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Marty Rathbun Makes New Friends

PUBLICERAT: 2020-08-07, kl: 18:57
"... is not lashing out, not bigotry, not hate. Defendin g those who engage in such unpardonable actions, attacking those who speak out against them; these are indeed examples of lashing out and hate. While Rathbun et al must twist truth in order to make ..."
"Remini and promptly attempted to ram her automobile into a building coming up a few feet short of a children’s nursery.” Did she really? Erin McMurtry was the woman’s name. Earlier in the evening before the crash, Erin’s family had expressed ..."

Few Wounds Examined: Ramona S. Diaz’s A Thousand Cuts

PUBLICERAT: 2020-08-07, kl: 16:50
"... sister discussing the possibility of the former being arrested (yet again) as they pack suitcases and put on make-up doesn’t offer any real insight beyond a superficial “She’s only human, too” kind of way. Brief scenes of her talking to George ..."
"... picked up by roughly three million Twitter users which originated from a network of 26 fake accounts. This explication of what she calls “Our information ecosystem” packs an undeniable punch. “The director ultimately foregoes critical depth in favor ..."

A Visual Stylist’s Potboiler: Brian De Palma and Susan Lehman’s Are Snakes Necessary?

PUBLICERAT: 2020-08-07, kl: 16:25
"-It, the press photographer somehow caught up in the mix and a few other sundry characters. De Palma has a co-writer on this novel; Susan Lehman, a former editor of the New York Times and an attorney by training. It has always been a source of interest to me ..."
"... some real-life events, such as the Ferguson riots, with some fictionalizing. De Palma also sends himself up. The photographer, who is sent to Paris to cover the filming of a remake of Hitchcock’s Vertigo , muses “what a great idea, remake one ..."

Clearwater Police release reports from closed Scientology child sex abuse investigation

PUBLICERAT: 2020-08-07, kl: 14:00
", Jane Doe arrived at the Clearwater police station, supported by her friend and Aftermath Foundation vice president Aaron Smith-Levin… Advertisement She told the police the same allegations she would also make in a civil lawsuit, which we have reported ..."
", submitted affidavit after affidavit from people saying that Jane Doe was mistaken or lying. For example, soon after the investigation began, Jane Doe claimed that two Scientology officials, Sarah Heller and Pat Harney, had suddenly showed up where ..."

Boston Celtics vs. Toronto Raptors – Pick, Odds & Prediction – 8/7/20

PUBLICERAT: 2020-08-07, kl: 13:39
"... to win this game. The Spot Boston is coming off a comfortable 149-115 victory over the Brooklyn Nets this past Wednesday. The Celtics are 2-2 straight up and 1-2-1 ATS in the bubble. Toronto is 4-0 SU and ATS since the restart, coming off a 109-99 win ..."
", they will have a much taller task against the reigning champions. Interestingly, the Raptors’ opponents take the most 3-pointers, but they make only 33.4% of those triples, making the Raptors’ 3-point D the best in the league. Toronto allows 104.8 points ..."

Comment on Religious Protections Run Amok by Skyler

PUBLICERAT: 2020-08-07, kl: 06:41
"In reply to BFM . I must say that I admire your spirit and I hope you will find a way to make your desires come true because I seem to share your desires. Unfortunately, I feel there is a serious flaw in your concept and I want to inform you about it so that you do not try it and wind up in serious trouble. If anyone should create a so-called religion that is like the scam but more scam-like than they scam, I would think there is a real good chance they could wind up in prison. Why? Because how ..."

Comment on Scientology Recruitment by Cayden

PUBLICERAT: 2020-08-07, kl: 06:26
"Make Scientology your career because it’s a beautiful city? WTF?!?! That’s MEST! That’s nothing to do with spirituality. Actually Hubbard said Sydney was one of three very dilettante cities on Earth. Sydney was in fact a trap with all it’s beauty. I had a Sea Org officer explain to me how the “beauty” of Earth was set up as a trap to attract thetans and keep them focused on MEST. Make up your mind scios. As usual, mixed messages, contradictions and nonsense. They are desperate ..."

Popularity of Online Slots among Young Adults Explained

PUBLICERAT: 2020-08-07, kl: 06:22
"... demographic. Quality Graphics Nobody appreciates good quality graphics like a young adult. Young adults have grown up with great quality video game graphics. Anything less is not worth their time. Luckily, slot developers have not come to play. The graphic ..."
"... thing that makes slots appeal to young adults, but rather a combination of factors. All of these factors make slots entertaining and engaging enough to grab the attention of the younger demographic.Young adults do not have the biggest of budgets ..."

Live Fuck Cams | Caliope-Kiss | Free Sex Live Cam

PUBLICERAT: 2020-08-07, kl: 00:36
"... who'd seldom been home when I was rising up. Dad had committed his life to attaining wealth through his career. Alexandros, frequently resolved as Alex, was a big, formerly well built person of Greek heritage. Through the years, Dad had morphed ..."
"... pursuing my friends away. I apologised to her for disrespecting her by letting my friends to act that way. My mom stepped sideways of my sleep and said she wanted a hug. I lay up at the medial side of the sleep and before I possibly could remain true ..."

Fox Follows Trump In Desperate Attack On Biden: 'Mentally Impaired'

PUBLICERAT: 2020-08-06, kl: 19:18
"... issue – and accuse his opponent Joe Biden of the same thing. The Daily Show did a brilliant parody of their projection this week with a mash-up of just a few of those gaffes: [embed eid=“41634” /] On this morning’s Fox & Friends , cohost Brian Kilmeade actually has the gall to say this about Joe Biden during yet another segment where they were attacking his mental acuity: This Is no time for someone that can’t find a vowel in a sentence, let alone make a coherent statement on policy ..."

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