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Comment on With Deepest Gratitude by Shelley Ashurst

PUBLICERAT: 2021-06-10, kl: 21:13
"... there and it just goes without saying that we would help those similarly finding their feet as we’ve all had to do along the way. My story will be told – watch this space! I can’t say much more at this point Lots of love, Shelley ..."
"In reply to Skyler23 . Dear Skyler, Thank so much for these insightful & kind words. Yes, my family spent 4 generations in that cult and I can tell of decades of abuse, the likes of which one would think belong only in the pages of “true crime ..."

How Not To Make Mom Friends

PUBLICERAT: 2021-06-05, kl: 21:30
"... to be a good sport, I regrettably offered to share my birth story. Maybe THIS is how you make mom friends? Just put yourself out there . To overcome my nerves, I spoke in a really loud voice without realizing it. You know that weird and awkward girl you’re not quite sure about, so you keep your distance from at first. I’m pretty sure that was me. A couple moms asked questions and tried to be responsive, but overall it felt like my story landed in a soppy mud pit, was slowly swallowed up and quickly ..."

Comment on Hubbard Doing Hubbard by Brian J Sheen

PUBLICERAT: 2021-05-03, kl: 17:55
"... jurisdictions. Because of this I am in the process of sharing an in depth press release to stir this up as I promote my new book, Relentless, Rescuing My Daughter from Scientology. I am hoping that reaching into the news and social media there with my story, will help stoke the fires of anti-scientology sentiment that has been building there. Any little I can do, I feel I must for unless COS has the light shined on their evil ways, there is no hope to reach my daughter and awaken her from her hypnotic ..."

Comment on Defending the Indefensible: Scientology TV by Skyler23

PUBLICERAT: 2021-04-29, kl: 19:01
"Oh My! The story in today’s THR shows a picture of the TWERP standing in some empty building. Well, where else would he be standing? He sure is looking old. Frankly, I’m surprised that he hasn’t died yet. Is anybody certain that he is still alive? I would have thought he would have died by now. I would have expected the laws of Karma would have recognized this pandemic as the perfect opportunity to jump on it and extinguish the creep. Oh well, all I can do is hope, I suppose."

Taryn’s Weekly Rant

PUBLICERAT: 2021-04-16, kl: 02:56
"... with blood streaming off her arm and dripping on the floor, gouged flesh and a lot of damage was done to her body by him. That’s where my story starts on justice4mom.” Note that there is a new addition to the story; “ a lot of damage was done to her body ..."
"... and what he did and twists his story and tells lies about it and tells lies about the victim, my mom, and me and our family.” Classic Scientology misdirection at play. Rinder hasn’t done anything of the sort. He’s got a Sheriff’s report and an audio ..."

Former Scientology OT gets indicted on $4 million securities fraud

PUBLICERAT: 2021-04-05, kl: 13:00
"... with Scientology. Advertisement “Furthermore, I am not being indicted on securities fraud. My bail was dropped to $100,000 and I am actually innocent. Soon this will be resolved so, if you want to write a story about me or my experiences and how and why this happened to me, wait another few weeks and maybe there will be a scoop. I wouldn’t be the first person ever falsely arrested. My story is actually very interesting,” he wrote. A check of the court docket confirms that Lotter is free on a $100,000 ..."

Izzy Chait, renowned art dealer and major Scientology figure, dead at 74

PUBLICERAT: 2021-04-01, kl: 19:30
"... into it at such a young age. “One of the most hard hitting things he said to me was about my appearance on Leah’s show. He said that it was a good thing and he was glad to see me telling my story. Overall, he was proud to see how happy I was now ..."
"... this morning. “I was able to spend the last three weeks with my dad in the hospital and we talked a lot,” Joey tells us. “We both had a lot to say and I’m very blessed to have had that time with him, despite Scientology’s disconnection policy. The only ..."

my story

PUBLICERAT: 2021-03-19, kl: 23:21
"... well I guess this is my own story didn’t matter what I did, caught in a purgatory got my diagnose when I was seventeen before that I always felt caught in-between sometimes carried a knife in my coat In case I felt to slit my own throat couldn ..."
"... up and lost control alone with a damaged soul here let me paint you a scene nightmares turned out of a dream In the end all my friends stopped calling on the edge but already felt like i was falling alive or dead, no one ever cared I was a coward ..."

Have you ever been inlove with your doctor

PUBLICERAT: 2021-03-19, kl: 10:46
"... it … The people it’s about honestly .. I had described it so well in the form of text .. And that they asked exactly what my hobby was .. I as a person instinctively answered for it .. That I think all three of them knew about it .. But without name and date … Because it belongs to my story .. As so many would like to call a statement .. Yes, but not a lie .. And for some, it stuck a hole right in the corner of their eye … When I ended up in the spotlight .. I’m a person who speaks for me ..."

Q patriots reveal where we’re going after the libs are executed: a 1950s Utopia

PUBLICERAT: 2021-03-08, kl: 15:18
"... with his party. My story: https://t.co/s5tNstF3w6 — Luke O'Brien (@lukeobrien) March 7, 2021 Looking for some background on the QAnon movement? We recommend Travis View’s excellent recent article at New York magazine as a place to start ..."

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