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Comment on Tampa “Ideal” Org and Ron’s Fiction by Skyler

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-07, kl: 18:04
"What would tubby do? He would find a way to exploit the situation and dupe people into giving him some money. That is what he would do. What would the Rat do? He would find a way to give someone a good beating resulting in them coughing up some money in the form of some kind of “donation” in order to make the beating stop. That is the difference between those two insects."

On the Tribeca That Should Have Been

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-07, kl: 17:58
"... now, which is so amazing, is authenticity in storytelling because the story is coming from the worlds of these writer/directors who can bring these stories to fruition. This was not the case when you needed money and equipment to make films ..."
"... and indigenous cultures. That’s where I saw Tā Moko and Liliu. Ben found The Black Veil . We feel our jobs are not to educate people, but to come up with a program of diverse stories and that should include work from regions that audiences don’t necessarily ..."

9 vanor som är dåliga för din hy (du är garanterat skyldig till flera av dem!)

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-07, kl: 15:28
"överallt! Tvätta bort smuts med en ansiktsrengöring Ett lugnande rengöringsvatten som skonsamt och effektivt avlägsnar make-up och smuts från Bioderma . Läs mer och köp här . En rengöringsgel som avlägsnar make-up, rengör huden på djupet och motverkar ..."

Mike's Blog Round Up

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-07, kl: 12:51
"Mike's Blog Round Up : How is everyone coping with sheltering-in-place, Crooks and Liars? The Winnetka Bowling league just dropped a new song and video that they made with all band members working remotely. I also saw this morning that something called Zoom Bachelorette is now a thing. It’s a brave new world. Infidel753 tells us we have a choice to make. The Rude Pundit recaps Prznint Stupid’s interview with ABC News. What Would Jack Do tells us about the raging stupids. Empire of the Senseless ..."

✔ The Best Wet Cat Food | Canned cat food of 2020

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-07, kl: 07:50
"... water flowing through their kidneys, bladder and urinary system, which causes the concentration of minerals. Unfortunately, after some days, these concentrations will gather up into stones, leading to inflammation or obstruction. Wet food appears ..."
"Up Best Reviews Purina Friskies Canned Wet Cat Food Purina Fancy Feast Grilled Feast in Gravy Canned Wet Cat Food Sheba Perfect Portions Cuts in Gravy Wet Cat Food 4.5/5 4.5/5 4.5/5 Check Price Check Price Check Price ❶ Purina Friskies Canned Wet Cat ..."

Svensson: Lessons of War (short story)

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-07, kl: 05:46
"... the look and feel of the situation. I render this wisdom as, “reality, not the map, shall guide you”. This can make you think of the basic sobriety needed for a soldier. I mean, he does of course need visions and “get up and go,” an ability ..."
"... wisdom. Going up the slope the turbines of the APC were pressed to the extreme. It was a shaky ride, we tumbled around each other in the dark compartment, but soon we came out on smoother land and we gathered ourselves reasonably. The advance to storming ..."

Told It Slant – The Nosferatu Story by Rolf Giesen

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-06, kl: 22:53
"... of this nature characterize the book. Illogical sentences appear which makes one wonder whether McFarland has given up the necessary art of sub-editing one thought obligatory for any serious publisher wishing to avoid the label of “Vanity Press”. Following the description of a meeting between producer Albin Grau and Max Schreck, where the latter insists he do his own make-up, we have the following grammatical, intellectual, and stylistic atrocity that is just one of many characterizing the book ..."

Best Amazon Mattress

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-06, kl: 22:30
"Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page . Looking for the best Amazon mattress? You have plenty to choose from. What ..."
"... about mattress shopping is that there are more brands coming online and the competition is heating up. To get your dollar, these brands are in a price war with each other and that means you win! It is easy to get overwhelmed with mattress research online ..."

Photos: Stockholm, Sweden during voluntary lockdown

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-06, kl: 14:07
"... are in the offices at the same time, and scheduling is used to prevent too many employees actually showing up at the same time. I talked to in total four people during my short visit. Quite a few office workplaces in Sweden now looks like ..."
"... as hard as some other countries. Earlier today one of the major banks SEB estimated that around 15% of the Swedish economy had shut down during april, compared to an estimate of 30-35% of France or Italy's economies. But make no mistake. Sweden ..."

Scientology has thrown millions at Ireland in recent years, and here’s the amazing result

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-06, kl: 13:00
"... to keep its locked down members busy. Scientology leader David Miscavige has thrown huge amounts of money at Ireland, trying to make Scientology happen in a place where it has hardly a pulse at all. At the last census, only 87 people in Ireland identified as Scientologists, and as Rod Keller pointed out on Sunday, despite years of effort and huge expense, only some 76 members appear to have signed up for online classes. But here’s the org’s latest attempt to keep those people with their eyes on L ..."

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