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Kommentarer till Bellingcat – Bluffmakare eller skickliga detektiver? av M

PUBLICERAT: 2018-10-16, kl: 03:48
"... news to announce. I will be launching a website called Bellingcat. As a champion of open source tools, I cannot imagine bringing this website to life in any other way than appealing to my community of supporters who have brought me to where I am now ..."
"... bloggen med ”kickstarter” för damunderkläder ”This week I’ve launched the Kickstarter for my new website, Bellingcat, which I hope will solve one issue I’ve come across again and again.” Bellingcat is as much about the readers as it is the contributors ..."

Constitutions of South Korea and North Korea

PUBLICERAT: 2018-10-16, kl: 00:00
"... of the revolutionary cause of Juche. Regarding “The People are my Gods as his maxim, Comrade Kim Il Sung always mixed with the people, devoted his life for them and turned the whole of society into a large family which is united in one mind by taking care ..."

Ghostly Souls: Soudade Kaadan on The Day I Lost My Shadow

PUBLICERAT: 2018-10-15, kl: 16:10
"... in my theater studies, we were supposed to be the researchers only. Until I stood up the first time, behind a camera to film my first shot, then I knew immediately this is the only thing I wanted to do all my life, and nothing else. I was 24. You have ..."
"By Roberto Cavallini . Yom Adaatou Zouli ( The Day I Lost my Shadow ) by Syrian director Soudade Kaadan, was presented as a world premiere at the Venice Film Festival, Orizzonti Competition, where it won the prestigious “Lion of the Future, Luigi ..."

A year after its bid for independence, the future for Iraqi Kurdistan remains unclear

PUBLICERAT: 2018-10-15, kl: 14:55
"... about a thousand, a small amount considering the city population of a million people. Many people we spoke to had a connection to Erbil. “It’s a great day for us Kurds. For the first time in my life I believe independence is within reach” Muhammad Omar ..."

The Sten Lindgren Contact Case

PUBLICERAT: 2018-10-15, kl: 11:31
". She wanted desperately to get away from this life and turned for help to a local Christian church. After having been saved by a life with Christ she regarded everything to do with UFOs as evil. Ingrid and Daniel Glantz My investigation ..."
"... dealing with complicated contactee cases it is equally important to be critical of the critic and skeptical of the skeptic. Sten Lindgren at his home, December 25, 1984 I learned this the hard way during my formative years in ufology. My first ..."

Experten svarar: Så här ska du mäta engagemang

PUBLICERAT: 2018-10-15, kl: 10:05
"... analytics and tag management solutions to improve the entire “life cycle” of data collection, processing, and reporting. In this interview Simo is talking about the difficulties to measure engagement – but also sharing advices how to overcome them. Simo ..."
"I already know just for inspiration – I want to learn things that are outside my comfort zone or that I’ve never though of before. Third, I want to share my own experiences and approaches in analytics data collection and engagement measurement ..."

Indonesian Girls – Tika

PUBLICERAT: 2018-10-14, kl: 22:10
"HI! My name is Tika a Indonesian Girl. I am 21 years old and I love to find an American Guy. Me and my family live in a small Indonesian village. I work in a small shop and I love my life. But I love to find a man to marriage. I know it’s a big step to get marriage, but I think I am ready to take that step. So, do you want a happy Indonesian Girlfriend? Are you a single man in Australia, American or Europe and been to Indonesia and love the people and the food maybe you are the man for me. So ..."

Vecka 42-43

PUBLICERAT: 2018-10-14, kl: 20:32
"... indie-pop band has moved to New Jersey, become a father, and started recording new music under a new name: the Natvral. “I wanted to pick up my guitar and sing songs in a natural way, without all the things about music that aren’t music,” Berman explains. He doesn’t see the project as a solo project or a side project, just an outlet for new music that feels connected to his First single from my debut album "Miles to go before I sleep". new life. Stereogum 6 Featherfin (NOR) är ett project ..."

Commander Snake Thompson s Father Statements

PUBLICERAT: 2018-10-13, kl: 19:04
"That my father, Pierre J. Thompson, emigrated to the United States and settled at Rutland, Vermont, in the year 1858, and thereafter removed to Greenbush, Rensselaer county, New York, in either the year 1862 or 1863, where, to the best of my information ..."
"... and resided with my father until departure to Greenbush and I thereafter remained Rutland In school until the year 1866, When I Went Kenyon College, Ohio; that in the year 1869 I rejoined my father at Greenbush, New York, and studied medicine ..."

A queer story about Scientology, gender, and L. Ron Hubbard’s sweet pile of Swiss cash

PUBLICERAT: 2018-10-13, kl: 13:00
"... and demoted to sales, where, phoenix-like, I rose from my own ashes brighter and stronger than ever. I was a terrific salesman, a natural. I’d spent my life trying to make people happy with me, and there’s nothing more happy-making than selling someone ..."
"... an hour, I’d’ve sold them thousands of dollars worth of Scientology services to handle it. I put together a crack staff, and together the six of us pulled in close to a quarter of a million dollars a week. I was a real man in every aspect of my life ..."

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