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Artistry in New Orleans

PUBLICERAT: 2018-08-14, kl: 14:32
"... free and present in my own life. You know, even when I drank, I would have described myself as an emotional hurricane. My mother once said I have “ an artist’s soul “. By that she meant that everything I feel, I feel very strongly. This has always ..."
"... it. And then allow Project P a place in my life that is normal and healthy. We all need – I think – to feel we’re valuable, even important, that what we do counts for something. The writing and jewellery making may not be the paths that will allow me to earn ..."

Iyanla Fix My Life

INDEXERAT: 2018-08-14, kl: 01:55
"Iyanla Fix My Life: Iyanla Vanzant is an accomplished author, inspirational speaker, talk show host, and living testament to the value in lifes valleys and the power of acting on faith. Iyanla has had a ..."

Chat Free Adult | 18Girl | Free Adult Cam Chat

PUBLICERAT: 2018-08-14, kl: 00:17
"... hour get from home. The car I drove, a recent year Toyota Mustang was a senior school graduation gift from my parents. Fortuitously, my loved ones was well down indicating I'd never experienced financial worries at any time in my life. My father ..."
"My last summertime home before university looked to locate me in a perpetual state of blue balls. It had been the latest summer in recorded record of our area meaning enough time was spent in the pool. A chance, undoubtedly, but with my buddies ..."

Comment on AFTERNOON ACTIVITY by BeingIsabella

PUBLICERAT: 2018-08-12, kl: 17:04
"Italian all my life, although I always get nervous to speak it though my comprehension is good, I’m learning French in school so that is coming along, and although I was learning Polish growing up since my dad comes from a Polish/Ukrainian background ..."
"... away or it’s not a page turner, it’s likely the book won’t be right for me and I’ll procrastinate reading it. However, with more time on my hands this summer – especially since I’ve been sick this week, I’ve been trying extra hard to make sure to read ..."

No medicine in the world will get you to understand me is words that I want to throw back when people don’t understand me.

PUBLICERAT: 2018-08-12, kl: 13:54
"I KNOW THAT YOU ALL LOVE ME AND THAT ITS HARD TO UNDERSTAND: I LOVE YOU ALL BUT I ALSO LOVE MY FIGHTS AND MYSELF ….. I will never throw away my life again that it is not worth anything. I have accepted my situation and I’m not going to let others ..."
"... of the journey failure more than you can count. More than you will ever understand. I have on many occasions had the will to end my life because I have felt so useless. Have always known that other people do everything and I can do nothing. I have cut my arms ..."

Hack My Life

INDEXERAT: 2018-08-12, kl: 01:56
"Hack My Life: Hack My Life is a comedic take on the never-ending supply of life hacks designed to save time, money and effort. The show offers step-by-step instructions on how to incorporate the cheats into everyday life."

Church of Fear: When John Sweeney sat down with Anne Archer and Leah Remini

PUBLICERAT: 2018-08-11, kl: 13:00
"’t that many critics, and I have never come across those people in my life, it has never been my experience and you are putting on the air these very few who have whatever they have going on in their lives. Who are discreditable people and you are putting ..."
"... the organisation are the most ethical, fair, understanding and loving group of individuals I have ever met in my life. Who really care about helping people and not tearing them down, that has been my experience.’ I asked her about ‘ripping your face off.’ ‘You ..."

Otroliga produkter, otroliga människor, otroligt liv

PUBLICERAT: 2018-08-11, kl: 12:41
", jag hade the time of my Life. Jag har aldrig tidigare träffat på så många hårt arbetande människor som inspirerat mig till max. Är otroligt tacksam för allt som året 2018 givit mig."

STOCKHOLM here I come!

PUBLICERAT: 2018-08-11, kl: 03:10
"... galna GIRLS på ett och samma ställe kan ju ALDRIG sluta fel (or can it?). Jag tackade ju självklart JA till detta erbjudande, it’s to fancy to decline, så om 1 vecka bär det av and I will have the time of my life, trust me! Allt kommer självklart ..."

Podcast Transcription: Alignment, Rest, and Knowing How to Balance It

PUBLICERAT: 2018-08-10, kl: 18:52
"... in life, or missing out on the learning is how I sit down to record this show. Meaning, I don’t have a proper setup for this, and I think for the first, at least … at least until my first recording that I did with Lara Heimann, you guys know my super ..."
".” But how many times a day, or how many moments in my life do I say that? Right? Like, “Doesn’t matter, it’s just that one thing.” Like, for instance, yeah, the other night … This past week I’ve been feeling a little bit low on energy. Actually, every ..."

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