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Francis Ford Coppola making new ‘Godfather Part III’ cut

PUBLICERAT: 2020-09-04, kl: 01:57
"... in, and that was “Apocalypse Now Redux.” When the film was going to have its 40th anniversary at Tribeca, they asked, which version did you want to show, the original or “Redux”? I said, “I would love to do my own ‘classic’ version, which would be something ..."
"... to be mutually approved, which was the young lady. Richard Gere was already cast. So for the young lady I wanted Diane Lane. He agreed, and we cast her. So then I cast Bob Hoskins, rest in peace. Bob Hoskins and Fred Gwynne as the two gangsters. Evans hit ..."

Bay City Rollers bassist Ian Mitchell dead at 62

PUBLICERAT: 2020-09-02, kl: 18:05
"... and associates. Rest In Peace, Ian.” Mitchell was a relatively late addition to the band, becoming a member of in 1976 at the peak of what was referred to as “Rollermania” within the UK. He was solely a member for a matter of months (though he took half ..."
". Signed to Clive Davis’ then-new label, Arista, the group then broke via within the US with “Saturday Night” (which, mockingly, had flopped as a single within the UK) and follow-up hits like “Money Honey” and “Rock and Roll Love Letter.” However ..."

Comment on Min förlängda twittertumme! by Prestonawago

PUBLICERAT: 2020-09-01, kl: 15:07
". where as we once harped on kindness, Generosity and love thy neighbor we are now fearing our community, Have no time to polio vaccine arrive at the loons know them and who developed, Have lost that bond that held this nation together for so long ..."
". (I know that poetry is open ended and there aren’t any wrong answers, nonetheless the visual essay, Tone of who perfected polio vaccine, the day of Walk, Locust is not positive, And Love music of J. Alfred Prufrock is not actually a love song and maybe ..."

i try my best

INDEXERAT: 2020-08-31, kl: 10:34
"... l try my best to live my life..without you but l cant live a day with not thinking of you love find its own way..l do know give for a while me peace in my mind my..hope..is.to not be weak..without you ..."

Veckobrev Ordinary 22

PUBLICERAT: 2020-08-30, kl: 11:48
"Danmark och olika delar av Sverige så vi stannade hemma. Förhoppningsvis kan vi åka lite senare under hösten. Den här veckan skriver Johnny: " Jesus calls on us to put our trust in the important things of life, especially love, and to find there our true fulfillment. We engage in this struggle in all kinds of ways but especially in matters of love and faith. Jesus ber oss lägga vår tillit till de viktiga sakerna i livet, särskilt kärlek, och att finna där vår sanna uppfyllelse. Vi brottas ..."

Unsinkable Program ➯ Doors Close Tomorrow

PUBLICERAT: 2020-08-25, kl: 08:42
"... overcome any of life’s challenges and begin living a life you love and deserve; a life filled with great wealth, health, relationships, inner peace and happiness! Some of the top experts on the planet highly endorse this program (including Bob Proctor, Les Brown, Mary Morrissey and many more). If you’re going through a difficult time in your life right now and you’d love to turn things around quickly (and begin living your greatest life), then take advantage of this phenomenal opportunity. Don’t even ..."

Kommentarer till Vänsternationalism växer i Sverige – Vad händer? av Jan Norberg

PUBLICERAT: 2020-08-21, kl: 12:58
"... kunde lalla runt och inte ta eget ansvar är en svunnen tid som du ser tillbaka på med stort vemod. Erkänn att du saknar 68-tiden då knätofsförsedda vänsterflummare kunde hålla sig fast i Love, Peace and Understanding."

Comment on COVID – 19 Propaganda by RoseMarie

PUBLICERAT: 2020-08-19, kl: 19:19
"I get worried when I see that shite written by someone with some creds as she seems to have. Their whole schtick is PR and it sucks people in with that facade of peace love and spiritual enlightenment. Then they get brainwashed into supporting a cult. Repeating shite they hear but never experiencing any of it. The lie to each other until they believe it. Cults!"

[Free Book] How To Bounce Back BIG!

PUBLICERAT: 2020-08-19, kl: 09:58
"! – The easiest and fastest way to manifest miracles into your life – The #1 most critical and important thing you must do first that will turbo-charge your results – How to reprogram and re-wire your brain to manifest massive success, wealth, peace and happiness – How to easily let go of the pain, suffering, stress and anxiety and move forward with confidence, peace, joy and ease – How to create the blueprint for YOUR dream life—the one you love and really deserve! And lots more! Get your copy here ."

Comics of Future Past – september 2020

PUBLICERAT: 2020-08-17, kl: 14:32
". There’s tension in the band and worry at home. Bill and Ted’s obsessiveness with writing the one song to bring peace to the world is affecting their playing and their relationships with their families. The band is losing favor with fans and the future isn’t shaping up as they were all led to believe it would from past (and future) events. Desperate for a solution Bill and Ted burst in to announce their great idea to revive the band’s fortunes: A world tour to spread the love—and the rock ..."

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