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A Scientology enforcer dies, and one of his former victims is the only one to eulogize him

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-24, kl: 13:00
"... virtually no money or possessions. He had no marketable skills, no acquaintances outside Scientology and a two-decade hole in his CV. Lajos had been a key official of Hungarian Scientology who was serving and defending them for a long period. He ..."
"... and the Moscow Ideal Org] We’ve started a new project, building landing pages about two of David Miscavige’s favorite playthings, his celebrities and his ‘Ideal Orgs.’ For the next several weeks, we’ll post a couple of pages each day, and we’re hoping ..."

Shitty, Shitty Monday

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-24, kl: 11:56
"... mood lots of good. And tomorrow morning I’m meeting with the two guys at the recovery services so with any luck I can sail in to work afterwards and resign. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Nope, my job isn’t terrible or anything. In fact – and I’ve said this before – I work for super lovely people and there’s lots about this gig that’s awesome. But my heart is not in it, plus my first two years I was in active alcoholism and did such a shocking job I’ve never really been able to dig myself out. OK ..."

Cosy weekend

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-24, kl: 11:40
"Hiya, did you have a good weekend? Mine was really nice because I got to catch up with two of my friends! 20 and 16 years of friendship isn't bad now is it! I feel like I have so much going on this week. I'm really trying to turn my life around you see. I was super tired last week and kind if slacked off a little bit. But I'm back on track now! Hard work pays off, or something like that. I'm also super grateful for the nice weather we're having today, sunshine on a Monday is a great start ..."

Interview With Hilary Evans. Part 2

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-24, kl: 11:00
"... to the farm. Two chief witnesses had gone away by this time, they had left but they lived in a little cottage and those people were still there. I talked to them and nobody had asked them any questions, which is incredible. I was the first person who ..."
"... had seen something i broad daylight. I thought a farmer´swife is a very practical, that´s good, so I phoned her up and said can I come and talk to you. She hesitated a bit and then she said yes, I haven´t thought about it for two years and it would ..."

Skapande skola på Fridhemsskolan!

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-24, kl: 08:27
". Eleverna tyckte att det var intressant och många ville veta mer och blev sugna på att börja skriva. Jättekul och det var min tanke… att väcka nyfikenhet och lust.” On Tuesday I visited two schoolclasses to talk about haiku at a school in Malmö. A very ..."

Comment on Lycklig Vattenhund by Mitsenkomed

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-24, kl: 01:46
"... are online online any good bed5 online two tablets ..."

Weekend in France, garden surprises and busy September

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-23, kl: 17:21
"... are not spoiled with time away and to be able to leave the kids for a couple of days for some quality time just the two of us, felt like a true luxury. We needed it. Once again we did our favorite concept: a couple of track days for Jay to enjoy some ..."

Reader's Choice - Zoya Dahlia

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-23, kl: 16:37
"... back to my books or maybe to the kitchen to bake an apple pie. We'll see ;) It happened again that two polishes got equally as many votes, but I thought that the last time I had the eavesdrop, I chose to remove the pixidust, so this time I chosed it instead. Say hello to Dahlia, a black pixiedust. It took a long time for me to start to like this kind of texture, but now I really do. This has a black base and a large amount of silver glitter in it. Two layers are enough, the drying time is ok ..."

The birth of Othilia Svea Margit Englund

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-23, kl: 13:49
"... that ended in a bloodbath. We have decided that her name is Othilia Svea Margit Englund and she was 49 cm tall and weighed 3770 grams. Svea and Margit are after our paternal grandmothers, two women both born around the start of the First World War ..."
"... between the two contractions. After that, the contractions came every 10 minutes and lasted about 50 seconds until 1.30 pm when the water broke and the mucus plug was pushed out. After that, the contractions changed character to appearing every 5 minutes ..."

Scientology’s private cruise ship had a fitful history before becoming a floating cathedral

PUBLICERAT: 2018-09-23, kl: 13:00
"... doors: Lion Ferry had two such ships operating and ordered two more. Lion then decided it only needed one of the additional ships it had ordered. The Wallenius Lines took over the contract on the other ship that would become the Freewinds . The ship ..."
"... from Miami to St. Thomas and other Caribbean ports for two years. However, the ship, which had been designed for North Sea operations, proved unsatisfactory for Caribbean service. In 1970, the vessel underwent an extensive rebuild at the Blohm+Voss ..."

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