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PUBLICERAT: 2020-09-26, kl: 18:50
"READERS OF THE BLOG PRACTICING CFNM 103. A couple loving cfnm; JB and a friend of Eva Hi Marie We had one of Eva’s friends come to visit us this week. She wanted to see what the nudist beaches were like here so we took her along. She preferred to stay clothed and wanted me to be naked. She also bought me the white penis pants and wanted me to wear them around the house so she could see my penis the whole time. Eva loved this as she knows it made me feel humiliated. Thanks JB ..."

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PUBLICERAT: 2020-09-23, kl: 19:39
"READERS OF THE BLOG PRACTICING CFNM 102. A couple loving cfnm; JB and Eva Do you remenber the past pic this friend send me? He posed naked with her girlfriend (on the left) and 2 friends Now he sent me a new one with Eva only. This time not only hard, but also grabbed! Thanks a lot GB!!"

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PUBLICERAT: 2020-09-22, kl: 19:07
"Laying on the beach ... when exhibitionism meets voyeurism CFNM gets its best ! This gus loves to expose himself naked on the beach Laying where everyone walks along So that all the woman who pass by see his cock on display ..."

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PUBLICERAT: 2020-09-21, kl: 19:34
"THE DARK SIDE OF CFNM CFNM is common in several circumstances, public and private, for couples and for friends, on the beach or during festivals and events, in spa and lockerroom, in sex and in everyday life, for common people as well as for celebs ... In conclusion, is more and more a normal life custom ... Sometimes, CFNM is also something harder, a part of a new teasing experience, a tantalization, a sexual fetish ... So, the blog considers also "The hard side of CFNM". Enjoy Grab ..."

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PUBLICERAT: 2020-09-18, kl: 19:30
"READERS OF THE BLOG PRACTICING CFNM 101. Rodx: an experience as a model, one more ! Do you remenber the past pic this friend send me? Now he sent me a new one. Thanks a lot Rodx!! "Hi Marie, Posing for a hen party in Liverpool with 14 girls just before lockdown. Cheers Rodx" ..."

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PUBLICERAT: 2020-09-16, kl: 19:10
"Protesting against mask goes cfnm Any event is and opportunity for practicing cfnm, or something very close !!! All the women behing enjoy the view and take pics She's ready to thake pics of him He barely hides his privates and she says to her bubby: " you use the mask incorrectly, see how you have to wear it!" He barely hides his genitals, but he completely shows his bum ... and these guys are watching how they have to do it too ..."

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PUBLICERAT: 2020-09-14, kl: 18:59
"SUMMER IS STILL HERE NAD CFNM ON THE BEACH TOO! Who is the boyfriend of the girl? 1. the dressed guy? 2. hte naked guy?"

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PUBLICERAT: 2020-09-07, kl: 19:31
"... d p DAILY PORTRAIT One portrait a day of common people naked in their home, outdoor, in public. An art project of the photographer Martin Pavel getting ordinary people to undress for the camera. Everyone 18+ can join the project ... Portraiting real people and real life, cfnm too is more and more involve. A dressed woman in the window looking at the naked man posing Woman staring at naked guy while painted A man posing naked in front of women ..."

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PUBLICERAT: 2020-09-06, kl: 18:04
"READERS OF THE BLOG PRACTICING CFNM 100. David and girlfriend Jacqueline Hello Marie! First of all, my girlfriend and I congratulate you for your blog and your nice effort in expanding the cfnm trend over the world. My name is David and mine gf's is Jacqueline. She loves to have me totally nude in as many situations as possible. However, I always respect her privacy and her decision of keeping always her modesty. She doesn't feel comfortable being nude in front of strangers, and I accept it, so ..."

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