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Trump Endorses Jeff Sessions' Opponent In Alabama Senate Race

PUBLICERAT: 2020-03-11, kl: 13:20
"Trump Endorses Jeff Sessions' Opponent In Alabama Senate Race : On the same day that a poll was released showing Tuberville with a 12-point lead in the Alabama Republican primary, Donald Trump decided to put his thumb on the scale and stick it to his former Attorney-General Jeff Sessions, virtually ending the primary. Source: NBC News President Donald Trump on Tuesday endorsed Jeff Sessions’ rival in the Alabama Senate race. “Coach Tommy Tuberville, a winner, has my Complete and Total ..."

John Oliver Wants You To Know Who Your Sheriff Is

PUBLICERAT: 2020-03-09, kl: 18:52
"... it because HEY! The dude was a CRIMINAL!) There’s one in California, in whose care 40 people have died in the last five years, and 29 women have sued for mistreatment and abuse. There’s the guy in Alabama who bought a beach house with the money he saved by not feeding the inmates of his prisons. That’s right, in Alabama, sheriffs can KEEP leftover funds meant to feed prisoners, which serves as a great incentive to starve the prisoners. This sheriff literally bought himself a $740,000 beach ..."

Is This Footage of Lil Baby’s Crew Beating Down Offset?

PUBLICERAT: 2020-03-08, kl: 19:52
"! (@its_onsite) on Mar 7, 2020 at 11:18pm PST What do you think? In possibly unrelated news,  last night Lil Baby’s show in Alabama was shot up. The post Is This Footage of Lil Baby’s Crew Beating Down Offset? appeared first on 7CLACKS ."

Lil Baby Concert In Birmingham Shut Down After Getting Shot Up [WATCH]

PUBLICERAT: 2020-03-08, kl: 19:51
". According to AL.com , one person was hospitalized Saturday night after shots were fired at Lil Baby’s concert in Birmingham, Alabama. According to police, a fight broke out around 10 p.m. during the concert at Bill Harris Arena. The concert was shut down after the shots were fired. Peep the videos below. View this post on Instagram At a #lilbaby concert in #Alabama in altercation happen backstage and then shots were fired, allegedly there’s someone wounded. If any other updates pop up I’ll report ..."

Apple uppmärksammar Internationell Kvinnodagen

PUBLICERAT: 2020-03-08, kl: 14:00
"Idag är det den 8 mars, Den Internationella Kvinnodagen. Apple uppmärksammar dagen med en ny video. Min idol Rosa Parks var utbildad sömmerska men hon blev en av USAs viktigaste och mest högljudda röster för allas lika värde och motståndare mot de amerikanska lagar som skyddade rasdiskriminering. Rosa Parks föddes 4 februari 1913 i Tuskegee i Alabama, och dog […] Källa ..."

Mike's Blog Round Up

PUBLICERAT: 2020-03-07, kl: 14:22
"Mike's Blog Round Up : Redeye - every life is precious in Alabama! Tell Me a Story - seeds … The New York Crank - if you see something you’d better be a Republican … We Hunted the Mammoth - men’s march dude too busy to march; Why Now? - a thousand miles from a coronavirus test … Steve in Manhattan ( @blogenfreude ) blogs at stinque.com , and says check out some electric cars ! (love this reviewer) To recommend a link, send it to mbru@crooksandliars.com - we do check it!"

Säkerhetskorridor i Idlib - nog inte vad Erdogan vill ha

PUBLICERAT: 2020-03-06, kl: 10:35
"... of Alabama som dessa : 1- Cease all military actions along the line of contact in the Idlib de-escalation area starting 00:01 on March 6, 2020 2- A security corridor will be established 6 km deep to the north and the south from highway M4, Specific ..."
", och den vägen går från Aleppo och ner till Medelhavet. När turkarna får åka fram och åter på M4 med ryska överrockar är det knappast någon seger. I alla fall inte för Erdogan. Moon of Alabama tror att vapenvilan blir kortvarig. Det låter rimligt ..."

Will Trump Tweets Ruin Jeff Sessions' Senate Hopes?

PUBLICERAT: 2020-03-04, kl: 20:01
"Will Trump Tweets Ruin Jeff Sessions' Senate Hopes? : [Video above from 2017 as Jeff Sessions jokes about perjury with the Federalist Society.] It’s nothing but gifts for Doug Jones if Republicans can’t get their act together in Alabama. Alabama ..."
"Tuberville. Because, Alabama. The winner of that Republican run-off will take on Democratic Senator Doug Jones in November, which could be a very hard race to win oh wait a minute Trump tweeted this morning. This is what happens to someone who loyally ..."

Steve Kornacki Explains The Coalition That Put Biden Across The Top

PUBLICERAT: 2020-03-04, kl: 16:31
"... thought Biden had a chance to win Virginia, nobody thought it was going to be 30 points. "You go to the state of Alabama, look at this margin, 63 to 17. Joe Biden won this state by nearly 50 points. Bernie Sanders barely got past 15 ..."

Biden Celebrates Big Super Tuesday Victory: 'We Are Better Than This President'

PUBLICERAT: 2020-03-04, kl: 07:07
"Biden Celebrates Big Super Tuesday Victory: 'We Are Better Than This President' : Despite a really scary moment when two anti-dairy protesters made their way to the stage where he was speaking, Joe Biden gave a passionate and joyful speech Tuesday night after “winning” eight states. I put “winning” in quotes because delegates are awarded proportionately to any viable candidate (over 15% of the totals). As of this writing, Biden has won Massachusetts, Alabama, North Carolina, Arkansas, Virginia ..."

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