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Three works of art

PUBLICERAT: 2024-04-25, kl: 06:00
"I took a walk in the Old Town earlier in the week. It was very cold. Freezing. And not too many people out and about. Perfectly understandable. Most visitors probably checked out a museum or two. I found a few paintings during my walk. Top photo shows how the Polish illustrator and artist Magda Korotynska see the Old Town. You can buy a poster for 150SEK. Spotted outside a store at Västerlånggatan. I don't have any info about the other paintings, although the third one shows a building ..."

The Islamic Republic in Iran Has Sentenced A Hero To Death

PUBLICERAT: 2024-04-25, kl: 05:23
"... the world in fighting for Toomaj's life. For forty-five years, the people of Iran have faced oppression from the Islamic Republic regime via its intelligence services, the Revolutionary Court, and various state security agencies. These entities ..."
"... you to join them in calling for freedom. I know that people often want a place to donate money to or a petition to sign, but in this case, what Toomaj needs the most is sustained global attention. Whether you post about his plight and his fight ..."

Scientology Reflections (7) 10 Years After Leaving-A Delicate Problem

PUBLICERAT: 2024-04-25, kl: 04:44
"." source 55 US Literacy Statistics: Literacy Rate, Average Reading Level by Steven Zauderer So, the grim reality is over half the adults, 130 million people, are not literate enough to do their own fact checking. They are not capable of applying ..."
"Stuart Mill, On Liberty John Stuart Mill makes a persuasive case for hearing the best arguments for and against ideas before being able to properly form an opinion. He also makes it clear that we need to hear about a subject from people of all types ..."

Comment on Scientology “Critical Thinking” by Mike Rinder

PUBLICERAT: 2024-04-25, kl: 02:52
"In reply to Jessica Sharpe . Here are the answers to your two questions that you likely won't like because they don't fit the narrative you have been fed. 1. No, I did not know. On what basis do you conclude I had such knowledge? Because someone who doesn't know said so? Because it "must be" the case? Based on what? The victim is a friend? I have subsequently learned from the victim that the people who DID know about this for a year or more are some of the people now falsely accusing me ..."

Comment on Scientology “Critical Thinking” by ValR

PUBLICERAT: 2024-04-25, kl: 01:09
"Smear campaigns are the Whois websites that Scientology sets up to post their acceptable truth about ex Scientologists who have managed to escape. What Scientology has been subjected to is a relentless onslaught of people it tried to destroy who managed to escape their clutches and are warning others. The reaction of Scientology to the truths told about it is what is out of proportion."


PUBLICERAT: 2024-04-24, kl: 23:08
"Civilier: A name that carries connotations of civility and sophistication. It suggests an entity that values respect, harmony, and polite society. Keywords: law, justice, court, legal, civilization, statute, regulation, attorney, solicitor, civility, rights, jurisdiction, civil, society, people, social read more ..."

Comment on Scientology “Critical Thinking” by John P.

PUBLICERAT: 2024-04-24, kl: 16:53
"... that they’ll charge $750 for it.” The song from “Sesame Street” with Muppets singing “which of these things is not like the others” ran through my head as I read Hubbard’s sacred wisdom. The course material was thrown together when people had to use ..."
"“critical thinking” tools to the cult’s own doctrine, lest you discover that it’s all nonsense. That is a key avenue to keep people stuck in a key cult trap, which is particularly vicious in Scientology: “if it works, it’s Scientology but if it doesn’t work ..."

Comment on Scientology “Critical Thinking” by Tori James Art

PUBLICERAT: 2024-04-24, kl: 16:05
"Scientology and critical thinking not something that adds up what so ever. Scientology thinks for Scientology- Scientology does not have any critical thinking skills so how can Scientologists critically think? They can’t because of how Scientology is what thinks for them. From what I have seen read and heard, people who leave Scientology can think for themselves and they think critically which helps them in the end."

“Jag önskar att jag hade lagt mer tid på …”

PUBLICERAT: 2024-04-24, kl: 14:36
"“But still you’ll never get it right ‘Cause when you’re laid in bed at night Watching roaches climb the wall If you called your dad he could stop it all Yeah Never live like common people Never do what common people do Never fail like common people” Pulp, “Common People” Det finns en särskild kategori av artiklar där snorrika och lyckade entreprenörer, investerare eller kändisar sitter på privatjeten eller sin villa på Turks and Caicos på ålderns höst säger att de ångrar att de inte lade mer ..."

Pecker testifies about using the Enquirer to bash Trump’s GOP foes

PUBLICERAT: 2024-04-24, kl: 14:13
"... of insanity. pic.twitter.com/cOEYDWbXXK — Poker and Politics (@PokerPolitics) April 23, 2024 “We’ve been trained for this” means that if Trump goes to jail or has a health crisis these people are going to decode the news even harder for proof ..."

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