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A Scientology enforcer dies, and one of his former victims is the only one to eulogize him

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-24, kl: 13:00
"... of the National Labour Inspectorate and the relentless defender of Scientology. Ashes. Ashes in the wind. — Péter Bonyai ——————– Hair and make-up is a crime now, apparently Scientology, doing what Scientology does… ——————– Underground Bunker TV ..."
"... influential leader on the official Church website; even though he made sure that they can operate in Hungary at all. As if he never existed. What is his legacy? What is left after him? If you look him up in Google, you will find a few statements and news ..."

Shitty, Shitty Monday

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-24, kl: 11:56
"... were, I now see that it just gave me a bit of a breather and freed me up to drink with abandon. Well, I always drank with abandon but it’s easier to do so when you’re not under massive pressure. It’s amazing what you can make yourself believe when you ..."
"Shitty, shitty, SHITTY Monday! Yep – it’s a thoroughly bad one and I’m utterly hating it. The positive side of me is trying to get my attention by pointing out that shitty Mondays are really rare, but I’m too caught up in this shit storm to take any ..."

Interview With Hilary Evans. Part 2

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-24, kl: 11:00
"... had asked these people about the strange things that had happened and they said nonsense, absolut rubbish. If you read the book by Pugh and Holiday, The Dyfed Enigma , you will find out that all the cows were taken up in the air and put down here ..."
"... had seen something i broad daylight. I thought a farmer´swife is a very practical, that´s good, so I phoned her up and said can I come and talk to you. She hesitated a bit and then she said yes, I haven´t thought about it for two years and it would ..."

#7 – What´s new in beauty?

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-24, kl: 07:00
"Active All Day Wear Make-up* är IsaDoras senaste foundationlansering som precis landat i butik. Tanken bakom produkten är att matcha konsumentens ökade behov av högpresterande produkter vid en aktiv livsstil. Make-upen ska gärna sitta från morgon ..."
". Med det sagt så är det läge att slå till nu om ni har gått och funderat på den eller om ni redan har den och behöver en back-up. Hos Kicks* finns den fortfarande i lager. Lumene har lanserat en ny hudvårdsserie – NORDIC AGELESS [AJATON] . Serien riktar ..."

PLR Offer: “Busting Your Money Blocks” Planner

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-24, kl: 06:33
"Do you know the mental money blocks that are preventing you from getting rich? Most probably not. The truth is these blocks reside in your subconscious for longer than you would dare to admit, but we can be hesitant to “man up” and confront them. Some of the crap we carry about money is honestly ridiculous. “Wealthy people are greedy.” I call B.S. Some of the most generous, kind people I know are wealthy. Having more money and power makes it easier to make a difference and an impact ..."

How to setup configure AirPrint on HP printer

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-24, kl: 05:03
". Some of the few models of HP Printer is AirPrint enabled and if you are having difficulty in configuring it then you are free to reach out to HP Printer customer care number that stays active at all-time. How to set up, configure AirPrint on HP Printer So as to set up AirPrint on HP printer, you need to go through the guideline which is given below: Check the Compatibility Make sure your HP Printer is compatible with AirPrint Verify to see that your Mac device or iOS device can use AirPrint ..."

2018 RISE International Photographer of the Year

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-23, kl: 23:10
"... of the Awards. I was one of those who were watching the live judging from the first, to the last image. I stayed up all night (it started at 01.00 am here in Sweden) and I am so glad I decided to watch. So many incredible images created by amazing ..."
"International Photography Awards. This competition will certainly make a lot of photographers grow. You are amazing! And to the whole team behind this competition, great job!"

Through My Phone W.38

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-23, kl: 16:07
"... för nu. To long to go to bed to get to lie down next to Ellie and long to wake up to wake up with her. Erik too, of course, but you get it, haha. Feeling a bit hard to start laying her in her own bed which it’s time for now. Besökte SAND’s showroom och fick ..."
"... igen men ha i dem någon minut längre! Made the best brownies! Will try to make them again tonight but change the time in the oven a bit. To be continued! Förmodligen den sista bilden på Ellie när hon står i denna position stilla. Har hänt ..."

The birth of Othilia Svea Margit Englund

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-23, kl: 13:49
"... en eventuell start på förlossningen. Picture taken September 3rd (39+5) September 4th, Tuesday I woke up at 6.30 am by a contraction and I was glad I got to sleep all night. Next contraction did not come until 07.40 and I managed to to close my eyes ..."
"... oxytocin to make my contractions come closer again, as it felt like the contraction work was about to stop. Thankfully, I received a low dose of oxytocin. I was glad about that, because we found out during the night that I was sensitive to oxytocin ..."


PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-23, kl: 12:55
"... så jag ska packa för det också! // After resting and fighting against my cold both Friday and Saturday (the yoga I do is healing yoga with focus on breathing and stretching, so it’s not a workout) I felt that I wanted to make myself pretty and go out for dinner. So that’s what I did! Aleks and I met up with Ines and Daniel for a drink before dinner and then we had lots of delicious food at Kasai. I’ve said it before but DAMN it’s delicious there! The food is really good. And the evening was really ..."

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