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Scientology, disconnection, and the worst Christmas ever

PUBLICERAT: 2020-01-04, kl: 13:00
"Christmas and… Well, we’ll let him tell the tale. This year I had the worst Christmas ever and it’s all thanks to that wonderful organization dedicated to Peace on Earth, the Church of Scientology. I got involved in Scientology over 40 years ago ..."
"... such cards either, especially no Happy Father’s Day. But I do have many, many such cards given to me by the girls when they were actually free to demonstrate their deep love and affection, prior to the F & Rs. They are lovely and reflect their true ..."

Comment on Regraded Being by Bruce Ploetz

PUBLICERAT: 2020-01-03, kl: 18:17
"I’ll be home for Christmas You can count on me Please have snow And mistletoe And presents ‘neath the tree Christmas eve will find me Where the love light gleams I’ll be home for Christmas If only in my dreams From the old sentimental movie ..."
"... for the deluded, lost souls in the Regraded Being strip, as you sample your egg nogs and greet your family and friends over holiday cheer. Somewhere under all that bluster and BS they are thinking of you too. May we all meet again in peace some day."

Comment on Happy New Year by Balletlady

PUBLICERAT: 2020-01-02, kl: 20:43
"…..too damned sad. My best wishes & love Aqua to you & yours…..Mike…the same for you & your darling wife and beautiful kids. I know you forgive Taryn….she doesn’t get it & maybe never will….I hope she finds peace one day."

Comment on We Did It! by Rip Van Winkle

PUBLICERAT: 2019-12-31, kl: 18:55
"... already know this…… You’re second gen yourself. Love and peace. <3 ..."

What 2019 taught me

PUBLICERAT: 2019-12-30, kl: 09:30
"... and I love to explore different parts of myself. After cultivating my spiritual side a bit more I’ve become to understand how calm and peaceful it makes me feel. I’ve become more content and hopeful. I truly believe we’re spiritual beings having a human experience. I also believe that there’s so much more to life than the things we can experience through our five senses. Understanding that we’re all in this together, however, experiencing life in our own unique way, makes me feel at peace. – I’ve ..."

A Tortulicious Decade - Top 10 best metal albums of the decade

PUBLICERAT: 2019-12-27, kl: 12:00
"Black. The musicianship is great and though the style is fairly simple, it just oozes with all the joy and love for the trade, with callbacks to Bayley’s Maiden days and fresh takes on classic tropes. An airy, lofty opening half gives way to darker ..."
"... as much justice as on 2016’s Ghostlights. The album is kind of all over the place stylistically, but that plays only to its strengths as Sammet has penned some of his best songs ever. All that melodramatic, meat loafy love he has for the ‘70s ..."

Best Crystals for Sleep

PUBLICERAT: 2019-12-26, kl: 22:18
"The soothing blue energy of Angelite brings a sense of inner peace and calm to the user. Also known as the “Stone of Awareness,” this crystal is known to be connected to love, serenity, angelic connection, and astral traveling. The common causes ..."
"... to vibrate at a high frequency, bringing a sense of peace and calm, while removing negative energy. With an attractive ethereal appearance, this stone is frequently used in meditation because of its mystical healing properties. A large piece of this stone ..."

Comment on Characteristics of Mind Control Cults by Kati Maines

PUBLICERAT: 2019-12-25, kl: 00:50
"I wish you all a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year. I hope all your holidays are filled with peace, joy and love."


PUBLICERAT: 2019-12-24, kl: 08:48
"" https://empirican1981.blogspot.ch/ Warmest Regards Jennie Tinderfj_ll News: Iraq protests: 'We are running a marathon for peace' A group of young people in Baghdad found a different way to protest against the government. Hollywood threatens ..."
"... to reminisce about players and the game they love. A Trump impeachment bad for your finances? Depends on your politics Surveys show the Trump impeachment proceedings, like most political issues, push Americans into their partisan corners. That may include ..."

Liv i luckan 24:e december: Du är unik och extraordinär

PUBLICERAT: 2019-12-24, kl: 06:00
"... imagined, you are a true perfection Baby, you're made of stars, don't let nobody tell you different You are a lot of soul, mixed with a lot of magic Look how the sky turns gold every time you're dancing You deserve all the love, why don't you let ..."
"... is made up of those before you Gold is your history, you're standing upon their shoulders See, you're a China getting to hide the cowards Look how you're flying now, check out your super powers You deserve peace of mind, you deserve all the laughter ..."

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