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Its Hard to live

INDEXERAT: 2020-07-25, kl: 15:37
"I know You know It’s hard to live Your life in.. Peace and harmony time after time When heart get crushed All the time in the reality But IF you strong you Will see Love repeat itself.. Endlessly There no end.. What love can do.. Help you through SO don't give up Your fight between wrong or right Find your answer In your mind and heart SO listen up.. Do it right You get through.. One more day and night IF you got love.. I believe in you SO don't stop.. Listen Like you do Love Endlessly ..."

Scientology to the rescue: After losing son and wife, Johnny Lewis’s dad is happier than ever

PUBLICERAT: 2020-07-25, kl: 12:12
"... a new life, a rewarding one that helps both myself and many many others. I feel younger and more hopeful, and looking over my days and my activities there is absolutely nothing I am doing right now that I don’t love. I appreciate the care, love ..."
"... to the orders of the admiral… See? Now, this unfortunately cross-references with Order of the Day, Monastery Platitude, Mount Xenu . There shall be peace. Which conflicts with, Dear, I know you are dedicated to holy orders, but I need a new pair ..."

How to give yourself a mental makeover

PUBLICERAT: 2020-07-21, kl: 08:55
"... a happier life. If you want more happiness in your life; be happy. If you want more love; show love, show kindness. If you want more success; act as if , work hard and take action. Know that you’re an amazing human, and the world wouldn’t be the same ..."
"... the need to do. You see, you’re the one deciding if you want to live in peace or with hatred, with excitement or fear, happiness or sadness. The power is all yours. Get rid of the victim mindset – know that you’re responsible of your own happiness ..."

Comment on What is a “Wog” in Scientology by Suzy

PUBLICERAT: 2020-07-17, kl: 00:42
"... as they do to fulfill their own needs and desires. I find a lack of love in this forum. And lots of judgment. That fact of the matter is, we are all slaves to something. We can’t fight gravity and we all must breathe oxygen, drink water, and face death ..."
"... was no part of the world just as he was no part of the world.” To say that the term “world(ly)” is derogatory is to say that Jesus was belittling the world he died for. And he died for EVERY man and woman. I wish you all peace of heart."

Fast Food Covidiot: 'We Don't Cover Our Faces In America!'

PUBLICERAT: 2020-07-14, kl: 13:18
"... into a profanity-laced tirade with a large dollop of racism. It’s possible the man used the term bitch, but I couldn’t hear it. “You must be a Democrat. You worship Obama don’t you? Peace. Love. Harmony. Trump 2020, baby,” Kaye shouts back. “Fcking Democrat ..."

A thing to get rid of

PUBLICERAT: 2020-07-14, kl: 10:11
"... life and that they most probably have everything in life figured out. You look at the pictures and all you see is a person that is more successful than you; more abundant, more popular, more at peace. More perfect. More everything that you’re not. All ..."
"... apps, it’s how we choose to use them that should be our biggest concern. I love scrolling through Instagram, looking for inspiration and motivation. However, as soon as I notice myself becoming uneasy, and a little depressed after looking at certain ..."

Svenska Filminstitutet

PUBLICERAT: 2020-07-14, kl: 04:30
"... for Hasselbladfilm, Gustaf Molander ( Only One Night , En enda Natt , 1939), Hasse Ekman, Ivar Johansson ( Ragen rike , 1929), Hampe Faustman, Arne Mattsson, Mai Zetterling, Claes Olsson ( Amazing Women by the Sea ), Swedish film director Bjorn Runge ( Order of Love ..."
"October of 2007. August of 2007 ended with the Swedish Film Show Me Love and the Swedish Film Lilya 4 Ever both available in their entirety through the digital screening room of the internet. Mammut , under production for 2009, was also written ..."

Internal LAPD emails show the department’s cozy relationship with Scientology

PUBLICERAT: 2020-07-09, kl: 13:00
"Director of I Believe in My Future Initiative — Umar Hakim-Dey, Executive Director of Intellect Mercy Love Foundation — Nasser Zomorod, Universal Peace Federation, Director for Southern California — Skipp Townsend, executive director, 2nd Call ..."
"... of that, but more importantly, it’s the thousand upon thousands of children reached and guided to live a better quality of life that is truly important. So if you are available, we’d love to have you either night! BUT, I just found out that on Friday night ..."

…. i rörelse ….

PUBLICERAT: 2020-07-08, kl: 16:07
"... terroriserar ingen, utvisar inte barn till diktaturer, startar inte krig och våldför sig inte på naturen och djuren eller överutnyttjar jordens resurser…. Jag skulle vilja att alla utbrister i ett #jagärselma! Peace, love and understanding! Katt med ”Mårbacka ..."

Humans, Nature, and Moving Images – The Work of Terrence Malick: Time-Based Ecocinema by Gabriella Blasi

PUBLICERAT: 2020-07-07, kl: 00:22
"... the book together becomes more complicated by turning towards a “time-based phenomenology” that critiques violence and peace within the frame of human-nature relationships. In the third chapter, “Looking at Evolutionary Narratives in The Tree of Life ..."
"... that critiques, precisely, a contradictory phenomenology of the ‘divine’ as [an] expression of universal, transcendental love” (133). Here, Blasi utilizes the films as examples of articulating the philosophical ideas of the prior chapters in ways that don ..."

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