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Why doesn’t Scientology want you to see its wealthy donors, including Grant Cardone?

PUBLICERAT: 2024-04-24, kl: 13:00
"Scientology celebration and PR spin on the case of a woman who fled the Ft. Harrison hotel to jump into the bay. “Freedom newspaper issue 11 has a story ‘An evening celebrating the birthday of L. Ron Hubbard’ which is pretty interesting. David ..."

Ändringen i nya säsongen av ”Förrädarna”

PUBLICERAT: 2024-04-24, kl: 07:53
": Jakob Dahlström /TV4 Jenny Rogneby, deckarförfattare Fotograf : Jakob Dahlström /TV4 Lucas Simonsson, YouTuber Fotograf : Jakob Dahlström /TV4 Dominika Peczynski, PR-konsult Fotograf : Jakob Dahlström /TV4 Olivia Karlsson, tullinspektör Fotograf ..."

Comment on Planetary Clearing is Unreal — Some Simple Math by mwesten

PUBLICERAT: 2024-04-20, kl: 17:20
"Half the planet lives below the poverty line. The majority of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. As automation, robotics and AI replaces the workforce, more and more people will be unemployed and on welfare. Even if scientology can overcome its terrible PR, there will be less people who can afford a quarter of a million bucks worth of therapy, let alone half the million needed (at least) to go all the way and “escape the trap.” They may be able to snag a kooky big tech sociopath further down ..."

Comment on Why Scientologists Lie: It’s the Greatest Good for the Greatest Number of Dynamics by Don't forget, ever, this great TV episode: Peter Gunn | Season 1 | Episode 6 | The Chinese Hangman,,,,,

PUBLICERAT: 2024-04-20, kl: 14:38
"Hubbard, now Miscavige, stuck in the Hubbard Scientology empire policy regulations which require vast bodies of PR and GO/OSA people doing immoral things to protect the “LRH image.” in the final 1980s years of Author Services Inc final “advices” from Hubbard, the “LRH Image” is still one of the paramount jobs of ASI. Hugh Wilhere was a professionally trained PR person a former Captain in the US Army were he did his PR traininng. Not sure where Hugh is today, if he’s alive, he’s not at ASI any ..."

Berätta en detalj – Malin Tuvesson

PUBLICERAT: 2024-04-18, kl: 13:19
"”Titel: Berätta en detalj Författare: Malin Tuvesson Språk: Svenska Serie: , Antal sidor: 311 Utgiven: Maj 2022 Finns hos: Bokus / Adlibris Beskrivning från Goodreads: Romanceförfattaren Julia lämnar ett förhållande på sparlåga hemma i Sverige och drar till London för att göra PR och skriva manus när en av hennes böcker ska filmatiseras. Beskedet om att Paul Thompson, en av de mest eftertraktade filmstjärnorna för tillfället, tackat ja till rollen som Antonio gör alla överlyckliga. Alla utom ..."


PUBLICERAT: 2024-04-18, kl: 09:35
"... for vægttab og fedttab, så er mæthed pr. kalorie er en vigtig faktor for at lykkes med vægttab. I den forbindelse, kan du jo passende spørge dig selv, hvad der formentligt vil mætte dig bedst pr. kalorie. Flydende kalorier: Én kop kaffe med smør (460 ..."
"... du ønsker at booste din fedtforbrænding, skal du have fokus på kalorieunderskud, mere mæthed pr. kalorie og motion. Og flydende fedt i kaffen er for de flestes vedkommende IKKE en effektiv måde at lykkes på. En KETO-kaffe/Bulletproof kaffe ..."

Comment on Dianetics in Paris by LoosingMyReligion

PUBLICERAT: 2024-04-15, kl: 18:25
"Mike, a couple of things. Firstly, I don’t recall New Era doing any promotion for orgs in any way. It’s Just PR. At most, they might advertise a book “in favor of the local org”, but it will be in mainstream bookstores and won’t say anything or direct people to the org. They Always do that. Secondly, I’m not entirely clear anymore on New Era’s financial planning and whether these items (excluding royalties, which if I’m not mistaken were around 10%) are treated separately and kept in reserve ..."

Comment on New Clearwater Mayor — Proof There’s a Sucker Born Every Minute by Chris Shugart

PUBLICERAT: 2024-04-10, kl: 20:13
"Criticize the Church if you must, but this is on the politicians. Like most bureaucrats, they will whore from whomever they get the most political capital, be it money, influence, or PR. In some ways Scn and the politicos are playing the same game. I don’t thinks it’s enough to just expose the church. Their allies must get the same sort of scrutiny and exposure."

Comment on Another Property in Downtown Clearwater for Scientology to Grab by Joe Pendleton

PUBLICERAT: 2024-04-09, kl: 14:24
"Essentially my attitude about Scientology and Clearwater is, Who really gives a fuck? An alleged “World wide religion”, with maybe 25,000 actual current members, and declining numbers every year, with its PR in the West COMPLETELY in the toilet, takes over all the real estate in the downtown area of a small Florida city. Maybe pre-internet, this MAY have meant something. Now with its declining membership, it means nothing, except as a nice target for YouTube channel protesters."


PUBLICERAT: 2024-04-08, kl: 10:03
"DE BEDSTE SNACKS TIL VÆGTTAB Popcorn indeholder, som chips, en del kalorier pr. 100 gram, så hvorfor popcorn er bland de bedste snacks til vægttab? Genistregen ved popcorn er deres store volumen. Popcorn er luftige, voluminøse og fylder meget, men vejer kun en brøkdel pr. skål i forhold fx snacks som chips og nødder. Derfor er popcorn ofte omtalt som en af de bedste snacks for vægttab Chips (og tillige nødder) er utroligt kompakte pr. skål, hvor popcorn er mere voluminøse, og det kan du bruge ..."

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