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PUBLICERAT: 2019-03-19, kl: 13:22
"... i printed out a self-portrait of mine to gift to a very special person in my life. their names are faith hope and love wrote the name in gold on the back because helen = gold. as christmas gifts i created a calendar for 2019 to some precious people ..."
"... towards our divinity" anyways, how are you? i think i need to wish you a happy magic 2019 i really took a long break from journaling here in my little wonderland. i needed to feel free and to start fresh over with my daily habits and such spring ..."

Colombia Girl – Kelly

PUBLICERAT: 2019-03-19, kl: 10:37
"... are a team. But I wish I can find a man that maybe have dreams and want to start a new life in Colombia. I know we can find a nice place to live in. And Peter says we can stay in my room to we find out what to do in Colombia if you want. But I think we can ..."
"I grow up and I end up in Cali and I meet my friend and start my life. But some time i miss my family and my village. But we not have fast internet and the chance is like sero to find a man to marry is not good. I hope someone like my story is so hard ..."

Not happy.

PUBLICERAT: 2019-03-18, kl: 00:06
"The latest couple of months, I’ve been feeling insecure about myself. I’ve also been very sad and felt like my life is in 1000 pieces. I just want to write all my feelings down. Feeling insecure about yourself is heartbreaking, this is usually ..."
"... that everything is going to be okay. There’s only one person that can make me genuinely happy, that’s my boyfriend. But we don’t see each other that much, he has his own life that he has to take care of. He can’t take care of me all the time, I know ..."

Rick Springfield släpper "Orchestrating My Life" i april

PUBLICERAT: 2019-03-16, kl: 19:52
"Den 26:e april släpper sångaren/låtskrivaren Rick Springfield albumet "Orchestrating My Life", som kommer att innehålla följande låtar: 1. Kristina 2. I’ve Done Everything For You 3. Don’t Talk to Strangers 4. Jessie’s Girl 5. Affair of the Heart 6. Love Somebody 7. Human Touch 8. Celebrate Youth 9. World Start Turning 10. State of the Heart 11. Irreplaceable 12. My Father’s Chair För ytterligare information: www.melodicrock.com ..."

Moskéskytten Brenton Tarrant och hans manifest. Underlag för analys.

PUBLICERAT: 2019-03-15, kl: 15:11
". It was another terror attack in the seemingly never ending attacks that had been occurring on a regular basis throughout my adult life. But for some reason this was different. The jaded cynicism with which I had greeted previous attacks didn’t eventuate. Something that had been a part of my life for as long as I could remember, cynicism in the face of attacks on the West by islamic invaders, was suddenly no longer there. I could no longer bring the sneer to my face, I could no longer turn my back ..."


PUBLICERAT: 2019-03-15, kl: 08:34
"är ett kort pling . Beroende just nu? Grönkålschips. Det vattnas i munnen på mig bara jag skriver det. Jag är BE-SATT. Grönkål is my life! Säg något dialektalt du säger? Kôrv. Älskar att säga kôrv. Säger jag korv så tycker jag mig att ha slösat bort chansen ..."

Recension: Mike Machine - "Alive"

PUBLICERAT: 2019-03-14, kl: 18:05
". Paradise 4. It's My Life 5. In Your Dream 6. Fireball 7. On And On 8. Living On The Road 9. Evil Mind 10. No More ..."


PUBLICERAT: 2019-03-14, kl: 13:12
"... from our wedding from one of the filmmakers, and I got thrown back to the happiest day of my life. DAMN I’m so jealous of everyone who have this big day a head of them haha! But I think a little boy will come and steal that first place soon, but for now ..."
"... first year as married. My father passed away in cancer, and in the middle of all that we found out that my chances to have my own children were small because I’m getting closer to menopause too early. We got thrown into this whole IVF rollercoaster ..."


PUBLICERAT: 2019-03-11, kl: 19:26
"... of my life! Alltid, alltid när jag hittar något som är perfekt för mig så utgår det raskt ur sortimentet. Så jakten på den perfekta utredningssprayen går vidare - igen..."


PUBLICERAT: 2019-03-11, kl: 16:34
"/2018/october/bergensbanen.html View from Mount Floyern, Bergen, Norway. DALARNA/SWEDEN This summer I visited Dalarna County/Dalecarlia for the first time in my life (well I´ve been to the small town Avesta before - but that doesn´t really count). I was amazed ..."
"... it´s mostly connected with water or beautiful landscape - combined with awesome underground clubs and cool art exhibitions. This is my TOP 5. HELSINGBORG/SWEDEN My all time favourite city in Sweden, easy to reach by train, right by the ocean and only a few ..."

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