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PUBLICERAT: 2018-10-16, kl: 00:24
"... to cater the party. When Amber leaves the bedroom, I'm the middle of attention drop upon me again. My Sagittarian surprise of gab is put to the check when my eyes throw about the room again, looking for anything, any such thing to say to break the silence ..."
". Besides that, I'm previously having a difficult the full time keeping my anxieties under control since it is. Judging from their giggling, I'd claim they're equally a tiny touch tipsy from drinking wine tonight. Anyway, it's my love for Kimberly ..."

Ghostly Souls: Soudade Kaadan on The Day I Lost My Shadow

PUBLICERAT: 2018-10-15, kl: 16:10
"By Roberto Cavallini . Yom Adaatou Zouli ( The Day I Lost my Shadow ) by Syrian director Soudade Kaadan, was presented as a world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, Orizzonti Competition, where it won the prestigious “Lion of the Future, Luigi ..."
", something beyond my reach as a creator and I was happy to be among the avid cinephile audience. How could I think of it and there is no film school in Syria, only one functioning cinema in Damascus and women were never encouraged to be directors ..."

The Sten Lindgren Contact Case

PUBLICERAT: 2018-10-15, kl: 11:31
"... dealing with complicated contactee cases it is equally important to be critical of the critic and skeptical of the skeptic. Sten Lindgren at his home, December 25, 1984 I learned this the hard way during my formative years in ufology. My first ..."
"... in a letter from Daniel, indicating a connection with the U.S. Air Force. In a phone conversation with Sten Lindgren June 17, 1985 he, to my great surprise, speculated that the whole incident could have been staged or a bluff arranged by Daniel ..."

A queer story about Scientology, gender, and L. Ron Hubbard’s sweet pile of Swiss cash

PUBLICERAT: 2018-10-13, kl: 13:00
"... name would later live on in my grandson. They’d been transferred from LA a few months earlier. Flag officers berthed in an old Quality Inn motel the Sea Org had bought when they first came ashore in Clearwater. The two-story motel looked like ..."
"... for the Sea Org in New York… Fighting the good fight in the Sea Org had made me the good guy I’d always longed to be. After a decade of 24-7 loyal active duty, I was at the top of my game. I was a full Lieutenant. Only fifty people in all of Scientology ..."


PUBLICERAT: 2018-10-12, kl: 07:40
"... washing my face morning and night thanks to my new routine which I will talk about in another post, so now I wanna do an updated skincare routine post about the products I use now. Right now. These do change from time to time since I do have testers ..."
", or to be really honest I actually do start with washing my hands, but after that and right now I use Herbalife Skin Soothing Aloe Cleanser . I have liked this a lot. My skin seems to like this too. When I have done this and wiped my face with a towel I use ..."

Chris Avantgarde – True Love

PUBLICERAT: 2018-10-11, kl: 21:42
"German born, London-based producer Chris Avantgarde is back with “ True Love ,” a new single on VNTGRD – Chris’ self-made creative collective, record label, and publishing house focusing on conceptual electronic music releases. “True love marks the first step into my new direction. It combines elements of previous influences with the new. It’s a record that can be listened to outside of a club-scenario. A hybrid of electronic melodic and cinematic gritty elements, telling a story about how ..."


PUBLICERAT: 2018-10-11, kl: 17:25
"... man inte. Är också peppad på att se Lady Gaga, har sett henne skådespela tidigare i American Horror Story (kan förövrigt vara typ världens sjukaste serie men jag älskar den haha) och där var hon bra. Berättar imorgon vad jag tyckte om filmen! :-) // All black today! You know I love it. ;-) I just got home and I’m gonna fix some food now, and then I’m gonna go to the cinema with my friends! We’re fiiiiinally gonna see A star is born. I’m so excited! My expectations are really high. I’ve been listening ..."

White Boy Rick: The Father and the City

PUBLICERAT: 2018-10-11, kl: 16:11
"... role as the unintentionally malevolent father Richard Wershe in Demange’s film, a “true crime” story that becomes a conscientious meditation on our times. The film is set in 1980s Detroit, the city that has become the emblem for deindustrialized ..."
") across the street. Dern does another surly old man performance – whether his anger is based on poverty or racism or both is unclear, at least at first viewing (which is why I hesitate to write about a film at my stage in life after a single theatrical ..."

Intervju med Dee Wallace

PUBLICERAT: 2018-10-11, kl: 16:02
"... us a little bit about the movie? I was actually gifted that credit because of my input on the film. Thank you, Craig Anderson. I can’t give away the story! Go see it. If you are a horror fan, you’re gonna love this very original film. How would you ..."
"... the film to a whole new creative level. Yes, I got to spend some moment with the great Roger Corman! In the last scene of the movie, your character transform into a werewolf. Were you happy with the final look of the transformation? Because in my eyes ..."

Dave Richards, 1948-2018, ran the Founding Church of Scientology in DC

PUBLICERAT: 2018-10-11, kl: 13:00
". “My daughter was somewhat in communication with me and and my wife until recently when she went to Oregon and got more involved with Delphi [a Scientology boarding school] and then the police arm of the church, OSA, took her to California for two ..."
"... bought them four cars. I paid insurance on those vehicles for years. My wife was even more of a contributor than I was. I would say she’s given them tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years… “Megan has completely disconnected from ..."

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