are high pressure and some are handheld. Individuals who use them each day of their lives know next to no about them other than ..."
"... is made of treated plastic that counteracts the development of microbes and germs that live and develop in different styles. During the time spent making the plastic it is blended with hostile to buildup, against form and against bacterial items ..."

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