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ViddyGenie Review

PUBLICERAT: 2018-05-30, kl: 04:51
"ViddyGenie Review ViddyGenie is a revolutionary video creation software that will enable you to not only create videos, but to rank them on both Google and YouTube. With this cloud-based software, you can easily create short videos for just about any niche. You can create quick product review videos, intro/outro type videos, short videos for your Facebook cover, short videos to upload to your Facebook timeline or fan page, and even promotional type videos for any of your video marketing ..."

Pick a winner from instagram comments bodybuilding promotion code 2018

PUBLICERAT: 2018-05-28, kl: 18:37
"... go about ensuring that facebook timeline bank aanbieding contest you post actually gets engagement? Use now our off label promotion definition random winner generator for comments of a instagram giveaway or contest arbitration. 4) you can now even ..."
"Tomorrow is our 50% in store sale! how you choose the winner — likes or comments. while it’s goedkope buitenlamp met bewegingssensor easier to run and administer these contests now, facebook admins still need to legally pick a winner. youtube random ..."

It’s only April, but we already have a leading contender for Scientology mother of the year!

PUBLICERAT: 2018-04-23, kl: 13:00
"— and we don’t want to distract that by having people try to hunt down or pester this woman. She’s already in a prison of belief as it is… And while we were looking through this woman’s public Facebook timeline, we found this entry from last year. Sure ..."
"... into a brutal work force with no hopes of schooling, let alone college. Who values Scientology’s “expansion” over the futures of their children? Well, we had all of those things in mind when a tipster forwarded to us the following Facebook post put up ..."

~ Standing Rock ~

PUBLICERAT: 2018-02-06, kl: 12:13
", så blir nog många förklaringar uteslutna... men, men, jag fick inspiration att sätta ord på något jag upplevde här idag när jag surfade på internet. Det började med en artikel, delad på facebook, bl. a om Rudolph Steiners filosofi: http://www.wakingtimes.com/2018/01/24/rudolf-steiner-explains-hostile-spiritual-beings-feed-off-fear-anxiety/ Jag tyckte den var mycket bra och ville dela den, men den här gången drog jag mig så mycket att jag tog bort den från min timeline. Varför?? Ja, usch ..."

Mysiga Tillfälligheter

PUBLICERAT: 2018-01-24, kl: 17:43
"Detta är en screenshot från min timelinefacebook (för att fånga ögonblicket- kolla tiden då det är postat, och jämför med Graham Hancocks post nedan)). Jag har lyssnat en hel del på William Henry, men inte på ett tag. Men den här bloggen ville ..."
"... går det! Lol, lika fort som timelinen på facebook ;D ...om man inte tar en screenshot kan den idèprovocerande posten/artikeln försvinna (mycket är ju postat "randomly" av datoriserad automatik och försvinner när man scrollat förbi!). Och dom ..."

Opinions & Debate • Indications of Public Perception of Scientology

PUBLICERAT: 2018-01-20, kl: 16:39
"... of my Facebook friends posted on their timeline. As things like this show up, I'll post them here. Of course, whoever made this doesn't really know much about Scientology. If they did they would know that those people actively involved in Scientology ..."
"The plural on the title will apply to this thread when a few more examples are shown. Right now that's a generalization and I'll own that. Alright, that's out of the way. On Facebook I do not openly discuss Scientology. I have told three or four ..."

The new Freedom magazine is here, and Scientology has never looked better!

PUBLICERAT: 2018-01-17, kl: 13:00
"... at this meaningless pap, like something out of a school paper written by a student trying to fill a page by saying nothing… History takes its time in recording the events of significance that unfold along the timeline of generations. By design ..."
"... on January 17, 2018 at 07:00 E-mail tips and story ideas to tonyo94 AT gmail DOT com or follow us on Twitter . We post behind-the-scenes updates at our Facebook author page . After every new story we send out an alert to our e-mail list and our FB page ..."

Vad är Tidslinjegranskaren

PUBLICERAT: 2018-01-05, kl: 12:31
"Tidslinjegranskaren – en funktion som visar händelser som du har dolt på din tidslinje på Facebook. Klicka här föra tt läsa mer om tidslinjegranskaren på Facebook. Hur använder jag tidslinjegranskaren? Du loggar in på ditt konto på Facebook och går in på aktivitestloggen, klicka på “Hidden from timeline”. Nu ser du dina dolda poster och … Fortsätt läsa Vad är Tidslinjegranskaren The post Vad är Tidslinjegranskaren appeared first on Karl XII Svenska kungar och deras historia ."

New in social 22nd Dec: Facebook vs YouTube

PUBLICERAT: 2017-12-22, kl: 09:00
"Facebook Watch to overtake YouTube Facebook introduced Watch on August 9 and deemed it “a new platform for shows on Facebook.” While video has been a focus of Facebook’s for the last several years, Watch is the company’s first effort to brand video as a standalone property. 2018 is set to be a big year for Watch. Facebook Watch will eventually overtake YouTube via a three-pronged approach that will drive advertisers, viewers, and content creators toward the platform and away from YouTube. Read ..."

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