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PUBLICERAT: 2024-04-24, kl: 23:08
"System Domain: Technically savvy and authoritative, hinting at a world of information and innovative solutions within the digital realm. Keywords: network, system, security, management, technology, information, domain, platform, hardware, software, integration read more ..."

Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation vs Big Bang?

PUBLICERAT: 2024-04-14, kl: 14:29
"The is a continuation of a previous post on the same topic . The European Space Agency ESA sends this message to the people of Europe and the World: The Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) is the cooled remnant of the first light that could ever travel freely throughout the Universe. Scientists consider it as an echo or 'shockwave' of the Big Bang. Over time, this primeval light has cooled and weakened considerably; nowadays we detect it in the microwave domain. More precisely, CMB is reported ..."

Comment on Clearwater: The First Scientology City — Another Huge Step by Mark Bunker

PUBLICERAT: 2024-04-07, kl: 05:30
"In reply to mwesten . In Florida, a city can use eminent domain but the seized property has to be used for the city's public use such as building a needed parking structure or library. You can't take the property and give it to a developer for to create a shopping mall or condos. You also need to pay market value for the property you seize and face the lawsuits that Scientology would bring against the city. Clearwater doesn't have the money to seize all the property Scientology has amassed ..."

Thinking loud about naming models, DTOs, web api models, view models and so on

INDEXERAT: 2024-04-05, kl: 01:28
"... the stage for the project. Let's say we have a website project with the all of these "features": A rich domain model with domain entities A database to store state of the domain model including repositories A MVC front end A web api aimed for the front end ..."
"... should not use the domain entity as view model in a MVC-view, we should have a dedicated type that acts as the view model, the problem is that each of these end points probably needs a dedicated type which presents us with a problem that I've had ..."

Great Visual Studio extensions

INDEXERAT: 2024-04-05, kl: 01:28
"... automatic mappings for DTOs and Domain Models or View Models, I often use it to generate a starting point and then manually change the details for properties that need it. Download it here: https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName ..."

Debugging Javascript and TypeScript with JetBrains Rider

INDEXERAT: 2024-04-05, kl: 01:28
"Ever since I've started using JetBrains Rider I've become a huge fan of the IDE, if you have ever used Resharper for Visual Studio - Rider is Resharper - but fast =D Rider supports Javascript/TypeScript debugging with Chrome. Using this we can set breakpoints in our code and have the Rider show variables etc. when the client app executes. There are several ways to go this but we mostly develop on a local IIS instance which means that our dev-environments most of the time have a custom domain ..."


PUBLICERAT: 2024-04-03, kl: 23:12
"Popular Pixels: A techie, graphic oriented term that suggests widespread recognition in the digital domain. A beacon of innovation and creativity. Keywords: popular, pixels, digital, visual, graphics, design, image, picture, screen, display, photography, view, virtual, create, art read more ..."


PUBLICERAT: 2024-03-30, kl: 22:12
"Chemdom: A cutting-edge, intelligent name play on 'Chem' possibly indicating chemistry or chemicals. It suggests a domain of knowledge or expertise, perfect for a scientific research or pharmaceutical context. Keywords: chemistry, chemical, elements, compounds, molecules, reactions, biochemistry, organic, inorganic, physical, analytical, radicals read more ..."


PUBLICERAT: 2024-03-28, kl: 22:07
"Contextivity: An insightful name that suggests a broader understanding of situations and conditions. It hints at adaptability and intelligence. Keywords: data, background, circumstance, context, domain, environment, framework, relation, relevance, setting, situation, surroundings, information read more ..."

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