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L. Ron Hubbard Intelligence Agent History, One Piece At A Time #7: Hollywood and Propagandizing for the British

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-23, kl: 04:46
": “…it (Round Table) has never abandoned its view that the only final basis for freedom and enduring peace is the organic union of nations in a commonwealth embracing the whole world…” – Round Table Journal , article: First 25 Years, Vol. 25, Issue ..."
"... that the actual Articles of the Covenant, concocted in the throes of the peace settlement and in that atmosphere of optimism which led us to expect ten million pounds or more in reparations from Germany, …that they have introduced a new world order ..."

Veckobrev Ordinary 25

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-22, kl: 09:21
"Anniversary in England. We had a wonderful time, a time of thanksgiving and praise for God’s presence among us and God’s love for us. I ask your prayers this week for friends of mine whose son and grandson were seriously injured in a car crash a few days ago ..."
"... for yourselves and for all those to whom you send it or make it available to in your parish. Thank you for doing that. Be assured of my prayers for you and your loved ones. May God continue to be with you and bless you with joy and peace. Johnny ..."

Rhys och Felix Sandman på nya singeln ”Starfish”

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-21, kl: 17:43
"... runtom i landet – däribland på Queens of Pop Festivalen, Gröna Lund, Liseberg och Peace & Love. Den 28 september släpper hon sitt debutalbum Stages som innehåller tidigare släppta låtar samt sex helt nya spår. ”Mitt album är min heartbreak historia ..."

A meltdown at US Open – for once the good guy wins!

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-20, kl: 20:45
". “Thank you for watching the match” she whispered humbly, and our tears ran. We thought: what has happened to you Americans? Are you taking your belligerent culture to the sports arenas as well? We know that your love for USA sometimes takes chauvinistic proportions (the Olympics in Atlanta was probably the most extreme Olympics in history, in that sense). But we also know that the most brilliant minds working for solidarity and peace are Americans. Those are our great hope for the future of the world ..."

Kommentarer till Lär känna Anders av trevlig dag

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-15, kl: 21:30
"Therese, jag såg i din live hur illa du tog vid dig när du får skit. Snälla strunta. Du gör allt du kan, mer än någon annan. Lyssna inte. Klart ni inte ska låta hundarna dricka ihjäl sig. Portionera ut vatten tills dom lärt sig. Dom är små och behöver lära sig. Gör som du vill snälla. Peace and love T ..."

To the Stars? Or To the Vatican…Scientology’s Appearing/Disappearing Attorney Daniel Sheehan and UFOs

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-14, kl: 21:01
"... arrested in a peace protest at the White House. Sheehan won an acquittal. When you see Davis saying in the above quote: “one of the reasons I’m in this” – in this is referring to the Silkwood lawsuit. At the time of the article, the Supreme Court had just ..."
"... go. How very Catholic of him. As part of “helping” in Peru, Klaus also supplied Brotherhood of Eternal Love member Eddie Padilla with the new drug of choice – cocaine. Padilla had met up with founding Brotherhood member John Gale and began smuggling ..."

Podcast Transcription: Catching Up

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-14, kl: 16:53
"James Aspey and his girlfriend Carly, you guys know James, I mean I know you guys know James, I did a podcast with him last year, it was in October sometime. It’s on veganism, the episode is called, “Peace, Love, and Veganism.” If you haven’t listened ..."
"... that I love. If you follow me on social media, you know that I fairly often share these kind of long, emotional captions about life or death or everything in between. But I’ve really missed having that space to just sit and write and blog ..."

Game completed: Fire Emblem Fates (all three paths)

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-13, kl: 20:28
"I discovered Fire Emblem Awakening on Tumblr and fell in love with it when I played it. So much so that since then I have collected all games available to me on 3DS, Switch and Android :P Fates was the next game on my list and it has been an amazing ..."
"... both the royal families together and they fight to defeat Anankos and restore peace to all three kingdoms without anyone having to die. This path made me really want to pair off Ryoma with Scarlet because all their interactions together made me think ..."

FLORIDA IS IDEAL: Scientology ushers in glorious new civilization in country’s wang

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-12, kl: 13:00
"... they’ve managed to drive all the natives away from the downtown so they can postulate in peace. When Miscavige was holding his ribbon-cutting ceremony this past year I tried to get permission from the partners at a law firm to go up to the roof ..."
"... information as we can about each of them, in order to build a record and maintain a watch as Scientology continues its inexorable decline. For today, we’ll start out with Anne Archer and Portland, Oregon because, why not? ——————– Love is the law ..."

Podcast Transcription: How to Be a True Ally to Women of Color with Rachel Cargle

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-07, kl: 15:43
"... and very irrational sign off things with “love and light.” One way that this comes up very often is when, you know, a topic of race comes up and someone goes, “Well why can’t we just love? I choose peace, I choose to see peace. If you keep talking ..."
", Rachel Cargle clearly shows how good intentions are not enough to erase our impact on society. The truest form of love is anchored in action. Join the conversation, get uncomfortable, acknowledge your mistakes, question your past, and learn how ..."

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