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Six months out, mail-in ballots for this election are the line in the sand for Trump

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-14, kl: 19:18
"... for Trump. Only yesterday Jared Kushner (as if his pre-clearance was necessary) was leaving up in the air whether there would even be an election in November given the uncertainty brought on by the pandemic. Wouldn’t a mail-in ballot regulation across all ..."
"... tried to make a distinction between mail-in ballots (susceptible to fraud) and absentee ballots (perfectly fine) but in practice they’re the same exact thing. There’s a difference between mail-in ballots, as that term is understood to mean everyone ..."

Republicans Are Manipulating A Routine U.S. Intelligence Activity In Order To Attack Biden

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-14, kl: 16:53
"Republicans Are Manipulating A Routine U.S. Intelligence Activity In Order To Attack Biden : Remember back in the Before Times when many people were very concerned about the fact that Russia helped get Donald Trump elected in 2016, and we also found out that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell helped make that happen by covering it up in the summer and fall of 2016, before we all voted? We’re revisiting all that now as Trump and Republican senators try to gin up something called “Obamagate ..."

Doodlewash: Creating an Online Watercolor Community

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-14, kl: 16:00
"... keep me sketching and painting. The cool part was that people showed up and began to leave encouraging comments. That truly meant the world to me and kept me going. Within the first three weeks, I decided to start sharing watercolors and drawings from guest artists on the site. I wanted to inspire others, but it really was a great way to inspire myself as well. Why did you choose to use WordPress.com? I knew from the start of Doodlewash that I wanted to add community features one day and make ..."

False flag operations and fake personas

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-14, kl: 13:58
"This came up when I was reading the "reject buttons" thread of Panda Termint. Panda Termint said: The "Reject Buttons List" was (as far as I remember) a list of things to say (and assert annoyingly) whilst "pretending to be a critic of scientology". They were hyperbolic words such as "biggest, baddest, meanest, worstest (lol)" etc words that painted the speaker/writer as hysterical and prone to exaggeration, the purpose of using them was to make the... Click to expand... False flag operations ..."

Sen. Chuck Schumer Rips Trump For Muzzling The CDC On Guidelines For Reopening

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-14, kl: 13:53
") plan to deal with the novel coronavirus pandemic. “Last week, Americans learned that the Trump White House had blocked release by the Centers for Disease Control of a document that contained guidance for safely reopening up the country,” Schumer ..."
"... than the first.” “The country needs guidance of the nation’s best medical and scientific experts,” he continued. “But the White house has blocked the release of the CDC guidance reportedly so the president and his political appointees can make ..."

Dutch shepherd – Excellent guarding dogs

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-14, kl: 13:10
"... a veterinarian for advice is a wise choice because dogs at each stage need different nutrients to grow up. Also, fish oil is very helpful to keep their coat shiny and their skin healthy. Therefore, you can add some fish oil supplements to their meals ..."
", regular veterinarian checkups, and especially, your endless love, these herding dogs can enjoy their life up to 15 years. Training Do you still worry about the training process? It is always the most difficult step because if left untrained ..."

A look inside a Scientology org as it prepares to reopen for the public

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-14, kl: 13:00
"... the coronavirus a hoax — publicly they are celebrating the “sanitation” PR effort to make it look like Scientology is actually part of the pandemic solution. But some media, at least, isn’t fooled, which Tracey McManus at the Tampa Bay Times proved with her ..."
"– friends, followers, students, parishioners, visitors, performers, guests … i.e. our extended family @home! We hope that you are all staying well, staying healthy, busy and in good spirits. We thought we would let you know what we have been up to over ..."

Importance of Data Aggregation in Healthcare Industry

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-14, kl: 07:07
", doctors can make more accurate and intelligent decisions about their future treatment. Now, what would happen if the doctors can access the same data on a larger scale, which means get hands on the data of hundreds or even thousands of similar cases ..."
"... importance to boost the overall healthcare system of a nation and needs proper utilization to create a positive impact in the medical sector. To make sure that your data shine, it’s important to use the same with efficiency. How to use the data efficiently ..."

Eight Sleep Pod Pro Review – The Most Advanced Mattress Available

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-13, kl: 21:12
"Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page . Eight Sleep is one of the most innovative mattress companies I have come ..."
"... about this is that it is a passive way to collect all the data, you simply go to be and the mattress will do all the work! GentleRise™ Wake Up Technology This is the first alarm of its kind, it uses gentle vibration at chest level to wake up each ..."

Comment on Taryn Teutsch & Justice4Mom: Theatre of the Absurd by Skyler

PUBLICERAT: 2020-05-13, kl: 17:53
"... the obvious), spends on lawyers and court fees just keeps on mounting and even if I will win the greatest amount of money I can hope for, my costs and expenses will have eaten up a huge portion of the win. In summary, I regret ever filing this lawsuit. If I had it to do over, I would never do it again. From my perspective, the only time it would make sense for someone to file a lawsuit to seek damages is if the amount of damages is huge (perhaps at least a million dollars) and the person filing ..."

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