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A notecard sent me looking for Woodstock in SL

PUBLICERAT: 2019-08-16, kl: 07:26
"... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Connemara%20Estates/71/127/2701 Group Notice From: Fride Club & Lounge, Midnattsdotter Fride 50 years celebration of Woodstock Festival RL 16 -18 August. 1969-2019 - 50 years! 3 Days of Peace and Music! Days ..."
": Peace, Music and Dance with DJ Mallory @ Fridstock! And yes Fridstock was built up to the event 2010! (Though of course years changed the look)! 12PM SLT / 21.00 CET /8 UK time http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Legolas/104/229/1227 My blogging ..."

I want…

PUBLICERAT: 2019-08-14, kl: 13:00
"I want… I want equality And you don’t want to … I want the same power as you .. But you don’t want to .. I want love like you … But you don’t want that … For a woman to understand you! I want peace and pleasant But you won’t I want a vacation with my friend But you don’t want to Look at me Listen to me Don’t care But you do not want to Do you even hear It is my turn I give myself up Stubborn and stubborn Give me applause I’m not giving up I’m not your soldier I want exactly the same You don ..."

8 essential steps for your career development

PUBLICERAT: 2019-08-12, kl: 19:53
"Many of us, feel unmotivated, down and sometimes ever anxious each Sunday, when we’re planning for the coming work week. But it doesn’t have to be like that, you can work with the things that make you come alive. Doing what you love and what you’re ..."
"... and at peace with yourself and your development. Having a supportive partner that shares the responsibilities at home, would make it much easier for you to advance in your career. Step 5: work on your branding - Invest in a professional blog or website ..."

Embrace your being

PUBLICERAT: 2019-08-07, kl: 14:49
"... to achieve serenity, and peace of mind. Below you’ll find some of my favourite ways of tapping into the present, into my being. Tranquility speaks ”Listen to the whispers of your soul.” 4.30 am. I forgot how peaceful it is to wake up at dawn. Complete ..."
"... competing with ourselves. Your only comparison should be who you were yesterday. In this moment you have the power to choose. Choose happiness. Choose love. Choose yourself, and flow with it. Self-awareness ”It’s not the situation that makes us unhappy ..."

Dear August…

PUBLICERAT: 2019-08-01, kl: 16:16
"… hug me, I want to feel your heartbeat. ”Sometimes I’m weak, scared and vulnerable, nevertheless, more often I’m strong, confident and alive. At peace.” August is for chasing dreams. Catching stars. Peaceful, dark summer nights. August is for late ..."
"... of humanity. Humid days and foggy nights. August is for beautiful souls searching for inner peace. Inner light. Loving kindness, curiosity and bravery. The last month of summer, and it’s still June in my heart. But one thing I know, you will be filled ..."

End of the year intentions

PUBLICERAT: 2019-07-30, kl: 14:01
"Cultivating an abundance mindset – there’s an abundance flowing within and without; everything I need, seek and long for is already within me. This is a mindset I encourage myself to adopt in every area of my life whether it’s love, career, health, money ..."
"... intuition. Trust that you have all the answers within; you possess more power than you think, darling. Tapping into my spiritual side – I’m an open-minded person and I love to explore different parts of myself. After cultivating my spiritual side a bit more ..."

Dirty Dancing (2017)

PUBLICERAT: 2019-07-04, kl: 13:01
"... and she wanted to join the Peace Corps. It starts in the 1970s at a Broadway theatre where a production of Dirty Dancing , a musical based upon the book by Francis Houseman, is about to open. And ~flashback~ we’re in the early 1960s and we see the story we know and love, but with a different cast and with added complications – because the abortion sub plot apparently wasn’t woke enough for 2017. I’m going to presume you’re familiar with the original Dirty Dancing (1987), starring Jennifer Grey ..."

Online Reading The Ten Thousand: A Novel of Ancient Greece

PUBLICERAT: 2019-06-28, kl: 13:53
"... and the greatest hero of all... In a novel of high adventure and riveting historical drama, Michael Curtis Ford brings to life an amazing true story from Greek antiquity--Xenophon's march of the ten Thousand. A tale of war and peace, of loyalties and betrayals, and of a soldier's love for a mysterious and dangerous woman, The Ten Thousand captures the eternal spirit of courage--in the face of impossible odds. Download Now The Ten Thousand: A Novel of Ancient Greece The Ten Thousand: A Novel ..."

Good Omens (2019)

PUBLICERAT: 2019-06-06, kl: 13:01
", but it’s sad at the same time, because I love the Other Four Horsemen in the book. Having no innate rivalry with another gang also means that Adam’s final argument is slightly different (although mentioned in passing), which I wasn’t as keen on. The way ..."
". (There is no British couple hiding under the table saying they should’ve gone to Torremolinos like they normally do) Instead, she shows up somewhere in Africa where three warring tribes “occasionally find peace” (or words to that effect) and are about to sign ..."

Guest experince – Nina

PUBLICERAT: 2019-06-02, kl: 11:19
"; a place very far from home in San Diego, California. In the time leading up to my trip, I starting falling in love with Sri Lanka through the eyes of Lachlan Dempsey, the photographer at Sunshinestories. Still, little did I know how it would be when I arrived. Why did you come even though your government advised against visiting Sri Lanka? Less than two weeks before my trip, I saw the headlines that there had been a bombing in Colombo. Although Sri Lanka has seen peace for the last 10 years ..."

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