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Derek Bloch reflects on what having Scientology parents can mean for kids in the church

PUBLICERAT: 2018-07-12, kl: 13:00
"... friends were all non-Scientologists. This just confirmed it. All of that led up to me posting my original story online. I was expelled from Scientology and my home. My parents came to a friend’s house to tell me they knew I had posted something ..."
"story and it had been passed around to all them. I was there to answer their questions about me. I had no interest in bad-mouthing my parents or siblings. My sister had a meal with a cousin of ours. She asked my cousin if they thought ..."

En ny My(s) historia - Åsa Bonelli

PUBLICERAT: 2018-07-09, kl: 18:58
". En riktigt mysig historia helt enkelt och den andra boken i serien om My. Jag har även läst den första som heter My som i @my_story. Betyg: ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ Andra böcker jag läst av Åsa Bonelli: My som i @my_story, Stanna innan du går En ny My(s) historia ..."
"Titel: En ny My(s) historia Författare: Åsa Bonelli Förlag: Word Audio Publishing Format: e-bok Genre: skönlitteratur Utgiven: 2018 --- "Chocken av att skickas på en förödmjukande detox-resa av sina föräldrar har med tiden förbytts i en kärlek ..."

Your story from inside Scientology • my story page 2

PUBLICERAT: 2018-07-04, kl: 17:12
"Thank you for sharing your story, Mrs P I'm glad you and Feral are out Statistics: Posted by MichaelAlaps — Wed Jul 04, 2018 4:12 pm ..."

Den sista flickan - Nadia Murad

PUBLICERAT: 2018-07-04, kl: 11:21
"- arg på religioner, arg på människor, arg på män. Nadia Murad är idag bosatt i Tyskland. Hon är människorättsaktivist och goodwill-ambassadör för FN. 2016 nominerades hon till Nobels fredspris. Fakta: Originaltitel: The Last Girl: My Story of Captivity, and My Fight Against the Islamic State Förlag: Albert Bonniers förlag Antal sidor: 454 Utgivningsår: 2018 Finns på Bokus och Adlibris ."

Answers to my Q&A

PUBLICERAT: 2018-06-23, kl: 16:59
"... how you constantly have the power to continue shooting, constantly creating, filming, posting on my story, blogging, responding to comments etc, etc? Do you never feel stressed or have you ever been close to just falling apart from stress? How do you ..."
"What are your favourite online shops? I always love what you wear, your style is impeccable. Because of you, I discovered Shona Joy and HAD to buy one of their b e a u t i f u l dresses! XO ANSWER: Hi! My favorite online shops has to be ASOS.COM ..."

Kamphunden gästbloggar – Kissa på pälsen, bus och bröllop

PUBLICERAT: 2018-06-10, kl: 22:14
"... då och då och ofta i my story, men ni måste följa för pappa Totten lägger upp sjukt fina bilder på honom och allt annat trams han håller på med. Och facebooksidan, vem vill missa alla inlägg från pappa Totten men främst, jag gästbloggar ju ibland. Det vill ..."

Veckans NWSL

PUBLICERAT: 2018-06-04, kl: 17:28
"... and be supportive and affirming of those that identify as LGBTQ+. I’ve lived it. Check out @gwenoxenham book Under the Lights and in the Dark where my story is covered in the chapter: “play away the gay.” — Amanda Martin (@amandamart10) June 1, 2018 För Sky Blue ..."

Homeless Tour Guides in Europe

PUBLICERAT: 2018-06-01, kl: 09:45
"... and the damaging impact that these choices eventually had. Sonja explained to us that she was not proud of what she had done in her former life, but she said ‘it’s my story‘. And she told us her story beautifully.” You can see a 4-minute video about Amsterdam ..."
"... and to help change perceptions of people who are homeless… we don’t all fit the homeless stereotype. Working as a guide for Unseen Tours has changed my life. I still lead tours around the area of London that I know and love best, but now I am ..."

My 1st post

PUBLICERAT: 2018-05-31, kl: 21:57
"Hello My name is Catherine and I'm a 66 y/o woman who was first introduced to Scientology in a very unusual way. First a little more about me personally. I'm an ex alcoholic with 17 yrs sober this month. This is a miracle for me and you'll understand more about this when I tell my story about what I've been through. I retired in 2017 from working at a residential substance abuse/mental health facility with just short of 15 yrs. with them. The facility was not affiliated with... My 1st post ..."

My story

PUBLICERAT: 2018-05-30, kl: 00:46
"1975 - 1980 (ish) This story is not for the faint hearted. Read on, if you wish. I will have to do in segments, as it covers thirty years. When I was born, my mother was already on staff in a Cl V org. She really wanted to join the Sea Org, but, per her, my father would not have it. He was also in staff in the same org. (My mother told me stories about him which I don't know if they are true as I did not hear his side). I also have an older brother. Both of us used to hang out at the org... My ..."

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