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What if your thoughts are not for real?

PUBLICERAT: 2020-09-29, kl: 11:12
"... way). Exercise: Sit for a while in peace. If you prefer, close you eyes, to get more in contact inwards. Notice your thoughts. Start imaging them as clouds on the sky. Now try to lessen you attachment to the thoughts. See them, like the clouds ..."
"... usually creates? Charlotte Cronquist is a love warrior Love is the answer ..."

The Flower Kings take off From The Ground

PUBLICERAT: 2020-09-28, kl: 13:12
"– keep the distance when needed – stay friendly – and let our minds stay positive and full of compassion! PEACE & LOVE!” Watch the clip for “From The Ground” here: Artwork courtesy of the legendary Roger Dean (Yes, Asia, Gentle Giant, Greenslade, Uriah ..."
") 10. Heart Of The Valley (4:18) 11. Man In A Two Peace Suit (3:21) Disc Two (43:01) 1. All I Need Is Love (5:48) 2. A New Species (5:45) 3. Northern Lights (5:43) 4. Hidden Angles (0:50) 5. Serpentine (3:52) 6. Looking For Answers (4:30) 7. Telescope ..."

Religious Activists Need to Rethink What They Are Fighting For

PUBLICERAT: 2020-09-21, kl: 18:35
", “The event was opened by organizer Dr. L. Arik Greenberg, Founder and President of the Institute for Religious Tolerance, Peace and Justice and professor of theological studies at Loyola Marymount University.” We have written a letter to Dr. Greenberg ..."
"... important, but absolutely vital in order to help foster healing and peace. However I also believe that there is a point where the line between what constitutes true religion and the False Prophets warned of in the Bible becomes blurred. Activism ..."

(القرار الحائر) بقلم/د.مروان كوجر

PUBLICERAT: 2020-09-20, kl: 23:06
"... of every grieving mother. Exponential complaint I call out loud. Let's shout together Lift up the darkness and the ban. And solve the clues of the case Love and peace are home to the country of harmony My Arabness is Syrian Written by the International Peace Ambassador Dr.. Marowan kojar ..."

Small daily habits to improve your life

PUBLICERAT: 2020-09-15, kl: 11:32
"... to, in that sense that they’ve come to play a crucial part of my day. My morning coffee routine being one of them. Learning Italian 15 minutes a day I simply adore the Italian language. La lingua italiana é sempre bella. I love to listen to the pronunciation, I love learning new words, and I love the way it challenges my brain. I spoke Italian rather well 18 years ago, however, I’ve forgotten plenty since I haven’t been practising. To set aside 15 minutes every day for a language is achievable ..."

Veckobrev Ordinary 24

PUBLICERAT: 2020-09-14, kl: 13:41
"Fr. Johnnys veckobrev på engelska hittar du här . Fr. Johnnys vec k obrev översatt till svenska hittar du här. Hej allihopa, Den här veckan uppmanar Fr.Johnny oss med följande ord. "Forgiveness is a vital element in love because unforgiveness roots us in the past and in past events and experiences. Förlåtelse är en central del av kärleken eftersom att inte förlåta rotar oss i det som varit och i gångna händelser och erfarenheter. Resten finns i brevet. One of the best ways to love others ..."

coastal themed dinnerware

PUBLICERAT: 2020-09-12, kl: 11:27
"$99.99. Coastal Sheet Set. (15) Lush Decor Harbor Life Quilt Set..With one of Wayfair's coastal bedding sets, you can bring the peace, beauty and warmth of the ocean right into your bedroom, no matter where you might live. It .If you love coastal ..."
"... themed shower curtains Abstract Nautical Shower Curtain, Bath Mat, Coastal Decor in Teal and Gray. $78.95. Redecorate your bathroom in artistic way. This shower curtain and .Kids and adults alike will enjoy this print. If you love a nautical ..."

Selena Gomez Doesn’t ‘Care’ What Her Ex-Boyfriends Think of

PUBLICERAT: 2020-09-09, kl: 05:36
"NikkieTutorials (a.ok.a. Nikkie de Jager) she is embracing the one life whereas they tried out new merchandise from her extremely anticipated Rare Beauty line. As they chatted about cosmetics and love, Selena gave superstar cosmetician Hung Vanngo ..."
"... artist identified it could appear she is keen to search out Mr. Right contemplating she simply dropped the observe “Boyfriend,” in April, however she has really made peace together with her single standing. “It’s simply humorous as a result of I launch ..."

Who’s Barack Obama’s daughter Sasha Obama? How tall is she? Wiki, First Car

PUBLICERAT: 2020-09-06, kl: 10:57
"... for his or her charity work. In late June and early July 2016, Michelle, Sasha and Malia went to Liberia to advertise Let Girls Learn Peace, funded by the US. The foremost goal of the group is to deliver entry to formal training to ladies all world wide ..."
"... on Twitter. As of at the moment, she is principally focused on her research. Besides that, with regards to her love life, she’s reportedly single, nevertheless, she took a date to ‘homecoming’. Sasha’s Connection to One Direction Sasha is a giant fan ..."

Juan Pablo Says He Was Invited on Clare Crawley’s ‘Bachelorette’ Season

PUBLICERAT: 2020-09-05, kl: 01:16
"Spill the tea! Bachelor alum Juan Pablo Galavis was “referred to as by [ The Bachelorette ’s] government producer” to hitch ex Clare Crawley ’s season, he solely tells Life & Style . “She wished to make peace with me,” the season 18 star, 39 ..."
"... respect.” JP’s season is reairing on Monday, September 7, as a part of the Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons Ever collection, however followers have already seen loads of clips of his journey to search out love by way of promos for The Bachelorette ..."

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