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Bianca Ingrosso, festa med oss i Båstad…

PUBLICERAT: 2020-07-09, kl: 17:18
"... poster, för Bianca Ingrosso AB landade på 27,6 miljoner kronor. Ingrosso har uppgett att en enda sponsrad bild på Instagram kan inbringa 200.000 kronor. Verksamheten handlar om ”reklaminlägg och diverse uppdrag inom mode och make-up på olika sociala ..."

Odds on Who Will Win the National League In 2020

PUBLICERAT: 2020-07-09, kl: 13:59
". But they have also been the most dominant team in baseball lately which would make them the easy answer. Sure enough, they are expected to be that team once again this season. However, as we found out last season, expectations do not always match up ..."
"... ready to step in. Should they need a little time to get their feet wet, the Dodgers offense, which was brutal before adding Mookie Betts, can pick up the slack. It would be easier to bet on them if David Price was playing, but they should be fine ..."

Sheffield United vs Chelsea – 07/11/20 – Premier League Odds, Preview & Prediction

PUBLICERAT: 2020-07-09, kl: 13:55
"A huge Premier League game is on the schedule for Saturday, July 11, 2020, when Sheffield United hosts Chelsea. The Blades are looking to make the Europa League, while Chelsea want to strengthen their grip on the Champions League spot. This game ..."
"... to a 9-3-5 record and 30 points. Chelsea found themselves in another high scoring affair when they went on the road and beat Crystal Palace 3-2. The Blues were up 2-0 in the 27 th minute, thanks to goals from Olivier Giroud and Christian Pulisic ..."

Internal LAPD emails show the department’s cozy relationship with Scientology

PUBLICERAT: 2020-07-09, kl: 13:00
"... we are doing all we can to make it very special. We added up the total, and it’s hard to believe, but this show has raised more than $400,000 for the LAPD Hollywood Division youth development programs since 1993! Obviously we are very proud ..."
"... or Legal lines. Bottom line of my request is guidance on how to best set up a line with an Officer at your station that I can make these reports with. Simply to document the fact that they occurred — so I can have it reported to the police, and can come ..."

Video Site Maker review

PUBLICERAT: 2020-07-09, kl: 09:30
"Video Site Maker Review! What is Video Site Maker and realize you even need it? let me say you one thing to make child support online, you dependence some kind of content forgive or paid it doesnt matter! Articles, blog posts, videos, posts etc ..."
"/ Phone number capture, uncovered belong to , Facebook Messenger button. Custom RSS Feed Integration Video SEO Settings, Editor for build up content under video etc Schedule automatic sharing of generated video posts upon Blogger and Twitter. https ..."

Barcelona ready to make Real pay for potential slipups

PUBLICERAT: 2020-07-09, kl: 07:46
"... well organised. “I think they make it difficult for Nelson Semedo and Jordi Alba to push up on the flanks. But eventually the chance came and I’m delighted to be able to take it. “I didn’t see Ansu Fati’s [red card] because there was a player in the way ..."
"Luis Suarez has said that Barcelona are ready to pounce on any slip up from Real Madrid. “What we have to do is win our next three games,” Suarez, who moved third on Barca’s list of all-time scorers, said afterwards. “Whatever Madrid do is up ..."

San Francisco Lawmaker Introduces CAREN Act To Crack Down On Racially-motivated 911 Calls

PUBLICERAT: 2020-07-08, kl: 20:18
"San Francisco Lawmaker Introduces CAREN Act To Crack Down On Racially-motivated 911 Calls : An ordinance whose time has come. Source: USA Today A San Francisco lawmaker introduced an ordinance that would make it illegal to make a fraudulent ..."
"-Emergencies, or CAREN Act, Tuesday, which will “make it illegal for people to contact law enforcement solely to discriminate on the basis of a person’s race, ethnicity, religious affiliation, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity.” The ordinance ..."

“Found” in Translation: An Interview with Hirokazu Kore-eda on The Truth

PUBLICERAT: 2020-07-08, kl: 19:21
"Sebastian International Film Festival, where Film International caught up with him. For this interview, Kore-eda was accompanied by an interpreter. After hearing each question from the interpreter, Kore-eda would lean his head back, close his eyes, think ..."
"... with her. We met again in an event in Kyoto, and she asked me why we don’t make a film together. Was there any noticeable difference between directing Japanese actors and French and American actors? I think when you have very good actors ..."

Trump 2020 Spokesman: 'You're Better Off Now Than When You Were' Three Years Ago

PUBLICERAT: 2020-07-08, kl: 19:18
", Trump 2020’s new national spokesperson went on Fox and Friends to make the most ridiculous statements ever uttered by a campaign official, ever. “It should be an incredible event,” Gidley said. Gidley said the so-called president was going to New ..."
"... is still in its first phase, but hey, bygones . Hogan said, “How he’s made people’s lives better.” Wow. Alternative facts: Up is down, red is blue, the sun is the moon, nobody has died from the coronavirus and Trump is the greatest president in history ..."

A New Platform Looks to Revolutionize – and Democratize – How Stories Come to Screens

PUBLICERAT: 2020-07-08, kl: 18:56
"... could have just called up the talent directly, but they didn’t. A tradition arose through which the talent said “talk to my agent” so that the agent could negotiate a better deal, and that was said so many times that producers largely stopped trying ..."
", alone. They became power players and have been such ever since. So what’s the problem, one might ask? The answer will be clear to screenwriters, from aspiring all the way up to not-quite-A-list. Agents work slowly. They are extremely selective. Getting ..."

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