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PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-18, kl: 18:22
"READERS OF THE BLOG PRACTICING CFNM 88. Victor, an Ukrainian friend on the beach ... Dear Marie, these are the girls I met on the beach and they dreamed of taking pictures with a naked man. :) Thanks. I'm really happy to post these new photos from this friend on the beach. He already sent a great contribution, y ou can see here ..."

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PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-14, kl: 18:50
"Camping are more and more dual standard She's explaining that her hubby has to be naked in this camping ... Look at us, me and hubby, we are always in a cfnm mode in camping Ok, you are right, now my hubby too will undress As a matter of fact, all women are happy to be in a CFNM oriented camp And now, all together for the camp games ... ... and a dressed lady takes photos to be published to promote the cfnm camping ..."

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PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-12, kl: 19:33
"P O R U N M U N D O J U S T O (for a fair world) ... and a fair world is cfnm!! In naked manifestations often,almost always, males go naked, while female go dressed or at most topless ..."

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PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-10, kl: 18:02
"A wedding ceremony in the right dress code The groom standing naked in front of the female major marrying them, putting the ring on the finger of his white dressed bride ... the future husband must show himself naked to everyone during the ceremony the female mayor reminds him that he undertakes to practice cfnm in all circumstances the spouses toast in front of all the guests ... and then they taste the wedding cake ..."

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PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-09, kl: 18:56
"READERS OF THE BLOG PRACTICING CFNM 87. Jonathan, a fan of the blog posing at wnbr It was Hyde Park, London WNBR, 2018, this lady came up to me and asked if I would pose with her for a photo, I agreed...."

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PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-08, kl: 19:47
"G L I T T E R G U T S A trendy photographers team shooting a lot of cfnm ... CFNM is more and more fashionable and this skilled protographers follow the last trends ..."

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PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-05, kl: 19:46
"Paula kommt – Sex und Gute Nacktgeschichten Paula is coming - sex and good nude (male) stories Sex is everywhere. But very few speak about their experiences, longings and wishes. In the first female sex talk event on German television, Paula Lambert asks questions the answers of which only your partner or best friend knows: What do you like about men's bodies? Do you like threesome Have you ever filmed yourself having sex? Women talk while a man stands naked close to them ... Amazing CFNM TV ..."

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PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-01, kl: 18:23
"READERS OF THE BLOG PRACTICING CFNM 86. A French fan of the blog at home with a friend Another great contribution fron this French-Swiss reader of the blog. Here some more pics from Sascha, we already saw here Great photos indeed, I like them, and you? Please, send me more and more. Thank s a lot Sascha, kisses! Marie "Bonjour Marie, une petite contribution pour votre magnifique blogue ou comment accueillir sympathiquement une amie. Cordialement Sascha ..."

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PUBLICERAT: 2020-04-30, kl: 19:48
"WNBR, police women are more and more close to naked men Female police officers on duty during the wnbr pay particular attention to naked men. Cfnm unfortunately is not mandatory at wnbr, but police women seem to enjoy checking naked men more than women ... By the way, we already saw the pretty police woman on the right here ..."

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