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PUBLICERAT: 2021-01-22, kl: 19:05
"Desertful: An obsolete but intriguing English word that means 'deserving' or 'meritorious.' Keywords: desertful, desert, deserve, deserving, merit, meritorious, sand, dunes, worthy, arid, admirable, commend ..."

Comment on Mad Scientologist John Mappin At It Again by Skyler

PUBLICERAT: 2021-01-22, kl: 14:28
"In reply to Loosing my Religion . Hello LMR! In your post today, you used the word “predisposes”. I want to congratulate you. That is truly an example of advanced English usage. I am being absolutely honest with you. You are becoming more fluent in English than many of the native born English people I know. Very well done Sir! For anyone who may not know … LMR was born in a country where English is not commonly used and when he began posting on this board, his English appeared to be rather weak ..."

The Stargazed Magazine crew list their top albums 2020: Kristoffer Pettersson

PUBLICERAT: 2021-01-22, kl: 12:13
"... good. After the fantastic “Marans Ritt”, the album returns to english again and ends with a trio of marvellous songs. Genre vice this is somewhere between progressive rock , stoner and alternative metal / rock , kinda like if Haken, Tool and Radiohead ..."

With not guilty plea, Danny Masterson assigned a trial judge his prosecutor knows well

PUBLICERAT: 2021-01-21, kl: 13:00
"... in the Scientology ‘arbitration’ ruling? Danny Masterson can participate. ——————– Source Code “We have only 476 special terms, most of which mean what they mean in English. That’s right, that’s the whole vocabulary, 474 of these items. I wish elementary ..."

Are compliance, conformation, obedience, and minority influence types of social influence, or is it informational and normative influence? How do peer pressure, propaganda, and manipulation fit in?

PUBLICERAT: 2021-01-21, kl: 02:36
"... from specific detailed studies on human psychology that shows we tend to be very certain we understand our motives for behavior but are terrible at actually intuitively perceiving these motives. In plain English we think we know why we do things ..."

Idles - Grounds

PUBLICERAT: 2021-01-19, kl: 20:05
""Ultra Mono" is the third studio album by English band IDLES, released on 25 September 2020 by Partisan Records. Following on from their previous album "Joy As An Act Of Resistance", the album further explores themes established in the band's previous works such as the modern sociopolitical climate, class struggle, mental health and toxic masculinity, as well as the positive and negative aspects of the band's newfound fame. The record was supported by five singles, the first of which ..."

What Makes a Good Anagram Solver? Top 5 Characteristics

PUBLICERAT: 2021-01-19, kl: 15:46
"1. Multiple supporting dictionaries A good anagram solver should have a large and reliable database derived from multiple collegiate dictionaries. Reliable peer-reviewed dictionaries that are often included in word puzzle databases include the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary and Collins English Dictionary. 2. Unscramble words or phrases A good anagram solver can find all words and phrases out of the letters you enter including any synanagrams or antigrams. A SYNANAGRAM is a word whose letters can ..."

30 Best Photos Fortnite Guns From Target - Energy Pistols - Fortnite Wiki

PUBLICERAT: 2021-01-18, kl: 07:06
"... to deal a tremendous amount of damage, when unloading your bullets on a target! English العربية deutsch español (spain) español (la) français italiano 日本語 한국어 polski português (brasil) русский türkçe 中文(简体) 中文(繁體). They are available in common, uncommon ..."
". Skyscraper snowdown (gun game ffa). Fortnite neft guns for sale at amazon finally, a math problem fortnite gamers have been dreaming of! English العربية deutsch español (spain) español (la) français italiano 日本語 한국어 polski português (brasil) русский türkçe ..."

Oats or milk – it is not the question

PUBLICERAT: 2021-01-17, kl: 15:57
"Two years ago I made a study on the the health and environmental effects of dairy products and plant-based alternatives, mainly oats and soy, to dairy under Swedish conditions. The report got quite a lot of attention. Now I made a shorter English version focussing only the environmental effect. It is downloadable here . The key conlusion of the report is: The food system is dynamic and one cannot deduct the full environmental impact of choices of consumption from the results of lifecycle ..."

Språk är likvärdiga

PUBLICERAT: 2021-01-16, kl: 15:28
"... och språkrevisorernas kompetens är självklart. Ett bindande FN-avtal innehåller därför alltid en avslutande ”artikel” som klargör detta med text som t ex ”The original of the present Protocol, of which the English, French and Russian texts are equally ..."

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