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Veckobrev The Baptism of the Lord

PUBLICERAT: 2020-01-14, kl: 12:47
". Donal Neary S.J. i en reflektion: The feast today invites us to soak in this love also. As God looks on us he sees that we are the image of Jesus, our brother, and loves us through and through. Our baptism as a child was a time both of God promising himself to us always, but also of the love of our parents and extended family. Baptism unites us with our own natural family, but also with the new family of Jesus when he calls us all ‘his mother, sisters and brothers’. Festen idag erbjuder ..."

Support in Scandinavia for the Subjugated Nations of the Soviet Empire 1943 to 1991. Part I.

PUBLICERAT: 2020-01-12, kl: 10:43
"... with the love of liberty in an age darkened by totalitarian tyranny.” His crime in the face of Hitler and Stalin was his work to reestablish Ukrainian independence. Stetsko survived the ordeal and was a member of the Presidium of the Leadership of OUN-B ..."
", which Soviet leaders proclaimed. There could be no peace without freedom for the subjugated nations behind the Iron Curtain. As a young student I had the honor of meeting Yarolslav Stetsko and his wife Slava in Sweden in 1964. It was during the visit ..."

Talk about what you love

PUBLICERAT: 2020-01-12, kl: 07:51
", the feeling of freedom and peace of mind. I love the sun caressing my cheeks, the light, late at night, shining through my window. I love deep connections, emotions wide awake, speaking feelings, speaking truth. I love being in the moment, cherishing every ..."
", smiling at strangers. I love dancing, music, doing yoga, the human body. I love black coffee, brown eyes, adventurous souls. I love humor, falling asleep, with a smile on my face, waking up, with peace in my heart. I love being sensitive, a soul ..."

Eharmony Customer service phone number

PUBLICERAT: 2020-01-10, kl: 17:58
"CONNECT WITH YOUR FUTURE PARTNER TODAY! EHARMONY SUPPORT NUMBER A whopping 2 million people have recorded to have found the love of their lives on eHarmony. And, if you still haven’t joined yet, then you are surely missing on all the good stuff! You are just an app away from meeting your life partner. The robust compatibility system inside our app allows you to choose from a pool of potential matches and create long-lasting connections that bring peace and harmony into your love lives ..."

its burning on andromeda´s sky

PUBLICERAT: 2020-01-08, kl: 17:44
"... is forbidden and unlawfully http://milkywaygalaxynews.com/galaxy/occupied/ Its still  4  sky-police stations/with hostage” occupied by citizens from andromeda-galaxy,above South Dakota/USA, above London/uk, above Paris/France  Dio – Holy Diver love peace ..."

Veckobrev Christmas 2

PUBLICERAT: 2020-01-06, kl: 13:32
"... and all your loved ones a very happy Christmas. May God bless you with peace and joy every day of 2020. Thank you for your faith and love during this past year. You are a real source of hope for me. Johnny ..."

Now 56% black holes

PUBLICERAT: 2020-01-05, kl: 23:48
"... passed away W.A.S.P. – Golgotha take care love peace/Lahealila/team, priest ..."

Scientology, disconnection, and the worst Christmas ever

PUBLICERAT: 2020-01-04, kl: 13:00
"Christmas and… Well, we’ll let him tell the tale. This year I had the worst Christmas ever and it’s all thanks to that wonderful organization dedicated to Peace on Earth, the Church of Scientology. I got involved in Scientology over 40 years ago ..."
"... such cards either, especially no Happy Father’s Day. But I do have many, many such cards given to me by the girls when they were actually free to demonstrate their deep love and affection, prior to the F & Rs. They are lovely and reflect their true ..."

Comment on Regraded Being by Bruce Ploetz

PUBLICERAT: 2020-01-03, kl: 18:17
"I’ll be home for Christmas You can count on me Please have snow And mistletoe And presents ‘neath the tree Christmas eve will find me Where the love light gleams I’ll be home for Christmas If only in my dreams From the old sentimental movie ..."
"... for the deluded, lost souls in the Regraded Being strip, as you sample your egg nogs and greet your family and friends over holiday cheer. Somewhere under all that bluster and BS they are thinking of you too. May we all meet again in peace some day."

Comment on Happy New Year by Balletlady

PUBLICERAT: 2020-01-02, kl: 20:43
"…..too damned sad. My best wishes & love Aqua to you & yours…..Mike…the same for you & your darling wife and beautiful kids. I know you forgive Taryn….she doesn’t get it & maybe never will….I hope she finds peace one day."

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