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PUBLICERAT: 2022-02-19, kl: 19:18
"... fashion photography too is more and more cfnm oriented Fashion has been considered since a long time the mirror of society. Stylists and photographers are anticipatorsas well as drivers of new social trend ... as a matter of fact cfnm has grown a lot in fashion photography and advertising in last years. Here some shoots from the photographer Andre Austin works and backastage. Guys are completely naked, but published photos are modest enough ... ... some "details" are often hidden ..."

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PUBLICERAT: 2022-02-18, kl: 19:23
"CFNM on the beaches is growing steadily Following yesterday post, many readers of the blog wrote me and commented that on European beaches CFNM and TFNM is very common. Year after year you can see women swimsuited, in thongs and sometimes topless and many guys completely naked. The trend is growing very fast and cfnm on several beaches in Spain, Greece, Germany, etc. is rather the standard for couples, friends and ... everybody ! Wife's friend has a close view of him at her eyes level Only sun ..."

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PUBLICERAT: 2022-02-17, kl: 19:04
"Walking on the beach CFNM is not as fantasy, it's real and is spreading in everyday life. The trend is growing fast and cfnm is rather mandatory in several situations. On several beaches is rather the standard ... Here two couples: for the first one on the left CFNM is usual, in the second one (on the right) the guy is complaining about being naked, but the girlfriend doesn't mind and she keeps his swimsuit hidden in her bag ..."

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PUBLICERAT: 2022-02-16, kl: 18:47
"READERS OF THE BLOG PRACTICING CFNM 161. Gina and partner, a shy couple ..."

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PUBLICERAT: 2022-02-14, kl: 19:14
"Valentine day gift: a cfnm selfie for her Every couple should celebrate in cfnm style. As a matter of fact, couple private pics are more and more cfnm. Women love to take and show photos with their naked men, often while feeling or even grabbing their cocks and balls!"

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PUBLICERAT: 2022-02-13, kl: 19:08
"Oblation run, an event whose soul is cfnm Male students run naked in a large crowd of girls eagerly waiting to see naked boys. Young women laugh, take phots, comment and scream while watching many cocks and balls on full display! A large number of girls, their moods, smiles, their facial expressions, the enjoyment as well as their shyness combined with the embarassement of the boys, are unique elements of this happening. The event is completely CFNM and specially funny. In fact Philippines ..."

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PUBLICERAT: 2022-02-12, kl: 19:05
"READERS OF THE BLOG PRACTICING CFNM 160. Dave on vacation, his wife strips him naked in the crowd and hides his swimsuit... Hello Marie, I did get alot of cfnm pics, only a few have girls in the background. If you zoom in on the picture above ..."
", that's great! All the women and girls around are looking at him and he can't find his swimsuit again! His wife really knows how to perform a great cfnm !! Thanks a lot !! Dave and wife already contributed to my blog here here, more and more and more ..."

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PUBLICERAT: 2022-02-08, kl: 19:02
"READERS OF THE BLOG PRACTICING CFNM 159. A Polish couple playing cfnm at home I have been your regular fan for a long time. The subject of cfnm is very close to me and nice, but also to my partner We decided that we would like to join the blog by uploading our photos. Tell us how to do it Regards. Karol ..."

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PUBLICERAT: 2022-02-07, kl: 18:14
"Hodworks dance company, founded by choreographer Adrienn Hód T he nude and especially the cfnm is increasingly widespread in theater and dance. This dance company, founded by a female choreographer, Adrienn Hod, in Budapest in 2007, stages many cfnm moments ... The direction of a woman increases male nudity while women often remain at least partially dressed. To find out more about Adrienn, see here ..."

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PUBLICERAT: 2022-02-06, kl: 18:13
"READERS OF THE BLOG PRACTICING CFNM 158. A German friend in a public park This friend of the blog wrote me: I share your passion for beeing naked with clothed girls around.Here some pics which have been taken in a public park in Germany. Everyone can decide there if he wants be naked - or not. Usually 95% of all visitors are clothed. Especially some tourists seem to visit this park for taking a view and some pics. It is a bit of a challange to get naked there - but I like this feeling of beeing ..."

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